Samhain Preparations

Merry Meet All,

I have so much to do in time for Samhain. I have not carved my pumpkin yet or done a ritual. I did perform a beautiful Drawing down the moon and consecration of my crystal orb.

Tonight my animal familiars and I are preparing for Samhain. I have majorly decorated my apartment and made it as witchy as it could be. Swooping bats, cobwebs and spiders, black and orange candles glow. I munched on pumpkin and cranberry bread coated with apple sauce. I poured mulled cider into a wine glass and worked cobwebs onto the glass. I had to slightly shift the cobwebs to avoid tasting cobwebs. I strung cobwebs on my witch’s hat, the back door, the bathroom mirror, the kitchen window, and the large clock. I lit a lot of black and orange candles-safely. I put a cobweb candleholder in my bathroom and strung the cobwebs across the bathroom mirror. I took photos experimenting with my flash on my camera. I loved the effect.

I set a photo of my late guinea pig Snowball on my altar. She passed away this year. Samhain is a time to remember those who passed, animal and human. I will be adding a photo of my grandfather soon. I plan to perform a Solitary Samhain Ritual of honoring my ancestors on Sunday night. With the decorations, cider, wine, my new black altar cloth, my costume and of course, my pets, it should be go very well. I am excited for Samhain and I hope you all are excited as I am.

Today the city carried the creepiest yet lively Samhain energy. I knew it was the thinning of the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. The trees seemed to call to me and glow. I took photos of that too and was spellbound by how the trees seemed to look so beautiful, catching my eye. It was almost like spirits were peeking at me from their hiding spots and saying, “Hi, we’re over here!!”. I wasn’t surprised when I caught a photo of an orb today.

On a more mundane level, I am still polishingmy rocks, still washing dishes, still have to carve out a gourd for a candleholder, carve my pumpkin, go to the library, donate some items and maybe have time for tea with my Mother who might be in town. Sure no problem. Tomorrow is my Astrology class and I am forcing myself to get caught up. I have accomplished the impossible before. Many dedicated Pagans. Witches, Wiccans that are as crazy about Samhain as i am may be as overwhelmed as I am.

It will be a memorable Sabbat. Blessed Be and Blessings to you for Samhain!!
Lady Spiderwitch

Magickal Energy

Merry Meet All,

I haven’t blogged here in a while. I have been so busy with everything. I performed a Full Moon ritual last night which was so powerful it amazed me. I consecrated my crystal orb outdoors. The energy of the earth felt powerful. Leaves are blanketing the garden. The full moon was lovely.

I have so much to do in preparation for Samhain, which is eight days away. I have to carve the pumpkin, decorate my apartment a little more, do more baking and prepare for the Samhain Psychic Fair. Not a spare moment. Yet in spite of the rush, I have noticed the beauty of autumn surrounding me. The trees are bright gold yellow or fiery reds. Leaves cover the earth and are painted equally beautiful colors. As I strolled last night, donning my dark wool cloak, I felt an energy I can barely explain. It was haunting and almost surreal. The wind picked up the hem of my cloak, making me feel magickal and my cloak also cleared leaves off the sidewalk.

It is that time of year when the veil thins. If you all have a hectic time, try to at least experience the energy of autumn and Samhain and how it makes you feel.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitchh

My Latest Acquistion

I bought a crystal orb at Sarah’s Spiritual Treasures today. I wanted a large clear quartz orb so badly. I knew today was the day for the orb. It is so beautiful and heavy. I could easily astral travel with the crystal orb. As soon as I picked up, I had to ground myself because I felt like I was carried away to the cosmos. See picture.

Organic Cooking for Samhain

Tonight I rolled up my sleeves, lit a candle, made tea and got to work carving up pumpkin. It’s early yet in October, the most magickal month of the year. I chopped up pumpkin for cooking. I bought a large pumpkin and can’t wait to be brewing pumpkin soup in my stainless steel cauldron pot and enjoying hot buttery pumpkin loaf. I set aside the pumpkin seeds and put the large chopped pieces of pumpkin in freezer bags for the next night. Spicy pumpkin seeds were soon ready to be enjoyed. Mm.

I also have squash, a turnip, potatoes and onions. I will cook up a magickal brew of soups and stews. A pumpkin does not have to be just for carving. Our ancestors knew this and used tuberous roots for plenty of healthy more organic recipes. Back then, they didn’t have chemicals and probably regularly composted their food. There were likely higher levels of nutrients stored in their foods then. Wow.

I urge all of you to pressure your local supermarkets to support more organic and local foods. This helps farmers to make better choices for farming. I always try to buy free range meat, poultry and eggs. It is better for the animals and I like to support free range foods. I hate the idea of the farms that profit from the torture that is inflicted on the poor cows and chickens. Those farms should be shut down and abolished. We all have the power to make better choices for ourselves and our families.

I came across an online article about ‘greening a pumpkin’. The title of the article surprised me. It had some good points. When we are done with pumpkins, they still have to be taken care of-from a green perspective. A pumpkin, once decorated and done with, can be composted in your backyard. A pumpkin removes serious toxins from the soil. In North America, our soil is heavily laden with chemicals that are poisonous and cause health problems. Pumpkins also contain Vitamin A. The seeds can be baked in the oven or given to the birds. Bread can be left for the birds, leaving them a tasty treat. Recycling centers may also accept pumpkins or if nothing else, put it in the nearest compost bin, where it can still decompose naturally. (I put my pumpkin in my garden last Samhain.) Try and stop me. So think twice before tossing that pumpkin!!

I wish you all a wonderful Fall Season and Merry Samhain.
Lady Spiderwitch