Merry Meet All,

Dear Readers, get your gardening gloves on! Summer Solstice is a few days away. New Moon lands on the night before. This is very auspicious. Solstice is a time of celebration. It was tradition to hold feasts and enjoy dancing. Huge wooden wheels that represented the Sun were set on fire, imitating the movement of the Sun. On that day, the Sun enters Cancer.

Solstice bonfires were lit in many areas. Mugwort and vervain were tossed into the fire. Ceremonies to honor the Solstice took place inside stone circles. Women wore garlands of fresh flowers in their hair.

Celebrate the Solstice as our ancestors did by taking time to care for your garden, wearing a wreath of flowers in your hair, and offer a libation for the spirits of the natural world. Ask the fae to protect your plants. Grow plants that attract bees. Grow organic plants and don’t overuse pesticides or avoid them altogether. Give the beneficial insects a chance. Swap plants with your friends. Add statues to your garden. Be sure to water and fertilize your garden.

Dress your altar with a seasonally appropriate altar cloth. Hold a ritual indoors or out to honor the Solstice. Dress up and light citronella candles to keep away the mosquitoes if you are performing outdoors. Invite friends to hold the ritual with you. Put a green crystal like moss agate or fluorite on your altar. Empower the crystals with energy. Create a sun-wheel from clay and hang it near your altar. Add flowers and herbs to your altar as offerings. Put out faded herbs that you stored all year to your garden and let the earth compost them.

If you live within the Halifax metro area, remember to attend the Solstice Sabbat Sale on June 20, 2012. Be outdoors as much as you can and have a wonderful Summer Solstice.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch