Winter Solstice

Merry Meet All,

I wish everyone a happy winter solstice and merry Yule. Enjoy the season and the festive holiday this year. I hope you find everything you wanted under the Yule tree and have family and friends to enjoy it with you. The above photo shows my yule altar.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

How to Write a creative Paranormal Novel

Merry Meet All,

Currently I’m penning a paranormal novel. I won’t say what it’s about. That’s a secret for now. However, I do have some ideas on how you can create your own spooky novel that are hopefully inspiring, practical and will bring out the Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe in you.

Everyone has a different approach to their writing. People have different approaches to how they start their writing. Why not add some magic? We are talking about writing about the paranormal, aren’t we?

First, if you are serious about your writing, I recommend you buy or borrow or beg to be gifted with a few books. One, read On Writing by Stephen King. Two, On writing Horror the collection of essays by the Horror Writers Association. Three, read Writing the Paranormal Novel- Techniques and Exercises for weaving the supernatural elements into your story by Steven Harper. These books bring the paranormal (howling, moaning, screaming or vamping into your novel.) Within this genre, there is more freedom to create what you want whether that be a sparkly vampire, toothy werewolf or chain rattling ghost.

After you read these books three or four more times, highlight the advice and memorize it. Incorporate the excellent advice into your writing immediately after because in order for a good story about a ghoul of choice to be believed, it has to be believable and written well. All stories benefit from good writing. Buy a new set of highlighters, pens, white out, a binder, paper and a fresh bag of coffee. Do what it takes to make you commit to the writing for the long haul.

Clean your writing/ office space. Light some sage and clean the energy to allow for the creative energies to flow unimpeded. Light a candle or incense. Play music that inspires you as you create your ghoul or axe-wielding maniac. Create a special playlist and soundtrack. Know your monster! make it consistent and believable.

Use tarot cards for inspiration. Keep them nearby when writing for ideas on how to write your story. I used four different cards of death from four different tarot packs and was able to create more dramatic scenes from the images, symbols and meanings of the cards.

Reach without any hesitation into the deepest darkest part of your imagination. Free write a scene of confrontation between your protagonist and your monster. These days your Frankenstein so to speak, needs to be ORIGINAL. Everything in the paranormal novel has been done … or has it? That part is up to you. It must be original. If you are seeking more inspiration, read the paper. Clip and keep newspaper articles.

But by allowing yourself to imagine, you may invent something that no one has done before. That is a huge advantage in the field of writing and publishing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. It might spark an idea or two and you would then be on your way to writing a gothic novel like Northanger Abbey or something like the Pit and the Pendulum by Poe.

Good Luck!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

Yule is approaching. Are you excited? I already have a tiny fake tree decorated, decorations put around my house and plan to do some delicious baking soon. Yule is a celebration of the light at the time of the winter solstice. In the Northern hemisphere, it falls on December 20-22.

The nip is in the air and while not much snow has fallen, it can be fun to decorate your altar. I bought a lovely sheer white meter of fabric with reversible silver and gold snowflakes decorating it. Add silver and gold candles on your altar. Add sparkle and symbols that represent the winter solstice, a snow candle and perhaps solar symbols, evergreen boughs, springs of green holly, pinecones, a Yule log reindeer. Mistletoe and snowflakes add some wintry magic. Burn some scented essential oils associated with Yule such as pine, peppermint, cinnamon and clove. They put you in the spirit for Yule. Every Yule, I play songs from the Nutcracker soundtrack.

Consider using a fake tree for Yule. Why hurt a real tree? Thousands of trees are wasted for Christmas/ Yule. A fake tree can be reused every Yule. Be careful how you toss out the gift wrap. It ends up in landfill. Get an organic turkey or chicken and avoid consuming the harsh chemicals that are injected and force fed into the chickens on those farms where they are tortured. Why would you want a part in that? If you buy a non organic chicken, that’s what you get.

