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The Dark side of Paypal

Merry Meet All,

People are preparing for the holidays. For many of you, that means shopping for your loved ones. But hold on a second, before you click to Paypal and sign away all your information, read this first.

Paypal is a scam. I should know. It happened to me. I ordered an item from Azure Green, a pentagram cookie stamp, and I found out that extra money was taken from my account that I did not authorize. The matter is sorted out now but I want to warn people that this does happen. Paypal is connected to a lot of pagan/ metaphysical online shops. Beware of money disappearing from your bank account that you were unaware of.

The item I purchased was a pentagram cookie stamp. The total cost was under $20.00.
They took $30.00 from my account. My account was overdrawn $26.00 and then a $10.00 overdraft charge on top of that then $12.00 fee to put a stop payment account for the $30 Paypal took from my account. If you add that all up, it totals to: $48.00, nowhere near what I originally intended to pay. I also have to renew the stop payment in three months to keep them from taking money to my account. This could happen to you. It might already be happening.

I suggest people either cancel their accounts, withdraw their hard-earned funds, and run for the hills. Keep a hawk eye on all activities with your bank accounts and keep a desktop and paper file for your transactions with Paypal. This allows you to keep track of everything and then you will have evidence of any transactions that were unauthorized by you.

Be warned, dear witches, of where you slap down your plastic or which button you press online. With one click of the mouse, your money could disappear. Guard your dollars well. Have a dragon or two to breathe fire on Paypal should they be eager to come peddling to your door.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Snow Moon of November

Merry Meet All,

The Full Moon is tomorrow night. She will shine bright as a star in the winter sky. I am looking forward to the Full Moon. I hope you all are, too. This Full moon is known as the Mourning Moon and Snow Moon. In early Celtic society, November marked the beginning of the new year.

The colors are grays and blues, and lapis lazuli, turquoise, and topaz stones. The gods that correspond to this moon are Bastet, Isis, Kali, and Hecate. The herbs that correspond are thistle, betony, verbena, and fennel. The Element is Water.

Focus on relieving yourself of any baggage. This allows you to focus on the joy of the future. Do a ritual to release the accumulated baggage. Burn some incense in your cauldron and write what you wish to be rid of on a piece of paper, then burn the paper in your cauldron, and cast the ashes outside. Focus then on what you hope to attract in the coming year.

It is still Samhain, though Winter Solstice is around the corner. Now is the time to make plans for how you plan to celebrate the solstice. I will post lots of ideas for you to get started.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Merry Meet All,

This post is different from yesterday’s lighthearted post about guinea pigs. I live in a strange society. Americans were thankful on Thanksgiving for the bounty they recieved from the gods. On Black Friday, they tore through the aisles of stores everywhere. People are fascinated by zombies and still repelled by Death. They try to delay old age, using creams and surgeries. Maybe we are not meant to be living to a certain age. Certainly we are not meant to be denying age and change in our bodies.

I do not like zombies. But lots of other people do. Movies have been made about zombies attacking innocent people. I don’t watch those movies but the movies are popular with many people. Zombies, like ghosts, represent death in a way. They embody death. But women flock to counters in department stores for face creams that guarantee to make them look young to deny age.

Death is inevitable. It will happen eventually. It is “a natural part of life, one that we all must take.” (Gandalf, Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien.) I agree with this. But for all that we have explored deep space, the oceans, and galaxies, death remains to us an enigma, a mystery, the last unexplored frontier. We cannot all experience death and then return to report what it is like. It is final. It is death’s finality that freaks people out and makes them turn to surgeries and the creams, etc.

I saw the first snowflakes of the season yesterday. Winter is upon us. This is the time of the Crone. The Crone who does not fear death, she represents Death itself. But the Crone in our society is overlooked, pushed aside, and forgotten. A different god is honored now- the gods of the cosmetic surgeries who are earning millions of the vulnerabilities of women. Not all women use the creams but many do. We have forgotten much. I know some women in a coven who are older and experienced in life and seem to know and handle so much, they consistently surprise me. That is the essence of being the Crone- a sagacity that was hard earned. It must be valued though, not just by her, but by people.

We need to listen to her secrets, whispered on the wind, and in our ears. We need to listen inside our hearts and listen as a collective. Winter is the time to turn inward and in hibernation, take time to do the things we didn’t get done this fall, to reflect on what we have accomplished, and how we have changed and grown over the last year. We can decide what we should do new for the coming year. Then we will truly grow and develop.

That time will come. Everything will change. The next turn of the Wheel of the Year is Imbolc. The time of the Maiden and the first early stirrings of spring. We must weather this time of winter and the long cold stretch before us. Let us hope we weather it as the Crone would, made of steel and grace.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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The Magic of Guinea Pigs

Merry Meet All,

I know that cats, toads, and bats have traditionally been the typical animal familiars for Witches. However, I want to add guinea pigs to the time-honored tradition. Yes, guinea pigs. Before anyone says otherwise, let me tell you why I think they make great animal familiars-and pets.

Guinea pigs are adorable and intelligent. They are extremely intuitive creatures and highly inquisitive with an amazing vocabulary-and appetite. That seems to do it for me. They can be trained and can share a psychic bond with their owners. At least, I can always have a psychic bond with the animals I have been around. Yup, they make great animal familiars.

I have over ten years experience with these amazing animals. They flourish when they are well treated because guinea pigs, or cavies, as they are also known, flourish when there is more than one guinea pig. They do like to fight it out first so some supervision is required. They will play in hutches on the grass in warm weather.

Once I had a guinea pig named Minerva. Minerva lived with me for seven years. One time, my sister’s first born daughter was crying and Minerva jumped up on her paws in concern. She knew the baby was crying. Imagine that.

You will know you have a strong psychic connection when you psychically receive a message that something is amiss when you are away from home, or as soon as you open the door, your piggy squeaks in delight that his/her servant has returned to duty! A quick glance at the array of shavings on the floor and the excited squeaks due to an empty food bowl. See, guinea pigs go on stampedes in their cages. They adjust their shavings to how they want it. Pay attention to the sounds they make, whether it is a deep rumbling purr which connotes territorial threats or contentment. High shrill squeaks can suggest either joy, as guinea pigs cannot restrain joy, or you opened your fridge door. That does not require your intuition, just common sense. But they can communicate.

Now, sometimes guinea pigs arrive in their new loving homes with health conditions. You have to research what they should and should not eat. Fortunately, most of the urinary tract infections, eye catarracts, and other illnesses are treatable. If you regularly feed them a healthy variety of organic veggies and greens, they should be fine. They should live in a spotless, clean cage with fresh shavings and their water bottle refilled. Let them explore the household and if you own two cavies, they will follow out of curiosity in single file. They only need baths if they are dirty.

When guinea pigs know you and your routine, you can develop a strong bond. But no two guinea pigs are alike. They each have their own personalities. My guinea pig Twotone never ran off the carpet, one was the most gentle and quiet guinea pig I ever knew, and Ophelia ran up my arm to perch on my shoulder. They each have their quirks and personaliites.

Guinea pigs are great pets. They have an innocence the world is seriously lacking in. It is worth the trouble to have such inquisitive, intelligent, and playful critters for pets. I hope you find a great guinea pig for an animal familiar and that these critters bring you lots of happiness. According to me and to all cavies, they make great animal familiars and pets.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Merry Meet All,

Yule is around the corner. The Wheel of the Year will turn again. Yule, or Winter Solstice, brings family and friends together for festive celebrations. I have an exciting bunch of posts lined up for Yule. You will learn about Yule lore, traditions, deities, how to make a Yule stocking and ornaments for your tree, and lots of recipes to share for your holiday baking. The stores are stocked with tempting holiday stuff but you don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable holiday.

So stay tuned for more yule themed posts. You will be prepared!

Samhain is still upon us. I updated my post on the review of books by Steve Vernon, local master storyteller. If you are interested, you can check that out.

Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch


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Merry Meet All,

Sorry for the lack in posting lately. I have been under a lot of stress and have had to take care of things. Life gets in the way sometimes. Now everything is okay. It has forced me to do a great deal of thinking about energy-the flow of energy.

My sage plant is a great example. It sits high and proud in its pretty plant holder when it is quenched. It drags and wilts when it needs watering. After I water the plant, I can practically watch the sage plant come to life. The sage plant graces my windowsill. I watered the plant this morning and the plant looks great now.

Lately I have had a hard time affording food. It was so bad I had to turn to a person I know for help. During this hard time, which is soon coming to an end, thankfully, I felt a serious heavy block of energy. I did not want to do anything and I felt I was up against a brick wall. Well with persistence, I put a dent in the brick wall. I am speaking metaphorically. I felt like my sage plant in need of watering.

When I felt the seriously restricting energy, (the brick wall), it was all I could do to function and remain positive. There are some people who do not have to worry about affording food. But most people do have to worry about affording food. I know it is great to own smudge sticks and beautiful gemstones. A person still has to attend to the mundane matters to stay alive or the gemstones are useless. Yes I know it’s not fun, but taking care of mundane matters keeps you alive.

When you are in a similar situation, try to remain positive. Water your plants, go for a walk, study the sun shining on autumn leaves, take your pet for a walk. Small blessings surround us and it is up to us to notice them. You will feel your own good energy rise. I have a problem with some who say, “Hey what you just said was negative.” To me, that sounds judgemental. I do not think it is good to judge someone who is going through a truly hard time. I hear it all the time. Yet I stil have empathy for those who go through a similar situation as I did.

I take ownership for my energy. I own the job. I am responsible for my energy. Other people are responsible for their energy. We all share energy and we are responsible for it. Yes, there are those who seek to make you miserable, like the lady who yelled at me for not sharing the seat at the bus shelter today. I never intended to offend her. But she thought I was trying to offend her. Well sometimes, you can’t change a person’s mind. She owns her energy. You have to discern which energy is yours and what isn’t, and what is worth spending your energy on.

Protect yourself. A labradorite crystal is a good one to carry on your person. It will help shield you. Own your energy and know what to spend your energy on. The path to protect yourself and be happy will be clearer for you once you discern how to spend your energies.

May the Goddess bless you.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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The Tools of a Witch- Part Two of Shields Up

Merry Meet All,

In the recent post, I posted about why it is important to shield yourself when dealing with spirits and ghosts. This entry will cover the herbs, gemstones, and other tools you will need for shielding.


Tiger’s eye
Smoky quartz
Black Tourmaline

These crystals strengthen and shield your aura, not only from spirits, but from people too. If you board a bus feeling wonderful, then exit feeling awful, bring one of these crystals and you will be protected.



These herbs can be used for protection. You can burn them, make them into a smudge stick, or use as an oil or in bathing. The energy of the herbs will shield you.


Tripod stands
Seashells to hold burning herbs
Charcoal discs
Sand or salt
Charcoal discs
Candle Holders
Wick Trimmers

These tools aid you in creating a protective space around yourself. They do not need to be overly ornate or expensive. You may already have them in your home. If you care for them, these tools will serve you well. They absorb the energies on your altar.

I hope you find this helpful. I have just finished reading The Hobbit and now can’t wait for the movie to come out.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Shields Up

Merry Meet All,

I have been talking about ghost stories, how to celebrate Samhain, the different types of divination, how to channel spirit, and different types of clairvoyance. But sometimes I see it time and again that some people who are confronted by spirits, good or bad spirits, do not know how to shield themselves properly.

That is what I am going to talk about today. A warrior does not enter battle without a knowledge of weaponry and how to wield those weapons. You should know how to protect yourself. Eventually if you practice often enough, it will become automatic, as easy as riding a bike.

It is easy to do. Or rather, easier said than done. When I feel a certain energy coming towards me, if I am alone, I think “Shields Up!” and in no time, I am protected. You can try imagining a spiderweb, a cocoon, a cave, a turtle shell, the interior of a gemstone like flourite. Whatever feels right and comfortable for you. Your shield or psychic private space can be anything you want to be, even the inside of a coconut shell if you want. If you feel safe within your sacred space, then that is what matters.

