Waning Moon Magick

Merry Meet All,

I never thought much of waning moon magick. The Full Moon was the cat’s whiskers to me. It was high on my list of fun things. But I have come to value a waning moon ritual now and have a deeper understanding and appreciation for what it offers.

I did a ritual tonight and am sharing it with you. I hope it is successful for you and enhances your magickal spellworkings. Purge!!!!

Waning Moon Ritual for Letting Go

Start with a meditative bath with incense and do some deep breathing exercises. At your altar, light the 2 white altar candles, symbolic of purity.
Light the black candle. Get your paper and pen. Black is ABSENT of color and absorbs anything that is bugging you. This can be an emotional spell. You will be done when you feel a difference. With emotion, write down anything that bugs you, any resentments or griefs. Purge yourself of the negativity even if it feels silly. When you finish writing your list, put some rice, soil or sand in your heatproof cauldron and light the paper on fire. If you do not have a cauldron, use a wide deep stainless steel pot. Watch how it burns. Slow means longer results while fast means a quicker purging of the bad stuff in your life. Burn all the page down. Then when you are done, put out the black candle and light the green candle or pink candle. On a fresh piece of paper, write down positive affirmations. Don’t you feel better? Then take the heatproof container and scatter the ashes away from your property.

New Moon is on Friday and with this spell, you will be prepared for it!!

Lady Spiderwitch

Summer Fun

Merry Meet All,

Currently, the moon is in its waning phase. I like to make the most of this lunar phase. It is a good time to banish or dismiss what no longer serves you. I took an old pink litter box to Value Village and donated books to the library. A lot of other things are coming up soon too.

Tomorrow is the birthday of the pagan/ witchcraft author Scott Cunningham. July 28th is the birthday of Stewart Farrar, Wiccan author. He made a huge contribution to the global pagan community through his writings. On July 29, there will be a talk at the Keshen Goodman Library by Holly Poole about Energy Healing. I enjoyed her last talk about the healing energy of crystals. The upcoming talk looks to be fascinating.

A solar eclipse brightens the sky on Friday July 1st. Around that time, the moon begins to wax. On July 8th the Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins. Holly stands for life force, and its thorns ward off negativity. On July 9th, Cliff Seruntine will be talking and signing books at Little Mysteries. I am sure that will be fun. July 15 is the Full Moon, also known as the Blessing Moon.

It is hard to believe, as some of you may be donning sun dresses and flip flops-and sunscreen!!, but August 1 is Lammas or Lughnasadh. Seems only yesterday I was braving snowbanks and now it is Midsummer. Lammas is a time of early harvest and the halfway point of our summer.

With all this going on, I hope you find some fun and have a great summer!
Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Summer Times

Merry Meet All,

Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been uber-busy lately. Apart from tending my garden-and planting new herbs in it like fennel, columbine and yarrow, I have been busy writing, loving my kitty, went to a family picnic at Point Pleasant Park and honoring the Full Moon. It paid off though. The Source Health and Wellness Journal is publishing my article for the fall food issue. The article is on Toxins in the Home. You can preview the article or part of it on this blog page.

The sun is shining so hard right now. Next week, we celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21. Are you as excited as I am? My yellow sun disc hangs proudly and brightly above my altar. About.com also has some information about Litha if you want to learn more. It is hard to believe that we are nearly seven months into the year. I have a feeling summer will be brisk and quick-but memorable. Time seems to be passing so fast. I bought myself a boline from Little Mysteries and dedicated it last night during my esbat. I also dedicated my new black cast iron small potbellied cauldron from Little Mysteries. It has a lid. I love my tools and can’t wait to work with them. I must exercise patience. Harvest takes place in the fall, which is not that far away.

I hope you find ways to celebrate Solstice and summer!! I felt a bounty of wonderful crackling positive energy during my Esbat. I could not see the moon. I sure felt the lunar energies. Wow!! I was sad when it was over. I did a fun spell with a citrine crystal, chamomile, and a pouch where I blended the items and wished for good things to come to me.
I wish good times and good company this Litha!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch