Circle Magazine published my articles

Merry Meet All,

Circle Magazine has published two of my articles in their awesome, 74-page magazine quarterly. The articles are meditating in nature and how to make a herbal healing salve. The magazine has a readership of 10,000. Circle Magazine has published seven articles of mine in their magazine. I am proud to be published in Circle Magazine.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Earth Friendly Kitchen Tools

Merry Meet All,

Spring is here with summer on the way. People will be approaching cooking and other related activities with renewed vigor. The heartening sight of herbs and flowers emerging from the earth is refreshing. Okay all you kitchen witches, it’s time to dust off your cauldrons and best cooking pots. We are going to look at earth friendly kitchen tools.

People are unaware of the potentially high levels of toxins that breed in our kitchens. They are in front of us all the time. They are not visible to the eye, which makes the dangers more powerful. Kitchen witch or not, you can benefit from this article and then do a huge cleaning once you have read it.

Most kitchen witches hold their tools as sacred. The act of preparing food that is healthy or magickal is a sacred act. These preparations are best prepared from scratch, which promises better flavor and more nutrients from organic ingredients. The utensils and altar tools should be made from natural materials to avoid chemicals and pesticides leaching into your food and other preparations.

Tools and utensils should be made from natural materials because pottery, for example, contains lead if the ceramics are from another country. Lead can be a health hazard. Opting for lead-free pottery ensures that food is safe and not a danger to your health. Dishes that are made with Teflon are a health hazard if they get scratched. Food and germs collect where the dish is damaged and cause bacteria to thrive. Other sources of food contamination are food cans, soil, air-borne dust particles, fertilizers, and leaded crystals.

It is best to use utensils that are made of enamel, stainless-steel, cast-iron, copper and porcelain. If you own plastic spatulas, consider trading them in for silicone spatulas. It is a better alternative to plastic. Never use plastic or nylon for magickal or mundane cooking.

Chemicals leach from plastic utensils into your food, which is why it is important to use stainless-steel, cast-iron, and wood to ensure food retains all its nutrients. When you consume chemicals, your body has to work harder to remove the toxins from your system.

Kitchen witches love their tea. They may love their tea more if they knew they were opting for unbleached teabags. Bleached teabags are bleached with chlorine and a toxin substance called dioxin leaches into the teabags. The wood pulp is delignified or whitened but the process involves toxic chemicals such as dioxin to be present in the teabags. Even non-chlorine bleached teabags still contain traces of the chemicals.

To be safe, choose unbleached teabags or buy an infuser and make your own tea at home. That guarantees you know that natural ingredients are in your cups of daily tea. If you prefer herbal teas, buy a good tea infuser and grow your own organic herbs and enjoy some savory tea. That is the best method to ensure your ingredients and tools are toxin free and retaining all of its nutrients. This gives your cooking or magickal recipes more power and magic.

If you use oil burners and essential oils, you can make two more environmentally friendly choices here. One, opt for organic essential oils. They are available, believe it or not. Two, try to find candles that do not emit black soot. Candles that are made from beeswax or soybean wax burn clearer smoke. These candles do not affect your health or affect the air quality. Conventional candle wax and I confess I own some of these, discolors walls and furniture and contaminate home ventilation systems. Candles can also cause headaches and sinus pain if they contain volatile aromatic hydrocarbons.

Soybean candles are made from partially hydrogenated form of soybean oil. Soy wax has a lesser melting peak and is softer than paraffin wax. A good soy wax candle must contain 25% soybean oil. It burns less than conventional candles. Soy wax candles burn purer soot. Or make your own candles to control what ingredients are put in your candles. They will emit better vibrations because they would be more earth friendly and possess some of your energies.

These are some ways to save the environment and your health. It can also add more power to your magick because you will know every time you do a tea leaf reading or burn a candle, you are doing a favor to yourself and the environment. That is what being a kitchen witch should be all about.

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

Merry Beltaine everyone!! I attended a lovely Beltaine Ritual yesterday. The weather cooperated long enough for the outdoor ritual. It was a long time since I had participated in a Maypole ritual and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am sure the other participants did as well.

I was titled the May Queen. I wore a new homemade purple faery dress, slip and wings. I made the costume in three days. I did have some help. I also created an elaborate faery crown to wear with the dress. The crown had beautiful artificial flowers, beads, charms, and is bound by wire. I felt like a faery though I did not jump over the fire pit for fear of catching on fire. I was impressed by the person who did a cartwheel over the fire pit.

Afterward, we all joined indoors for a savory feast and wonderful rousing drumming music. The whole celebration was magical and memorable. It was great to see some familiar faces. I hope everyone has a wonderful Beltaine.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch