The Green Man

Merry Meet All,

I have recently read an excellent book entitled Walking with the Green Man: Father of the Forest, Spirit of Nature, by Dr. Bob Curran. The book is about the Green Man that has mystified humanity since the beginning of time. Since the harvest season is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to discuss the Green Man.

The Green Man is everywhere and is everything. I have been a witch for many years. I felt like I barely knew the Green Man till I came across this book that I learned what I was seeking all this time. I could not put the book down.

He examines the many different cultures that honor the Green Man from early Man to African shamans. I would say this is a book that needs to be read twice. There is so much information packed in it. The book is beautifully illustrated with artwork of the Green Man throughout the book. This book stands out from other books about the Green Man because it does not just focus on the art of the Green Man found on architecture, it goes into detail about the Green Man himself. It is the book I was looking for for that reason.

Curran explores the significance of the Green Man in the medieval world to its development in the modern world. He explores the appeal of the Green Man to the ancient world to the modern time. He includes Robin Hood, demigods such as Herne the Hunter, from the King of the Woods to the Jack in the Green. Curran explores the interconnection of Man and Nature throughout history.

I will add this book to my collection. I have finally put the pieces together. It is easy to find information in depth about Goddesses. When it comes to info about the God, I find very little. The Green Man transcends cultures and time. Cernunnos, Dionysius or Pan. The Goddess and the God are intended to be interconnected. If that were so, why should it be so hard to find reliable scholarship about the Green Man.

Hail the God! He sacrifices himself for the harvest to feed the many to ensure a good harvest. The Oak King falls to open the way for the Holly King. The cold winter will soon stretch before us.

Lady Spiderwitch<

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