A stroll in Nature

Merry Meet All,

Lately I have been taking a daily stroll in the mornings on the Chain of Lakes trail. I love to go on that trail because it has changed how I start my day and I get exercise and fresh air. I feel revived by the end of the walk. I start behind Crown Drive, where I live, and walk as far as Joe Howe. I take my coffee in a thermos and just my keys. Sometimes, I go out in the evenings.

I hear the squirrels, crows, sparrows, chickadees and jays cackle up a storm. I see the insects buzzing or flying around the verdant greenery for all the pollen their wings can carry. I study the array of wild herbs, flowers and trees such as birch, maple, ash and many others.

I greet cyclists, parents and other passerby on the path. They enjoy the trail. I have seen people take roller blading lessons and even been offered free beer. Hey who can argue with that? I am so close to Superstore when I use the trail, I often walk there and back. I use that trail for many reasons. However, I have come to notice that the walk in the morning can be only that and nothing else. I mean, that some mornings I was too tired to continue the walk and wanted to take the walk home and it felt like I was cheating or not getting the full experience from it. I now know that the morning walk is meant to be a spiritual refreshing morning walk and I have to do the full walk or not bother. I can’t cheat on this and I only hurt myself. I now always finish the full walk.

One afternoon, I went on the trail up the other side and walked as far up as Chain Lake and Teletech. I walked all the way back to my place. I know how to get there now. I mainly use the trail for the morning walk and grocery shopping at Superstore.

I am glad that the City put in the trail. Maybe they do know what they’re doing. I see people from my back yard window who use the trail all day. They walk their dogs, go for their own walk, rollerblade, cycle and gossip. It is a great way to appreciate Nature, honor the God & Goddess and get exercise and fresh air. I encourage all of you to go out and enjoy Nature today.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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