Quickening Moon

Merry Meet All,

Tomorrow the Full Moon shines regally in the velvet sky. I plan to perform a full moon ritual and hope you all do too. The upcoming Full Moon is known as the Quickening moon, a time when the earth stirs beneath the snow and soil.

I cleaned my apartment up some today to welcome in the cleansing energies of early spring. Cleaning a home is a great way to embrace spring. Soon, snowdrops and crocuses will emerge from the stubborn soil and grace my garden.

When you cast your lunar esbat, concentrate on honouring the return of spring. Plan your garden and write out what you plan to accomplish this spring. Light a candle at your altar. Put the piece of paper beneath the candle or inscribe your wishes onto the candle and add a sigil such as a rune. Burn the candle and know that your plans or wishes are sent to the Universe. Check it out in August to revisit your goal and check your progress. Burn incense and chant as you visualize your goal:

Constant Moon,
Quicken my heart,
Quicken my blood,
This is the start.

– Ember Start.

I wish you a memorable lunar esbat.

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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