Brighid at Imbolc

Merry Meet All,

At Imbolc, we honor the Goddess Brighid in her glory. It should hold fitting then that to my surprise, a witch/ druid from Seattle saw my article on how I honor the Goddess Brighid at Imbolc and asked for my permission to reprint it in her pagan ezine North Qearter. I was honored and she said she would give me due consideration. This would be the third printing of my article!!!! I look forward to reading my article in the ezine.

Lady Spiderwitch )0(

Full Moon Magick

Merry Meet everyone!!

Great Goddess! Great Horned God! Moon’s wink and Magick’s Nod!!

A magickal time is soon upon us. I am alive with energy today, more than I have been in a long time. It is the Full Moon that is giving me this energy boost. I am grateful for it.

A lot is going on magically. Imbolc is approaching soon. Now is the time to clear out all your clutter, dust off your broomsticks and cauldrons, and to give all your tools a good cleaning. A real heavy duty cleaning.

Remove everything from your altar. Make a mugwort infusion and pour the infusion in a bowl. With a cloth, wipe your entire altar down with the infusion. Wash your altar tools with warm soapy water added with essential oils and salt. Dust off what you can’t wash. Burn a black candle to clear away the stale chi or negative energy. Scrub the floor and walls. Smudge your altar area. Let the black candle burn all the way down. Put everything back on your altar. Set down a fresh clean altar cloth. Mix some ash, salt and rice in a mortar and pestle and blend well together. Burn it on a charcoal tablet- use the new type of charcoal tablets that burn better and purify your area with the incense. Light a white candle and let that burn, adding some spiritual energy to your altar area. Admire your fresh clean altar area. Perform a space clearing ritual to welcome the fresh energies of Imbolc and the Full Moon.

Imbolc is a time of new beginnings and the first tiny signs that spring is returning. It would be ideal then to clear away the stale energy that winter brings. The ewes are birthing their calves and the sun shines brightly above us.

There is a lot of information on that can help you to celebrate Imbolc in witchy style this year. The link is From there, enter Imbolc in the search engine to find a wide array of ways to honor Imbolc and the return of the sun.

Blessings on your Full Moon and Imbolc!!
Lady Spiderwitch

Witchy Writer

Merry Meet All,

I am shifting the usual focus of this blog today to instead concentrate on my writing career. I write for magazines and have recently completed a draft of my first nonfiction book on herbal kitchen witchery. I am excited and hope to see it published!

This one topic will focus on my literary achievements from the past to the present.

I won a writing award in high school for the student with the most outstanding ability in the field of creative writing. I was published in the Queen Elizabeth High School Elizabethan anthology in 1991. I was published in the National Library of Poetry anthology in 1992. I have performed poetry readings at venues such as Cafe Ole, Cafe Mokka, the Economy Shoe Shop Shoestring Series, Word on the Street and at Local Jo’s. In University, I won the Joyce Marshall Hsia Memorial Poetry Award and I was published in the Saint Mary’s University English Society anthology, Cardhouses, in 2000. My poetry was published online at the Poets Against the War website in 2004.

My first article to be published was in Pets Quarterly in 2006. Dave Rimmington interviewed me for the CKDU Poetry Show which aired July 2006. My second article was published in The Source about pet therapy for elderly people. I published a collection of my poems, Metamorphosis, and performed some local poetry readings. The Source Health and Wellness magazine published my article on the slow food movement in September 2007. Canadian Stories published three of my nonfiction stories about my grandparents, my Christmas in Cape Breton and on meeting with Margaret Atwood. Circle Magazine published four of my articles on the history of pagan bonfires, chalices, pentacles and the Goddess Brighid. The Source magazine published my article on organic food.

I have some recent online published stuff at I also had a piece about my writing space (not now), at the Sitting Pretty blog page. I published an article at Wikihow on caring for jade plants. I have two articles published at Witchvox about sacred space and the Goddess Brighid and some poetry. I published a short prose piece for the Nature Canada website at>asp#top.

Recently, I have some poems published in the local Open Heart Forgery journal, I am waiting to hear from some editors for some new stuff to hopefully be published. Open Heart Forgery is to soon include some of my poetry in an anthology due out in January 2011. I have had a fascinating career so far! I hope it shines brighter in the future!

Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

In the midst of this blustery cold weather, I am reminding you that Imbolc is only three weeks away. Imbolc is the first of the three spring festivals. Have you started planning for your garden and reviewed seed catalogs? Now is the time to do so.

Imbolc is on the first or second of February. It is a fire festival in honor of the Goddess Brighid. Imbolc is an early sign of spring when it is still blustery cold. In the Irish Gaelic, it translates to “ewe’s milk.” This is when the ewes gave birth to their young. After enduring a hard winter, the farmers were most likely relieved to see the early stirrings of spring.

If you plan ahead, you should have time to properly celebrate Imbolc. I will post more on this later.

Lady Spiderwitch

Shadow’s Lair

Merry Meet All,

As some of you may be aware, I have adopted the sweetest most lovable kitty ever. This blog post is dedicated to her.

I named this post Shadow’s Lair (because it sounds cool) and because my home is her home. She has- and this is no criticism, taken over. Pets do that. She is a wonderful, sensitive and highly intelligent kitty. She loves cat television- looking out the window at all that goes on. She gets excited when she sees another kitty.

Shadow is named Shadow because the name truly suits her. She is like a shadow-dark and light and quiet. I adopted her from a couple who had another name for her. I know Shadow suits her. I can see her one second sitting somewhere then the next she is gone. She is so fast at crossing a room or leaving a room. Hence, her new name is Shadow. She does not seem to mind.

Shadow also has a new type of better quality litter. I like using Litter Queen-it absorbs odor and is easier to clean and is locally made.

It was so sweet when she fell asleep holding my hand between her paws. I couldn’t bear to move my hand. She woke up then clutched my hand again, more securely in her paws, peacefully dozing. She has calmed down since I first adopted her. She licks my hand and likes to be petted. She curls up against me when I sleep at night. She sharpens her claws on everything but the scratching post I bought for her. No matter what, she won’t use the scratching post.

I love her and think she is so adorable. She lets me rub her stomach. I love her so much. I’ve never seen such a cute and adorable kitty.

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch

New Year

Merry Meet All,

Happy New Year!! I celebrate a new year on October 31st, the Witches Celtic New Year, and I celebrate the new year on January 1st, though on a much smaller scale.

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing lots of writing- writing my manuscript on kitchen witchery and am finally nearing completion. I am proud to have accomplished this much this far and have completed a proposal. I also wrote poetry for Open Heart Forgery and edited a short fiction story hopefully to be published in an upcoming anthology. I am anticipating the upcoming Open Heart Forgery anthology of which some of my poems may appear. I look forward to new opportunities for more writing projects. It is a good time to focus on new things and fresh starts.

The weather is cold and frosts our noses. I have been nearly chained to this desk, typing away, striving to achieve some literary brilliance. Time will tell if I am successful. My three muses, Minerva and Brighid- two pet guinea pigs and Shadow, my cat offer me plenty of inspiration and the energy to persevere when I most need it. Their cuteness, intelligence and the dedication they demand from me keeps me on my toes. It’s all worth it and I love them all.

Spring is three to four months away. It’s just around the corner!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch