The Horror of it all

Merry meet all,

I watched the movie The Possession of Hannah Grace last night. I went in with an open mind, seated next to my boyfriend, and bated my breath. I was disappointed. I thought the idea of the recovering addict working the night shift in a morgue was original. The acting of the possessed dead young woman and the demon was amazing. But I don’t know, the movie could have been scarier. The Exorcist ( I have never and never will see the full movie) probably was a trillion times scarier. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

My boyfriend Vlad has a morbid fascination with horror movies. Since dating him, I have watched The Shining, The Witches of Eastwick, It (oy- hide under the bed scary), Things we do in the Shadows, and a few others I can’t recall right off hand. Of course I don’t bug him about it as I write horror fiction and verse. In fact I wrote him a horror love poem as a gift for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have a card or chocolates so I wrote him a poem. How romantic huh? (He liked the poem.)

February is Women in Horror Month. We femmes are as capable as our male counterparts or companions of conjuring horrors that could force you to leave the lights on all night as men are. We deserve recognition too. We deserve recognition and respect for our unabashed creative efforts too. I have met that resistance too but I just keep doing what I do best. I am grateful for women like Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson and Mary Shelley and countless other women who got their nasties inspiration out there to the public eye and weren’t scared to do so. Good for them. And I hope the future of horror continues to be achieved with the efforts of women and men (cooperatively would be nice but won’t happen as long as there are haters.) Haters gonna hate. That is the way it is. Writers like Mary Shelley still meet criticism long after her death for her writing. That breaks my heart. But unfortunately that sort of thing does exist. We have to strive to change that on a grand scale globally. Change for the best is possible if a large enough effort is made.

While we are on the subject of strong female roles or archetypes, I am enjoying watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I love the show. I think it goes against what witchcraft is about. I don’t worship the Devil but I have been accused of it. I wish I knew more about what witches in the past really did with wing of bat etc. I love the show and I think it does a great job of showing female empowerment. I can’t travel back in time to the Burning Times and ask the men and women accused back then of what they really did with their time. I may be a bit biased here as I am dating the sweetest Satanist I have ever known . He has a statue of Baphomet in his home. He has seen dark flickering shadows in his home. Well when you consider what he is dealing with… Vlad really is the nicest guy in the world. 

Well keep writing, keep reading, and most of all, keep conjuring! Spring is not that far away now. I promise to keep writing and conjuring too. 

Blessings to all, Spiderwitch


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Spring Poets

Merry meet all,

Imbolc is here! Imbolc is the first of the three spring Sabbats. I know that you’re all peering out the window, thinking, “Where is spring?” It’s on its way. I am eager to witness the return of spring. Today however it is snowing. Well we can dream… In the meantime, I have to get over a bad cold.

The moon’s waxing. This is an ideal time to attract what you desire towards you.  The waxing moon grows full and with that, you can use that energy to aid you in spellwork. Aside from planning your garden, are there areas in your life you want to enhance or improve? Now is the time as the moon waxes. The Full Moon is in 9 more days.

February is Women in Horror Month! Dust off those horror novels you stashed under your bed or in your bookcase. Writers such as Mary Shelley, Shirley Jackson, Toni Morrison, Anne Rice, and other women horror authors are still popular because  of their huge amount of talent and stellar writing. A few ways you can celebrate Women in Horror Month is to write a blog post, host a poetry reading where everyone can share their own work or another author’s efforts or maybe something on the radio. Good luck with it! Or try composing your own literary inspirations and getting it published!

Enjoy Imbolc

Blessings Spiderwitch




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Information about Shadow People

Merry meet all,

Here is a post that describes shadow people better than I can. I have actually seen them in my home. Enjoy!!

A Guide To The Different Classes Of Shadow People Haunting You In The Dark

Shadow people are intangible beings. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of something moving just outside your field of vision in what you could have sworn was an empty room, you just might have met one. And if that was all you saw, you were probably lucky.

Nobody’s exactly sure what these mysterious figures are or what they want but plenty of people have seen them. Their reports all describe shadow people as pitch-black apparitions that appear intelligent, move unnaturally quickly, and reach or walk through solid objects. Sometimes, these apparitions are content to lurk in corners or doorways without doing anything particularly unsettling and some may not even take notice of humans at all. However, many shadow people are far from benign. Witnesses have recounted sightings accompanied by feelings of overwhelming dread, auras of malice, and even physical attacks.

Whether they’re ghosts, demons, or just symptoms of disordered sleep, there are a few distinct kinds of shadow people with unique characteristics that can tell you what to expect if you meet one. This guide will shed a little light on the different types.

The Hat Man Shadow Watches Silently

The Hat Man Shadow Watches Sil... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: Peter H/Pixabay

This type of shadowy visitor doesn’t appear to mean any harm but he sure looks creepy. The hat man is one of the most commonly reported types of shadow person. Witnesses describe him as a faceless, dark man in an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat who watches silently from doorways.

There aren’t many accounts of malevolent behavior or attacks attributed to this type of shadow person but the hat man has been reported to induce feelings of apprehension or the inexplicable knowledge that witnesses haven’t seen the last of him.

Aggressive Shadow People Attack Sleeping Victims

Aggressive Shadow People Attac... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: Kate Dreyer/Flickr

Shadow people may have plenty of ways to terrorize you without becoming violent but some of them have no qualms about causing physical harm. People have reported being beaten, choked, and even picked up and dropped by aggressive shadow beings in their homes. These beings usually don’t look much different from normal shadow people – featureless human-shaped entities – but they harbor some serious ill will.

Fortunately, they’re also the easiest to scientifically explain, since shadow figures and choking sensations are some of the textbook symptoms of sleep paralysis.

Red-Eyed Specters Can Sense Fear

Red-Eyed Specters Can Sense Fe... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: Nick Klein/Flickr

Most shadow people are described as faceless black silhouettes but if you run into a red-eyed shadow person, you’re in trouble. While they generally don’t harm humans physically, red-eyed shadow people are about as menacing as they come. Their only discernible features are the glowing red orbs that peer out from their pitch-black faces.

According to people who claim to have encountered red-eyed shadow people, their gaze causes unadulterated terror and the more terrified the victim becomes, the stronger the shadow person will grow.

Hooded Shadow Figures Radiate Sheer Hate

Hooded Shadow Figures Radiate ... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

This type of shadow person is featureless except for its hooded cloak. Like the hat man, this creature isn’t known to attack humans directly. It prefers to stand at doors or bedsides and stare silently. However, while the hat man is usually described as more curious than malicious, cloaked or hooded shadow people almost certainly aren’t paying friendly visits.

Descriptions of hooded shadow people usually include the same sinister detail: an undeniable sensation of seething hatred.

Watchmen Shadow Figures Stare Obsessively

Watchmen Shadow Figures Stare  is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: StockSnap/Pixabay

These types of shadow people aren’t as malevolent as some other kinds but it’s still no fun to feel like you’re being watched. They watch humans and they don’t care if you like it or not. This shadow person isn’t particularly imposing; it won’t attack you but according to witnesses, there’s just something viscerally creepy about the way it lurks around.

Misty Black Shadow People Move Like Smoke

Misty Black Shadow People Move is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: Wendy Huff/Flickr

Not all shadow people actually look like people. Even regular humanoid shadow beings are reported to move in ways that are too quick and fluid to be natural but misty shadow people appear as clouds of black smoke. Despite their weird forms, they give off the unmistakable impression that they are intelligent. According to some accounts, these black shadowy masses are attracted to people or places that give off negative emotions.

Elusive Shadow People Will Vanish If Spotted

Elusive Shadow People Will Van is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: ga3lle/Flickr

Though most types of shadow people are known to stare incessantly, there’s one type that prefers to snoop unnoticed. The elusive shadow people prefer to peek around corners and blend in with the shadows. If noticed, they will disappear immediately. Like the benevolent shadow people who make their observations more obvious, these elusive shadows don’t incite any negative feelings but some people believe that they serve as scouts for more malicious entities. Others, though, feel that they are just playful and curious.

Shadow Animals Exist, Too, But They’re Tricky To See

Shadow Animals Exist, Too, But is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You
Photo: Jennifer C. /Flickr

Shadow people normally manifest as inky outlines of humans or shapeless clouds of black mist but plenty of people have claimed to see shadow animals as well. Shadow animals don’t show up as often as shadow people and they’re more difficult to spot because they stay low to the ground and move astonishingly quickly. Shadow cats are the most common type of shadow animal but there have also been alleged encounters with shadow rats, birds, spiders, and even apes.

They don’t appear to pose any more danger to humans than real animals do. However, some shadow cats, like real cats, aren’t afraid to make life difficult for people or animals that they don’t like.’

Wow. That is quite a list there eh? I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I have witnessed a shadow cat in my home too. Remember to keep a supply of white sage and salt in the home- and a good dose of courage.

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Sensing spirits in your home

Greetings All,

While I believe that most noises or bumps in the night can be explained for a reason, there are times when some bumps in the night are actually just that. If you are experiencing odd occurrences, then check this post to validate whether its your radiator creaking at night or there really is a spooky spectral visiting your abode.

We can’t always explain what we feel or why we feel a certain way, and this can occur when sensing a spirit. If we choose to remain open to spirits, then we will sense them. It is more intuitive and clairvoyant than anything else. Spirits linger near where they died and I believe they remain in old houses with a history to the building or anywhere else.

Encountering a Spirit may feel like –

  • A sudden rush of wind or cool air that cannot be explained
  • A heavy or strong pressure around your head, neck, chest or upper back
  • An unexplained feeling of anxiety, nervousness or a rush of emotion
  • A heaviness in the air which makes the space feel small or stuffy
  • Hearing voices, whispers or distant chatter
  • Someone is watching you

A place that is haunted by a dark spirit will have a more oppressive energy. A place that has a light spirit will have a more lighter or positive energy. Your feelings will tell you which is which.

If your home has a darker energy, this list of things to look for will tell you:

  • Electrical disturbances that cannot be explained
  • Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye
  • Strange dreams or nightmares
  • Psychokinetic Activity (opening of doors or things moving around the room)
  • Unexplained fear when in certain areas of your space
  • Abnormal animal behavior or reactions
  • Feeling drained, mentally foggy or tired when in the space

We are physical beings but we also have an energetic level to us. We are connected to the Spirit world. Sometimes we have to reach out on the energetic level to understand why we feel what we feel. If you do suspect your home has darker spirits, then look for these signs:

  • Clean the clutter and mess from every room in the house
  • Smudge your space regularly with sage, cedar, frankincense, rosemary
  • Place crystals, charms or deities around the room
  • Burn incense or diffuse essential oils
  • Imagine your space filled and wrapped with white light
  • Ask your angelic Spirit Team to help
  • Practice positive thinking and keep your emotions positive
  • Consult with a shaman, paranormal expert or energy healer

This blog post was created with thanks to another blog site. I don’t have the web address but I give credit. *

I don’t recommend interacting much with the dark spirit. If you do have one, seek help from a professional or a church priest. The dark spirits may have unresolved business on this earthly plane that prevents them from transitioning to the next level of existence or going to a dimension.


Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Psychic Shielding

Merry meet all,

I recently visited my local witch shop. To my dismay, my awesome friend and shop owner Pamela McInnis or Lavender if you want to call her that, told me people harassed her about selling sage. She is entitled to sell whatever she wants in her beautiful mystical witch shop. She was attacked for cultural appropriation. I can’t believe some people. I can’t see a witch shop without sage bundles in it. Anyone is welcome to use sage. In fact, it has many benefits such as eliminating nasty negative entities, reducing bacteria in the air and clearing a space of negative energy. It can relax you and loosen up the energy in a room. I love sage and I also want some sweetgrass and cedar. Sage has been used by many cultures over time. People should learn research before they criticize someone for selling a famous herb in their store.