To avoid the rush of Boxing Day, and standing in line for a long time, if you bought someone a gift that they really are not in love with, consider buying one gift for that loved one that they really want in their heart. This means really paying attention to that person. Likewise, you might get one gift that you desperately wanted. It is better than ten little gifts that do not enhance, beautify or truly signify something to you. Support the local market and avoid buying items from America or China. There is ample products that can be bought locally and it adds to our local economy.

Hold a Yule log ceremony, a cleansing ceremony, and a welcoming back the sun ceremony for Yule. More information can be found on about Yule and how to enjoy it.

Have a magickal Yule!
Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch

Kindness to Animals

Merry Meet All,

There was a story recently in the Halifax MetroNews newspaper that shocked me to my core. The story told of a man who in a drunken rage, beat a cat to death. The blood covered the walls of the closet. A neighboring tenant heard the screams and phoned the superintendent. By then, it was too late. The cat was dead. The man’s girlfriend was at work. In the end, the man hid the cat under a bag in the closet.

I have not heard whether the woman is going to press charges. I know what I would have done. I would have pressed charges, punched him in the face and dumped him right then and left with my belongings and the cat. I mean, he is a danger to be with if he can kill something and not restrain himself. I phoned the Animal Cruelty and the police. I finally managed to get the editor’s email address who might know something more about the fate of the cat and whether the woman pressed charges. If she was smart, she would leave him. It is only a matter of time before he harms her, too.

I own a pet cat and harm is the last thing on my mind when I see her. I love my cat and would never leave her in such a person’s care. I have a cat sitter who I can trust with my life. I don’t know what the woman was thinking, unless he hid his behavior from her. The secret is exposed now. I did notice that MetroNews put in a happy story about a polydactyl cat that has 26 toes.

Let’s all take a stand against animal cruelty. I am fortunate to have such strong intuition. I can sense immediately if a person is good or not and can be trusted with something I love dearly. I would never have left that cat with a man who flies into drunken rages. The poor cat suffered terribly and is in Truro for a necropsy. The woman did not have a close connection with her pet or she would have known something was wrong. I don’t know what passes some people’s minds. Intuition can be developed to be strong to help people in life. I have seen people let their cats roam outdoors then to find later the cat hit by a car. I never let the cat outdoors. It robs a cat of a healthy, longer life.

So love your indoor cats! I just gave my sweet kitty a big tummy rub! Long live cats!
Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

Do you ever get the creepy feeling there is something behind you or that you are being watched? Today I am going to blog about ghosts. I am fascinated with ghosts. Indeed, ghosts have intrigued people since time immemorial. What is it about ghosts that is so interesting?

I think it is because they represent the unknown, and that is frightening to most people. We have charted the seas, the stars, and the rest of the earth and our galaxy and beyond. The hardest place to conquer for us yet though that we all cannot ultimately escape is death. Death is the unknown and has remained unknown to us. It is hard to say what it is like, or what happens to us because it is so hard to come back and report the experience. A few have experienced near death experiences and are changed forever. That is for the few.

For the rest of us, death remains unknown. Ghosts however, are about the other side. They have died and in that, have accomplished death. The soul has endured and the flesh is no longer necessary. This is my perspective and it is not carved in stone. It is hard to talk to a ghost and find out what it thinks about death. Mediums and psychics are able to connect with earthbound spirits. The majority of ghosts are earthbound spirits that wander the earth for eternity. I think that is a rather bleak future for eternity. We can’t say whether there is a light that spirits cross over into. I haven’t seen it yet.

Some spirits or ghosts may remain on the earthly plane because they are attached to an area, whether that be a battlefield or a home. There may have been a tragic event that pins them to the place’s energy. These spirits may require the aid of mediums or may be trapped to the energy of a place.

Some earthbound spirits are of a lower energy. They may have a dark energy and/or aura. These spirits feed on the energy of whatever is around them, preferably people. I have encountered this and I was unfortunately frightened, which benefitted the spirit, not me. If you have this happen to you, be brave. I know that now. Bravery is best. A ghost cannot actually harm you. They may cause things to move but cannot harm you.

Ghosts may not be that frightening. They do deserve respect. The movie Poltergeist is partly about the ghosts unleashing revenge on the family’s home being built over graves. Bad idea. Profit over peace of ghosts? There might be many graves covered over or destroyed and suburbs built over them. The people who live in those homes may not all be experiencing a haunting to that level, but it is still good to be respectful.

I said earlier that some ghosts could be attached to an area’s energy. I lived in a supposedly haunted home for years. The home was Victorian in style, which didn’t help matters, at least with me. The eerie green stone on the fireplace and the goat head seemed remniscient of the Exorcist. Same with the green door with the small black handle in the servant’s room. Then if that wasn’t enough, in the servant’s room were a low ceiling for people who weren’t tall and made you stoop down. The room was HOT in the summer and FREEZING in the winter. There were no windows in the room. The little black handle took strength to close and open. It slammed shut on a few occasions of its own accord. I leave it to your imagination.

Many other things occurred in that house. We felt watched, heard knockings at night, whispers, saw small falling lights, objects rolled in an unusual way, cupboard doors opened and closed, voices hushed when I opened the door to the CREEPY basement, we felt chased up the stairs to the main level from the basement, the bathtub faucets turned on by itself. Once I heard drumming but there was no drummer in sight. The servant’s door opened and closed by itself. The creepiest was when I was a little younger and I would be wide awake, very still and feel all my hair on my body stand on end as I would listen all night long to sounds when I knew my family was in bed. I heard footsteps go up and down the stairs at night. I saw faces on my posters on my wall. A voice told me to never come up to the attic. I told the ghost, “You’ve got a deal.” Indeed, I had to be almost paid to ever enter the attic. Our dog then Ozzie would stare at something we couldn’t see. I leave it to your imagination.

People often want to convince themselves that there are spirits present. We are capable of scaring ourselves more than any spirits. It is important to be grounded and centered and realistic to determine whether ghosts are present. The taps or steps might just need repair.

If there is a ghost, then say ‘Hello ghost’ and be on your way. I have the ability to sense energies and yes, ghosts but most of them do not and cannot harm you. Good thing to remember.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


Merry Meet All,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been busy with things lately. Life gets in the way.

Today I am going to talk about being organic. It is becoming more and more important to me. I am rejecting the non organic foods and other products in the stores. I use organic cotton sheets, organic clothing, and I eat organic food. I am making this choice in my life for the following reasons.

I want to help the environment. I feel better when I know I have made the right choice. We are all getting what we want but at what price? There is always a price. However, I have a conscience. I have chosen to make the right choice. I want to help my health. My health is improved since I have been eating organic food. I want to inspire others to be more organic and make the choice to be more earth-friendly. Mother Earth is being treated terribly for the price we are forcing her to pay for our greed and over consumption of her finite resources. I believe that what happened in Japan was Nature fighting back. You can go ahead and say I”m wrong and you’re entitled to it. Nature does fight back. I’m rooting for her and hope I am not alone in my mission. My cat gets a special grain free organic food diet. I’ve heard people mention her fur is shinier.

Organic cannot be a fad. It must be a commitment in our daily lives and philosophy. If we are out camping, it means not tossing cigarettes on the ground, putting out the fire, and disposing of chemicals in a safe way. We can’t expect the earth to absorb our manmade poisons, especially if the camping site was pristine before people arrived.

There was a time years ago when I would have screamed if I heard the word organic one more time. Now I have researched what it is about and I understand. It is as if a veil is parted from my eyes. I wish we all had that veil lifted to the true evils of the global corporations who believe the earth will continue to produce to meet selfish needs. We all need to dramatically change our lifestyles to save the earth. Or we will have nothing left and what will we do then?

David Suzuki said we all needed to die to save the planet. I agree with him. No other race or species has driven the earth and the human race to a doom so fast in history. After all the earth has given us, it is a fit sacrifice. There is no other planet that can support life to this magnitude. The human race needs to grow up and care for our Earth Mother. It is time to ask ourselves what are we willing to sacrifice for our Earth Mother?

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch