Power of Pagan Prayers

Merry Meet All,

Within the pantheon of Neopaganism, the number of deities are myriad. For others, when pagans pray daily, they may choose to honor the Lord and Lady or the Goddess and the God. It is up to the person saying the prayer. No matter which deity is addressed, the daily act of prayer offers empowerment to the person and can make a person’s day run smoothly. That was my experience when I began to make daily prayer into a habit much like my morning coffee. I cannot go a day without uttering my daily prayer. I have noticed when I forget that my day runs less positively.

Pagan prayer, when made a daily habit, makes a difference in your life over time. A person when saying the prayer empowers themselves and demonstrates that they are serious about their spiritual path in life, have respect for their deity of choice, and are grateful for the blessings in their life, whatever that may be. That is one of the main points about being a pagan. It is to strengthen your relationship with your deity of choice. Prayers aid in that. Then you may notice that gifts unexpectedly arrive for you. That is your God or Goddess gifting you because you take the small amount of time to be aware of the abundance in your life.

Here is a sample prayer that I say everyday and night to the God and Goddess. It is easy to remember. If at first you have trouble remembering, write it down, adding your energy to the prayer with the act of writing it down, and then try your best to memorize it.

Great Goddess, Great God. I come to you at the start of another day and ask that you grant me the best day possible. Help me to be my best so that I might do my best for myself and others. Blessed Be.” That is for the morning. The following prayer is for the evening.

Great Goddess, Great God. I come to you at the end of another day and thank you for all the blessings in my life. Blessed Be.”

It is a good idea to say these prayers at the start and end of your day. It is optional to burn a candle and incense and meditate while you pray aloud. Incense and candles can add power and enhance meditative thought as you reflect and pray. Making prayer a daily ritual will improve your life and your relationship with your deity of choice. Gratitude is simple yet powerful. Getting into the habit of acknowledging what we can be grateful for everyday makes us appreciate life that much more.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Merry Meet,


Today I am going to talk about auras. ‘The aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding the human form. People with enhanced psychic ability are able to see the movement and varied colors of the aura. Kirlian photography is a technique that captures the light from the auras of humans and plant life. The aura is also commonly referred to as the eighth chakra.

Auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse your aura frequently to free it of foreign vibrations and negative energies.

How To Clean Your Aura
By Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Guide
Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse our auras freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies. Here are a few simple ways to do it.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 – 15 minutes
Here’s How:
Using your fingers as a comb, comb through the space surrounding your body from head to toe. Clean your hands with running water before and after doing this.
Stand under a waterfall or shower.
Walking in the rainfall.
Run freely and playfully in the wind.
Using a single feather or feather whisk make sweeping motions through the space surrounding your body.
Smudge the area surrounding your body with the smoke from sage, lavendar, and/or sweetgrass.
Immerse and soak your body in an epsom salt bath.
Turkey or owl feathers are especially good feathers to use for sweeping the aura.
Take care to do some deep breathing exercises while cleansing your aura to aid in flushing your inner body.
Caution: Do not walk in the rain during an electrical storm.’

People with psychic ability are able to see auras. This is a gift that comes with responsibility. Although it may not be a psychics fault if they are unaware that their aura requires cleansing. Psychics get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Only those are the critical times that it is a good idea to be aware and cleansing of one’s own aura. Sage is a good way to cleanse and psychically cast a shield around yourself. Sage has long been known for its protective qualities. Nature has many such herbs reputed for their magical properties.

Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,


Tonight I attended my first Practical Astrology class. Just as I had anticipated, it was chock full of fascinating new things to learn about. I can now understand the basics of a natal chart. I did my own basic natal chart. I found it all so interesting, though I am sure I looked quite adrift ‘in the cosmos’. Ha ha, tongue in cheek. It was boggling to understand at first. Astrology is a map of the sky. A person’s birth chart is a blueprint, in a way, or a plan of a person’s life. A person living their chart is said to be living their Soul Purpose. A person doing the opposite is not living their birth chart and may be unhappy.

We are all women in the group. There are about five of us. The teacher is Wynne Jordan. She has been a professional astrologer for years. Wynne Jordan also studied in Ontario, at Oxford and here. I am going to enjoy the class so much. It goes tonight through to November 25, a bit before my birthday. We all receive certificates at the end of the course. A great birthday present to be sure.

I found the campus to be a bit confusing too, finding the washroom, the classroom and the cafeteria and bookstore. The textbook is called The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology. Our instructor met the author who is Priscilla Costello. Talk about synchronicity! I was seeking a publisher for an esoteric book I want to write and I looked up the publisher of this book just now. The publisher of my textbook is the same publisher I searched earlier! I am in amazement and awe. That is so synchronous! Only, this is part of the point of astrology. A person may or may not-it is up to the individual- to 1) be influenced by the positions of the sun, planets and horoscope at the time of their birth and Fate may or may not also play a hand. It is a little ungrounded but I have faith in this. Again, that is up to the individual as to what they believe.

After the course, Wynne Jordan offered to drive me home. As we headed to her car, she spotted the Moon and Jupiter in the sky. I was happy to have the chance to spot Jupiter, my ruling planet!! As I walked up my street after she dropped me off, I looked again in the dark starry sky and identified the Moon and Jupiter again. I shall indeed enjoy studying astrology.

I am a Sagittarian and metaphysics, a lifetime of learning, truth seeking, is my path. I am meant to study these things. I want to study and learn all I can. One never stops learning. Sagittarius is my Sun sign and my Rising Sign is Libra. I am living my natal chart.

I hope everyone finds a way to discover their true soul path!
Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch


As the wheel turns to the next harvest Sabbat, when witches come out in droves for a gathering, there are some who practice solitary. They may still gather for the celebrations and I am not dissing that. I am one of those who practice my Craft solitary. I am going to talk a bit about that.

There are benefits and losses to being a Solitary Witch. One of the main benefits for me is that as I practice alone, i call all the shots. I am in control and I make the decisions. I have no problem with how things are run in a coven and have enjoyed it thoroughly when there was a High Priestess. For me, with the way I like to organize my rits and spells, I like the intimacy and the levels of power and energy that emanate from my altar.

The other big reason for me to practice as a Solitary Witch is that I also avoid politics or disagreements. While I do believe that no one wakes up intending to have differences, they still do happen. It is unfortunate and can be for any number of reasons, that seem quite petty in the long run. But differences do happen for whatever reason.

I did enjoy being in a coven. There are great things about being in a coven. A witch knows when there are events going on, where and with who. The coven can raise more energy in a collective than alone. There is a sense of community in a coven as well. The coven can also help you on your path and tell you where you have progressed spiritually and answer all your questions. These are great reasons to belong to a coven.

However, if your style or preferences or preferred tradition differs greatly from the coven, it is acceptable and most often does occur that a practitioner can become a Solitary Witch. I believe that a witch could keep some contact with a local pagan community when main events are held or major Sabbats are celebrated. A sense of community can help a witch enormously and one should not ignore the possibilities of good friendships that can be developed. Opportunities can arise, such a beach clean up, a fun fundraising event, a party, a Beltaine celebration (A chance to dig out your Renaissance garb), or a chance to call a quarter at a coven esbat Ritual. These should not be overlooked and can lead to even better opportunities. I do keep in touch with the local pagan community here and do not regret the numerous parties, fundraisers, the pagan radio show, or the celebrations at the Universalist Unitarian Church.

So, I still do practice as a Solitary Witch. It is my choice. I brew my ciders and carve pumpkins at Samhain. I honor the other turns in the Wheel of the Year. We all find our own way and develop what works for us. May the Goddess and God guide you as you light your own candles of understanding. Blessed Be Lady Spiderwitch


Mabon will soon be upon us. Children return to school, the leaves turn to golds and crimsons and a chill creeps into the air. The magic of Mabon will soon unfold. Be prepared with the following information to celebrate with friends.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is celebrated on September 21, which is not far away. It is a time of equal balance between dark and light, and directly complements the Spring Equinox. It is the second harvest Sabbat, depending on your tradition. It is a time where there is an equal day and night. Use this time to harvest what you have reaped in your gardens and reflect on what you have accomplished since Spring Equinox.

Set symbols of fall on your altar-scythes, sickels, acorns, autmn leaves, things that represent abundance and harvest. White and black candles represent the two polar opposites of day and night in balance.

To honor the change of the season, and it is early September yet, the sky darkens earlier and earlier now. I am contributing a poem for the Mabon Sabbat. Please honor the copyright.

Under a Blood Moon

In the cool splendor of fall,
wind blown ochre leaves
scatter in the yard.

A northern wind blows hard
on this Mabon morning,
signal of change to come.

The crow sounds a rousing cry,
its’ black form hunched
on a thin branch.

A kettle sputters, she
sips her tea slowly,
burning her throat.

She gathers herbs
to store in
earthen bowls.

Her heart beats shrewdly from
earned wisdom,
she scorns the cold.

Wind whispers of spirits near,
the crow takes flight,
boughs quiver.

Under the Blood moon of October,
she casts her spell,
beholds the crow on her oak tree.

Find a way that has meaning for you to honor the Mabon Sabbat. Blessings to all

Lady Spiderwitch

Hurricane Earl

Merry Meet All,

Even in this fair weather, though I usually allow my guinea pigs to roam somewhat freely in the hutch, with ample sunshine to the poiint it nearly blinds you, I have kept my pets indoors. Guinea pigs can suffer from heat exposure. Of course, now that they are inside, I am prey to their demands. Ah what is a devoted pet lover to do?

The sun is too hot. It is so hot they would perish. This heat is not benefitting us as a storm is approaching. Hurricane Earl is nearing and I have battened down the hatches in preparation for it. It is hard to determine what type of storm it will be. The intense heat will only make the storm more intense. The temperature has not cooled. Hurricane Earl will likely cause some damage, flooding and power outages, hopefully for a short time. That may be the worst of it.

It is early September, the first week is always the hottest. That has been the case this week. I am sure I could fry eggs on my floor from the heat and boil water from the mugginess. The leaves are already turning and drifting to the ground. Spiders are weave webs and our thoughts turn to Samhain/ Halloween, cider and pumpkins. How fast the Wheel turns. Seems only yesterday I set down fresh soil for the early sprouts emerging from the soil safe from winter’s chilly hold. Soon we will be complaining of the cold. Hot cocoa and hearty soups will fill us up with warmth. But this is a magical time of year. I can’t wait for Mabon and Samhain and the annual Ritual on the Commons. The veil is thinnest at this time of year, making it a good time for divination of all sorts. The Your Spiritual Haven First Annual Samhain/ Halloween Psychic Fair is to be held at the Cole Harbour Place on October 30, 2010. I can’t wait for that event and have sewn myself a lovely costume gown for the event.

Autumn is my favorite time of year! It if was Samhain all year long, I would be in heaven. I caution you all to keep warm, safe and dry from the storm, store lawn furniture indoors and be well prepared for Hurricane Earl. Have matches, food and blankets and whatever else you need indoors at hand. Blessed Be to all.