The Magic of Guinea Pigs

Merry Meet All,

I know that cats, toads, and bats have traditionally been the typical animal familiars for Witches. However, I want to add guinea pigs to the time-honored tradition. Yes, guinea pigs. Before anyone says otherwise, let me tell you why I think they make great animal familiars-and pets.

Guinea pigs are adorable and intelligent. They are extremely intuitive creatures and highly inquisitive with an amazing vocabulary-and appetite. That seems to do it for me. They can be trained and can share a psychic bond with their owners. At least, I can always have a psychic bond with the animals I have been around. Yup, they make great animal familiars.

I have over ten years experience with these amazing animals. They flourish when they are well treated because guinea pigs, or cavies, as they are also known, flourish when there is more than one guinea pig. They do like to fight it out first so some supervision is required. They will play in hutches on the grass in warm weather.

Once I had a guinea pig named Minerva. Minerva lived with me for seven years. One time, my sister’s first born daughter was crying and Minerva jumped up on her paws in concern. She knew the baby was crying. Imagine that.

You will know you have a strong psychic connection when you psychically receive a message that something is amiss when you are away from home, or as soon as you open the door, your piggy squeaks in delight that his/her servant has returned to duty! A quick glance at the array of shavings on the floor and the excited squeaks due to an empty food bowl. See, guinea pigs go on stampedes in their cages. They adjust their shavings to how they want it. Pay attention to the sounds they make, whether it is a deep rumbling purr which connotes territorial threats or contentment. High shrill squeaks can suggest either joy, as guinea pigs cannot restrain joy, or you opened your fridge door. That does not require your intuition, just common sense. But they can communicate.

Now, sometimes guinea pigs arrive in their new loving homes with health conditions. You have to research what they should and should not eat. Fortunately, most of the urinary tract infections, eye catarracts, and other illnesses are treatable. If you regularly feed them a healthy variety of organic veggies and greens, they should be fine. They should live in a spotless, clean cage with fresh shavings and their water bottle refilled. Let them explore the household and if you own two cavies, they will follow out of curiosity in single file. They only need baths if they are dirty.

When guinea pigs know you and your routine, you can develop a strong bond. But no two guinea pigs are alike. They each have their own personalities. My guinea pig Twotone never ran off the carpet, one was the most gentle and quiet guinea pig I ever knew, and Ophelia ran up my arm to perch on my shoulder. They each have their quirks and personaliites.

Guinea pigs are great pets. They have an innocence the world is seriously lacking in. It is worth the trouble to have such inquisitive, intelligent, and playful critters for pets. I hope you find a great guinea pig for an animal familiar and that these critters bring you lots of happiness. According to me and to all cavies, they make great animal familiars and pets.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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