Imbolc is almost here! I am thrilled because Imbolc is the first Sabbat of spring! I can’t wait for the harshness of winter to give way to tiny green sprouts appearing in my garden. Last year, I couldn’t be in my garden and this year makes up for it. Yup I plan to grow veggies, flowers and herbs like nobody’s business. Imbolc can’t come soon enough for me. I hope you all enjoy the Imbolc Sabbat too. I need some seed catalogs.

I am almost done my first year at Sacred Mists. I am currently on Lesson 17. The total number of lessons in the year is 20 lessons. I have completed the Lithomancy Extension course as well as Shielding, Empathy, Magickal Tools and Lithomancy. I am waiting for my last lesson on Runes to be graded. I’ve experienced a magickal year and I would not change a minute of it. Well except for my foot injury. I could have done without that. I have learned so much and now will never be the same person. I have grown and changed because I learned so much magickal stuff and it has probably made me a better person. I hope I can continue studying there to earn my 2nd and 3rd degree. If I study hard, I will. It is harder there than you could ever expect.

I wanted to discuss one more good point about psychic shielding. Muggles don’t know how to shield themselves (And they give us witches a hard time.) You don’t have to just shield yourself from a negative entity. It can help to shield yourself from people too. It is good though to know and understand the difference between shielding yourself from energies and having a wall of defense around yourself from an abusive situation, etc. Anyone can create and use a psychic shield. Anyone can have a defensive wall around themselves too for whatever reason. There is a huge difference between the two and it is worth talking about.

If a person is in a nasty situation, or grew up in a bad situation, and is continually mistreated, over time you will develop a wall of defense to prevent yourself from feeling hurt and develop trust issues. It is normal. It is understandable. A person could have an abusive partner or parent and the defensiveness is a response to the situation. Escaping the nasty situation, if possible and seeking help is the most common situation.

Psychic shielding is creating a barrier around yourself to protect yourself from negative energy, whether human or paranormal. Anyone can create this and use it. However, not everyone feels defensive from abusive situations but anyone can use a psychic shield for whatever the reason. People can benefit from a psychic shield too. To learn more about how to create a psychic shield, please read my previous posts. You will find good information on how to do it there.

I hope this has helped create a better understanding about psychic shielding. It is a lot of work at first but over time, you can become good at it. I encourage everyone to practice it. You will feel better. I still hope off of  a bus and catch other ones if I find peoples’ energy is too  much for me. Good luck. Many Inbolc Blessings to you all!!!! )O(


Blessings Spiderwitch



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Psychic battles for rights to sorcery

Merry meet all,

Here is an interesting article about the changing face of witchcraft in Canada. Happy new Year everyone!!!


‘Psychic’ charged with being a fake fights case after Canada decriminalises witchcraft

Kristine Phillips

Canada recently passed legislation that says pretending to be a witch to dupe people into paying, a seemingly unusual crime, is no longer a crime.

Critics said criminalising witchcraft-related activities was not only archaic, but also redundant because fraud, in general, is already a crime. The witchcraft law yielded a paltry number of prosecutions, and offences rarely resulted in convictions. So Canada voted to remove the law from the books.

But Parliament did not take action soon enough for Tiffany Butch, who goes by the alias “the white witch of the north.”

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Authorities have charged Ms Butch, 33, with pretending to practice witchcraft over an incident that allegedly occurred in October, before the law was scrapped last week.

Police in Timmins, in northeastern Ontario, described Ms Butch as a “self-proclaimed spiritualist, medium and clairvoyant.” They say she promised to protect a client from “some form of potential danger” to her family and tried to elicit payments in return.

Ms Butch contends she is not a witch, but a psychic, and says she has been one since she was 11. Her alias was merely a “cute name” her friends and family called her, she said. She said she never advertised herself as someone who practices witchcraft.

The charges against her are false, she said, and fellow psychics – her rivals – have conspired to frame her, though she declined to name anyone. She said sometime in October, a woman came to her office in Timmins and asked for a crystal ball reading. But, Ms Butch said, she told her she was not in business at that time.

“I don’t believe that I even read for her,” Ms Butch said. “I don’t believe I even provided this woman a reading.”

Before the witchcraft law was scrapped, it led to criminal charges against women accused of advertising themselves as fortune tellers and telling unsuspecting clients they could ward off evil spirits. In October, a 32-year-old fortune teller from Milton, Ontario, was accused of swindling more than $60,000 (£47,000) out of one of her clients. The same month, police say, a 27-year-old woman from Toronto conned an elderly man out of $600,000 in an “evil blessing scam.”

Those women, and Ms Butch, were charged under Section 365 of Canada’s criminal code. It says anyone who pretends to exercise witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, conjuration or fortune telling, or claims to have the ability to find lost or stolen objects, has committed a crime. Punishment can be up to six months in prison, a $2,000 fine or both.

New York witches place hex on Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh

The witchcraft law was in place in Canada since the late 1800s and largely remained unchanged. It originated from a 1735 British law under which those who pretended to practice witchcraft would be subjected to a minor punishment. Previously, the British law classified witchcraft as a felony.

In 2017, lawmakers introduced expansive legislation to scrap what they consider antiquated laws. These included laws that criminalise pretending to be a witch, challenging someone to a duel, possessing comic books that depict crime and advertising a drug that claims to enhance sexual virility.

“Canadians are far better served by a criminal code that is focused on conduct that actually causes harms or risks causing harms to Canadians and our fundamental values,” Marco Mendicino, a Liberal member of the House of Commons, said during a speech last year.

The bill also amended sexual assault laws by, among other things, clarifying the definition of “consent” and creating stricter rules about admitting an alleged rape victim’s sexual history as evidence in court.

Critics of the witchcraft law say it hardly resulted in convictions because charges were usually dropped after defendants agreed to reimburse their clients, said Christine Moore, a House of Commons member from the New Democratic Party.

Peter Van Loan, a Conservative member of the House of Commons, however, opposed removing the provision, saying it protected people from those wanting to use “fraudulent witchcraft powers.”

“These things really happen in our society, even in this day and age. Does that provision, as it exists right now, cause any harm? No. Does it give the police an avenue or resource in the case of those particular unusual offences? Yes, it does,” he said.

Ms Butch, a mother of two, praised the scrapping of the witchcraft law. She said she plans to hire a lawyer.

“I feel hurt, but I feel like there’s victory for me as a psychic,” she said.

Credit to Washington Post

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Winter Solstice

Greetings All!!!

Many Winter Solstice blessings to all my lovely readers. I’ve been busy baking and decorating. I baked shortbread, cookies and Gothic yule decorations. I have also set up a few Yule decorations on my kitchen table.

I baked cookies for munching on and frosted them. I am also proud to say I have won again in the Horror Writers Association Cookbook Contest. I enjoy baking and put my heart into it. And I don’t care what the recipe says, rolling out the dough calls for tons of flour to keep dough from being sticky. I want to get some white creamy frosting. I didn’t really want the chocolate frosting but I had more cocoa than icing sugar so I went with it. The cookies are now stored in the freezer, where the icing will ‘set’.

I found a large tree branch outside on the ground. It is 23 inches in length. I painted it blue silvery color and coated glitter on it. I made Yule salt dough decorations the previous year and hung them on the branches of the tree mobile. I’ve been inspired to hang Yule goth decorations too. I made several goth decorations ( a cauldron, the crescent moon, bats and ghosts) and I plan to paint them black. I will hang those on the same mobile. I can’t wait and I think it will look real cool. I wish I had a skull cookie cutter. Salt dough is easy to do and costs little.  I am eager to see how it all looks.

Winter Solstice or Yule is almost here. I may conjure a candle for Yule too. I made spicy simmering incense too. For that recipe I gathered ground orange peel, bay leaves, pine needles, juniper berries, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise, rosemary, frankincense and myrrh. I ground it all together to a powdery consistency. It smells heavenly. I wanted to make incense cones but it is not powdery enough for that. I will use it as a simmering incense potpourri. That smells just as divine.

I will join my Sacred Mists fellow Witch students for a magickal Yule ritual on December 21st. This Sabbat celebrates rebirth and renewal, and the return of longer days as the Lord of the Sun is reborn from the womb of the Goddess when life is wrested from the realm of death and light is born of darkness. Wreaths and evergreen trees are used to decorate your home. 

Let the magic of Yule bless you, your home and your loved ones.


Blessings Spiderwitch

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Ghost Conjurers

Merry meet all,

I just started a group on Facebook titled Ghost Conjurers. I was tired of waiting to be included into Paranormal Investigators groups so I began my own. So Ghost Conjurers is sister to my Paranormal & Witchy Fiction page on Facebook.

I already have some followers. I would love to have an actual crew like Ghost Adventures- my obsession and what inspired me to take this step. I want to explore places that are haunted. I want to acquire ghost hunting equipment and more than that, I want to use my own senses while I explore places. I am extremely clairvoyant and clairsentient so I could see myself doing well on eerie excursions. That is why I don’t understand why I am not included to go with groups. Oh well I have now started my own. It is really an extension of what I have been doing all along but now I have learned and grown from life. That is probably an essential step to take, to learn and grow as a person. Life has thrown everything at me. But I always bounce back.

Now I want to help others. I want to help the unheard, the dreaming, the ones who are adrift with their own psychic abilities who don’t know which step to take  next. I want to help the ones who misused Ouija boards and are wondering why a dark shadow looms over their beds at night. I want to help the ones who think they have no voice. They do. They own very well functioning vocal chords. When I started out, I lucked out and found a community of like minded people who could help me. I believe they could just need some guidance and yes, they have to ask first, but I will always be here.

I am excited about this new direction in my life. I look forward to seeing what life brings me. I look forward to meeting new people hopefully and learning new things, and hopefully yes acquiring ghost hunting equipment. But I will never forget that I can see ghosts clear as day with my own eyes and sense energies with no tool in my hand. Our senses never deceive us and are rarely wrong. I will still work on this blog, maybe even more so. This is my passion and what I feel I am meant to do.

So I hope you consider joining my group/ page Ghost Conjurers. My mouse pad is an Ouija board. I think that’s brilliant. I have already done some investigating on my own. I hope to have a dedicated team on my side in the future, but I usually do things alone- or they wouldn’t get done. I visited the haunted famous Five Fishermen restaurant. I did get some psychic impressions from that place. I believe it’s haunted. I don’t know what I will explore next but I am sure it will be exciting. I really like Helen Creighton and if she could devote her life to catching all the folklore of the Atlantic Coast, I can do what I can do too as well as she did.

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Witch Magic on Screen

Merry meet all,

There is a new Witch movie on the block. This latest magickal movie is a ” The Little Witch is a Swiss-German live-action story about a witch who only wants to cast helpful spells and be nice to humans, instead of being evil as her old, ugly superiors order. This will make her instantly enchanting to the young viewers for whom this is intended. She is a fun girl who likes to soar on her broom, chat with her talking raven, and conjure rainstorms of raisins and balls of yarn. Her big problem, which may make this a bit scary for the youngest audiences, is that the head witches are menacing, in the mold of The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West. They threaten to turn kids into stone. The overall message is that being good has its rewards as The Little Witch triumphs without succumbing to pressures to behave badly.”

However, the Witch plans to usurp her ugly evil elders. She doesn’t want to turn children to stone. Since I have two young adorable niece and nephew, I can sympathize. I wouldn’t want them harmed either. I can’t wait to see this movie even though I am adult. I don’t care. It is so different from the Witch  movies we are used to. That is why I want to go.

