Witches and Muggles

Merry Meet All,

J.K. Rowling knew what she was talking about. There are two groups of people today- witches and muggles. The muggles make life more difficult for witches. They can also be unpleasant. Witchery is beginning to seem elite to me, something reserved for a select group only. (More for us, then.)

It bugs me when as was my recent experience, when muggles ask a witch a question about witchery then they never want to talk to you again. That was upsetting and unnecessary. I put my trust in these people then I got ostracized. If I was ‘normal’, would they still talk to me? Probably, but I like to believe that normal is boring. Recently a woman who lived in the U.S was fired for being a witch. The Burning Times have risen from the ashes of those who suffered before. Maybe the Burning Times will never be over. I suspect that will be the case.

I was harassed by people to change my old email address. I had to change my address because my account was hacked into. People did not stop bugging me till I did. They harassed me because the word goddess was in the address. That is a form of religious discrimination.

It is a shame that they choose to curtain themselves in ignorance and remain uneducated about witchery and witches. I respect peoples’ decisions but it hurts me too. Let us all be strong and keep an open mind about others and all our world religions. When we can be accepting, we will be stronger together.

Let all witches hold their heads high with pride and courage. We have never done wrong but have had suffering inflicted upon us for being what we are. The Goddess has returned and for those who have heard her call, we still have work to do- to honor the Goddess’s call.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Memorial Poem for Minerva

Merry Meet All,

Here is the memorial poem for my late guinea pig, Minerva.

To Minerva

I will always
remember your brown
eyes, pink and ear and paws.

I loved
cheerful squeaks.

Your food bowl was
always full of
clover, lettuce and carrots.

I miss your kisses, soft fur,
and watching you
play in the hutch.

My home is silent
without your
wheeks and squeaks.

You were brave to the
end and a devoted
true friend.

You will live forever
in my heart, and there may
be others but not like you.

R.I.P Minerva
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Winds of Change

Merry Meet All,

Spring is fast arriving. The snow has clawed back to reveal the ochre colored grass underneath and the chickadees search for seeds. Crocuses are blooming everywhere. Beltane will be here before we know it.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 30th till April 25th. View the retrograde as a time for new beginnings and healing, which is one way to view spring. Release the energies left over from winter. I have done a spring cleaning like donating extra unwanted items to Value Village, deep cleaning my apartment (finally cleaned my fridge), donating items to animal shelters and the usual recycling and cleaning. I have a lot more space in my apartment.

April regales spring with All Fools’ Day on the first of the month. New Moon occurs on April 3. The Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins on April 15th. The Full Moon, Wind Moon, lands on April 17th. Good Friday is on April 22 and Earth Day is also on the same day. Easter is on April 24th and Beltane is celebrated on May 1. So mark your calendars because April is a busy month.

I am proud to announce I am to be published in the Open Heart Forgery Year One Anthology, which is to be launched April 2, 2011. That is on the same day as Little Mysteries Annual Sale. Again, mark your calendars. The launch will be held at the Seaport Market all day. I am excited to be taking part in it. The monthly release reading will be at Halifax North Library on April 7th at 6:30 pm. The Spring Psychic Fair is coming up at the Halifax Forum all day on April 16th.

These are wonderful ways to welcome spring. April will be a fun month. April is also National Poetry Month.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

I will always remember Minerva. She was an extraordinary guinea pig, larger than life. A legend in her time. Minerva at age seven passed away yesterday in the vet hospital. She suffered from recurring urinary tract infections and before she passed away, she accidentally fell off the dresser and broke her paw. She was euthanized as it was the best thing to do. She had lived a full life. She will be missed.

Minerva is now in the hands of our earth mother. She is not suffering. She will be remembered and cherished.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Natural Disasters May be on the Rise

Merry Meet All,

I was reading the MetroNews paper and I came across a question. Are natural disasters on the rise?

Here is my response.

I do think that natural disasters are rising. The natural disasters are rising because of environmental change such as global warming and industrial pollution. The pollution causes damage to the environment, which manifests as the natural disasters.

Natural disasters may be rising because of overpopulation, global pollution, and greedy consumption of the earth’s natural resources that are finite, as well as many other factors. We have one earth and a problem of overpopulation and corruption and wasting the earth’s resources. OIl is finite yet we have developed so many cars and are raising the oil prices as the amount of oil becomes more and more scarce. We need to find alternate ways to use the earth’s natural resources. We all need to learn our lessons and wake up to the fact that one day we won’t have Internet, light bulbs, coffee and hot showers due to squandering and greedily consuming the earth’s finite natural resources. Getting what we want always comes with a price.

I am a Celtic kitchen witch and believe in the earth mother, or Goddess. I think that the reason that the natural disasters may be occurring because the Goddess is angry over how the planet is being treated. I am not suggesting that innocent people deserve to suffer. I acknowledge that Japan, for example, is an area where earthquakes naturally occur. However, we do have to respect Mother Earth and realize greed, consumption of natural resources, overpopulation and pollution is driving us straight to our doom. If the human race dies off, the earth will go back into balance. It is starting but it is true.

This is my response to why I believe natural disasters are rising.

Lady Spiderwitch

Massive Quake Hits Japan

Merry Meet All,

A massive earthquake has struck Japan with merciless force. It is the worst ever since 1900. They have issued warnings for fifty countries. Let’s send prayers to those who are suffering from the effects of the quake. Light a white candle and meditate on sending energy to them.

Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch

Tarot for Pagan Cats

Merry Meet All,

This weekend, I purchased the last Tarot of Pagan Cats deck at Little Mysteries. I was in love with the deck before I even left the store. The artwork is wonderful and truly captures a cat’s essence, personality, mysterious nature and playfulness. The Knave of Wands card shows a cat using the wand for a scratching post. There is not often humor in tarot cards but this deck is packed with it. There are numbers on the cards, making it easier to reorganize them.

I love this deck and will have much fun with it. I bought a green velvet pouch to hold the cards and will soon consecrate the deck. I feel like I have owned it all my life. I am sure my cat Shadow will be pleased. That should make her purr…

I consecrated my deck last night. I setup my Bast cat statue and Siberian Tiger Animal Totem Mishra on my altar with a purple cloth, black and white candles, athame, wand, an amethyst and clear quartz crystal, chalice and pentacle.

The ritual went well. After I whispered close to my kitty’s ear that I had dedicated a deck in my kitty’s honor and invoked Bast. Shadow playfully caught my hand in her eager paws and chomped down on my hand, as if to say: “Thank you.” I was scratched bad but I know it is all in a kitty’s nature. I love her very much.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Oral and Written Tradition of Modern Bards

Merry Meet All,

I thought I would take a moment to comment and acknowledge the wonderful literary wizards in our community. Whether it’s the awesome tireless and inspiring Writers Federation of Nova Scotia that always keep me on my writer’s toes, ha ha, Circle Magazine, the Open Heart Forgery, the Blowhard event, the people who love to read poetry -and are brave enough to write and share their writing at the Open Heart Forgery, or at the bookstores that sell books. This lovely vibrant community all share a common goal: to enjoy and appreciate poetry or fiction and keep an oral tradition alive that dates back centuries. Long way back when, bards were the entertainers. They played instruments and memorized whole poems that were probably longer than we could manage today. Today we still recite poetry and write songs, honoring a time-worn tradition.

Creating words for songs and poetry or a short story is an act of magic. Not every writer waits for inspiration but when it strikes, it is magic. The pen, or quill, flows lucidly and the words pour onto the page like honey. Most of the time my muse is sleeping off a drunk somewhere in an alley but she occasionally sobers up for a visit to me. I have attended a number of events lately within the last few months and have seen the magic come alive. I love those moments when I see people who are brave enough to share their talent and energy and writing. I like hearing the different poems or stories. Sometimes they remind me that I should not take life so seriously. Sometimes the stories are touching. There is a lot of talent in this province. I also admire the energy and dedication by those who organize the events every month or every week. And no matter the weather or time of year, the diehards arrive to share their energy. I know a snowstorm may not keep me away.

Even at a table at a cafe, when people are discussing literary pursuits and sipping decadent lattes, the magic presides. I was at the farmers market last week where I remember hearing the conversations about books that I sense I must read or die. I remember when there were more poetry readings in Halifax and there were more cafes such as Cafe Ole, Cafe Mokka, Great Gatsby’s where writing was shared. Downtown Halifax has become more corporate but you can’t squelch the voices of the bards. They will just go underground- find a way.

Open Heart Forgery is one of those voices rising from the ashes of the phoenix. The poetry scene is alive with magic again thanks to the tireless dedication of those involved. I can’t wait to see the anthology that my poems and others will be appearing in. I am excited about it. It is an example of the energy and dedication the bards way back when may have experienced. I wish Open Heart Forgery much future success and hope it continues in success. I wish the same for all the other organizers, hosts, and writers out there.

As a side note, to show how serious I am about bards and tradition, I have beautifully bound my own Book of Shadows. This binds in your own power and energy and collects power over time. See the photo above.

Carpe diem!
Blessed Be
Merry Part
Lady Spiderwitch

Circle Magazine

Merry Meet All,

Circle Magazine has published my article on Athames. This would make it my fifth article to be published in their magazine. I am honored and proud to be printed in their magazine and look forward to more writing opportunities with Circle Magazine.

The link to the magazine is http://www.circlesanctuary.org/circle.

Circle Magazine is a great spiritual magazine. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy reading it.

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Spring Vernal Equinox

Merry Meet All,

Soon the crocuses and snowdrops will be peeping out of the thawing soil. Spring is around the corner. The snow will melt and the Goddess will paint the bare trees and brown grass a beautiful shade of viridian green.

Most Pagans & Wiccans honor Ostara at this time of year. Ostara is celebrated on or near the 21st of March. It is the time of the vernal equinox if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and heralds in the coming of Spring. The term Ostara originates from Eostre, a Germanic Goddess of spring. It is at the same time as the Christian Easter celebration.

Spring is a time of sowing seeds and planning the garden for the summer. It is a time of fertility and celebration of the return of life. From sheep birthing calves to ladybugs sprouting eveerywhere, nature awakens fervently. The Wheel of the Year turns again. Celebrate the balance of light and dark in the vernal equinox.

Get ahead on spring by starting an indoor herb garden. Decorate eggs with food coloring or natural dyes. Prepare your garden for spring. Dust off your gardening tools. Relax and enjoy Ostara, knowing that the world will be alive and green once again.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch