Banishing Spell to welcome good energies for New Year

Merry Meet All,

Welcome in the new year 2013. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday. Here is a spell, while it may be late in arrival, you can still cast this spell because the moon is waning. The waning moon is the perfect time to banish unwanted energies. This spell comes in two parts.

The ideal time to cast this spell is during the waning moon and at Yule or after Yule, but leading to the new year. The aromatics to use are pine, woodruff, and rosemary. Use black and gray candles to ground the negativity and salt as a banishing component.

Call the quarters and invoke the deity or deities of your choice, depending on the path you follow or your tradition. Try saying this: “Lady of peace and light, I call to you this day from this place not a place, and this time not a time. I invite you to join me within my temple to bless this ritual of healing with your presence. Welcome, Bright Lady; Welcome, Forest Lord, so mote it be.”

Express your goal or intent for the spell. Bless and consecrate the candles for the spell to clear them of their previous negative energies to charge them for this spell. Say aloud: “I will no longer have financial trouble.” Say aloud: “I ask the great love of the cosmos, the light of the Universe, to bless and charge these components that they may be prepared and consecrated to ensure my success. Bless these ingredients, and bless my goal. These are my words. This is my will.”

Carve a symbol or words onto a black and gray candle of the area of your life in which the difficulty exists. Be thoughtful and purposeful as you carve, knowing that your intention is to banish the negative energies. Light the black candle come the dark moon, saying: “Candle burn, burn, burn; negativity turn, turn, turn; good luck return, return, return.” Here is a tip: chant that as long as you can and with much feeling. Be in contact with the candle or hold your hands near the candle. Continue chanting. Your “words are an inexhaustible source of magick.” (Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter.) He was right. The chant adds power to the spell. Say the chant with feeling.

Rub olive oil onto the candle from the bottom up to banish the energy. Continue to chant as the candles burn and let them burn all the way down. Leave them in the sink if necessary. Leave the candles to burn of their own accord and dispose of the wax outside to literally push the negativity away from yourself.

For this spell, you will use a black candle that was dipped that color. On the bottom of the candle, carve symbols of your hopes and wishes, then dab them with an essential oil. Leave the top half of the candle blank. Place a straight pin in the center (this marks the turn around point.) Light the candle saying: Negativity ends as the magickal pin bends. Negativity, destroy, I reclaim joy: As the candle burns, by and by, all energies are purified.”

Turn away from the candle and do not return until it has completely burned down. By the way, a visual alternative on this spell is to let the candle burn down to the pin then turn it over on its stand. This puts out the “negative energy,” giving more support to the represented hopes and dreams.

Collect one black candle and one candle whose color represents the area where your trouble lies. Light the candles every night for seven nights at dusk, the time of closure, saying: negativity return from whence you came, my life will ne’er be the same! Happiness and joy I now reclaim.”

Each night you do this, move the black and gray candles further and further away from the other one (slowly moving it closer to a door in your home.) On the morning of the eighth day, take the remnants of the black candle outside and let it melt in the sun, banishing that darkness with light. Dispose of the candles properly.

If there is snow outside, use some snow for the final step of the spell. Sunday is ruled by the Sun and is associated with power, leadership, authority, and success.

Scoop some snow in a spell and return to your circle, sealing the circle. Set the bowl on your altar and put your hands over the bowl of snow. With as much feeling as you can, and it helps if you say the chant, push your feelings and banish the negativity into the snow. When you are sure you are ready, cast the snow outside away from you and wash the bowl you used to cleanse the bowl of the negativity.

Closing the spell:

Say aloud: “Lady of peace, Lord of light, I thank you for your presence within my temple this day and for lending your presence and power to this ritual of healing. I honor you, my Lord and Lady, and bid you farewell. So mote it be.”

Releasing quarters:
In reverse order, the last quarter called is the first quarter called. Then say aloud: “I want to be cautious and clear of what it is I hope to banish. I hope to banish the negative energies and recent actions done by those who wished ill towards me.”

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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