The new Sabrina the witch show is under fire by Witches. We are not so satanic in our practice. The young people who don’t know more about magic and witchcraft will think that that is what we all do. I am not interested in seeing that show or in supporting it. I have been called a devil worshiper on Facebook when it is not even true. That’s thanks to thousands of years of conditioning and brainwashing by the churches and within the last few decades of the Hollywood industry. I hope the show is even soon to be taken off the air. If people want to watch it, and believe the hype and the content of the show, go for it. The Sabrina show has been hotly discussed between me and the witches who work there. We don’t worship the Devil. When will they ever get it? That is hard to say.

Well save your lovely dollaz, munch on popcorn and stay inside. Maybe gather your pals together to enjoy a Witch movie fest. It is cold outdoors. Time to nestle in for the long cold winter. Have fun.

Here is the trailer for The Little Witch movie:


Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Family Experiences Scary Supernatural in home

Greetings All,

Yesterday my dear kitty endured an afternoon at the Groomers. She likely believed I sent her there to be tortured. That’s not true. It is just hard for a comb to get through her mats. Ah my dear kitty.

Samhain is still here but Christmas merchandise is filling the stores. I don’t buy into the whole commercialism side of the holidays. I celebrate Yule, which to me has more meaning, more substance. I shall post more here on how to celebrate Yule with style. So stay tuned!!

Here is an eerie tale for you. Curl up and grab your teddy or comfy blanket for protection!!!

Family confronts the supernatural

Despite her feelings she decided to stay in the house and that is now a decision she has come to regret.

Lavinia and her sons Chase, 4, and Jacob, 17, claim they have been experiencing paranormal activity in their home for months.

It started with Chase telling her about a man he called “Santa” who sometimes came to play with him.

After observing her son’s behavior and listening to her son speak about his new-found friend, Lavinia soon believed that “Santa” wasn’t a pleasant entity to have around – nor did he seem to be just another imaginary friend.

Lavinia said the right side of the house seemed to be the site of the paranormal activity.

Worst affected areas include the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, Jacob’s bedroom and Lavinia’s bedroom.

Lavinia didn’t know what to believe – until early one morning she said the supernatural being paid a visit to her room.

She was standing near her door when she felt something like a strong breeze pushing her back and she was unable to move.

She felt something touch her while she was standing there.

The next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, totally paralyzed.

She could see and hear but was unable to move a single part of her body, except for her eyes.

Lavinia said she tried to speak to the entity to tell it to leave but that was difficult because she could barely move her lips to speak.

It was then that she saw something like a flash of light.

She was able to move again and ran out of her bedroom, into the hall, calling for her sons.

Jacob was always a bit skeptical about what might have been going on in the house.

But that has changed since the family called in a psychic medium.

The psychic medium told the family there was a porthole in Jacob’s room releasing spirits into the home.

She suggested to the family that if Chase was talking about seeing “Santa”, they get out their camera and start snapping shots of the areas around him to see if they could capture an image of the spirit.

Recently when Lavinia was at Zumba, Jacob and his friends were looking after Chase when he started playing hide and seek with the entity.

They started taking photos around the home with a phone – and captured a photo of what appeared to be a man hovering above Jacob as he lay on his bed in his room.

After that, Jacob began to believe that the home really might have supernatural visitors.

After her initial feeling that the house was not a good place, Lavinia started saving up so she and her family could leave.

But several different incidents over the past two years have conspired to keep her and her family in the home.

“It feels like something is trying to keep me here,” she said.

Lavinia has done a little bit of research on the history of the area and knows that South Sea Islanders were brought to what was then known as Port Vernon in the 1800s and often treated badly.

She is also aware that Polson Cemetery is nearby, although she has no idea if those factors have played a role in the strange occurrences in her home.

Lavinia is hoping to get a Catholic priest to come through her home, blessing each room with holy water.

Credit for the article  goes to the Daily News-

Did the story scare you? I can’t judge and I may be biased because I experience weird stuff too. Remember to practice shielding to keep the bogeyman away.

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