If you are always shielded, you may never channel or communicate with spirits at all. If you are well shielded, you will be protected from their energies and the energies of unwelcome spirits. There has to be a delicate balance. This takes practice and time to master. You do not want to be so closed off you can’t sense anything at all. That is why shielding is important but being open to spirits at the same time.

Another important aspect is knowing which energy is yours and which energy you can cast off. Here is an example. When I went to the Five Fishermen restaurant, the ghosts approached me, delighted that a medium was aware of them. They hounded and watched me the entire time I was upstairs. But I did not take that energy home with me. I knew how to shield myself, much to the frustration of the spirits and yet much to the relief of the employee. The employee who gave me the tour did not know how to shield himself. I shared some techniques with him. I did not own that energy and I did not take it home with me. Imagine it being like wrapping powerful angel wings around yourself. You do not let in past those gorgeous wings what you do not want in. You only welcome what energy is acceptable. The wings repel the unwanted energy. I hope this makes it clearer for you.

That is the method of shielding. It is vital to know how to shield yourself, if you are dealing with spirits. Experienced mediums can expertly shield themselves within mere minutes. Practice at it, and eventually you will too.

So let’s say, for example, that you are fortunate to live near and visit a haunted restaurant, like I was. You may not have mastered shielding yourself and you take the energy home with you. Once home, you notice you feel drained, uneasy, or your energy is “off”. What to do? There are a few things you can do. You can take a shower, you can smudge yourself and your home with sage, you can run a crystal over your body to remove negative energy, you can burn incense such as frankincense or rue- rue is psychically protective. You can meditate to banish the energy. Ground and center yourself. Imagine roots extending from your feet into the earth, and draw the energy up. Have something to eat. Food grounds you, as does beer. Plus, it tastes good. Just don’t overdo it.

The benefit of practicing to shield yourself is it gives you a confidence boost. You will feel good about yourself when you encounter something because you can be in control. Instead of something else controlling you.

Shielding yourself is an art. It is easy to do once you are used to it. Good luck in practicing how to shield yourself. You may need it if you meet a spirit.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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The Hobbit Full Length Trailer # 2 HD Enjoy!!!

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Merry Meet All,


A medium acts as a channel between the spirit and living people. The person who receives and information is the information. Some mediums enter a full trance, where the spirit temporarily takes over their body. Some mediums meditate to communicate with spirits. Mediums use automatic writing. The hand appears to move by itself to scribble words. They are being controlled by the spirit they channeled.

There are varying levels of mediumship; one example is when a spirit takes control of a medium’s voice and leaves a message. A common one is when a medium hears a message and passes the message on.

Mental mediumship

The medium mentally “hears” (clairaudience, “sees” (clairvoyance), and/or “feels” (clairsentience) messages from spirits. Mediums are aided by a spirit guide, the medium passes on information from the spirits to the querent/s.

Trance mediumship

“Trance mediumship” is known also as a part of mental mediumship. The medium enters a trance and puts ego aside to allow the spirit to communicate.

Physical mediumship

It is a manipulation of the medium’s energies and energy systems by spirits. Physical mediumship involves manifestations such as loud raps and other noises, voices, materialized objects, spirit bodies, or levitation. The medium is the source for spirit manifestations. Physical mediumship implies an effect that is manifested upon objects existing on the physical plane, like tables, ectoplasm, by means of interaction with substances derived from the spiritual plane of existence.

One type of non-physical mediumship is the channeler enters a trance, or “leaves the body”. The spirit borrows the channeler’s body, who talks through the medium. The medium’s body is catatonic. The medium’s voice completely changes. The spirit answers questions.

Let me caution you to not go overboard with mediumship and spirit communication. Mediums who are experienced know how to ground and center themselves, and never allow an evil entity or lower level earthbound spirit to totally control them. You must know how to protect yourself.

And as a treat to my faithful readers, here is the trailer for the upcoming, much anticipated movie, The Hobbit. See it in the next blog post.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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