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Ashes and Healing

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for not posting lately. For a few days, I was out of town. I visited my family in Pleasant Bay. I had the most wonderful and the most sad time. The good news first. Aside from the monumental task of babysitting my niece and nephew. I also returned to my home roots.

The land in the family dates back to my great-great-great-great grandparents. We are keeping the land in the family. The rhubarb in the garden dates back generations, too, no word of lie.

My spirit is refreshed. I was lost in the natural wilds of the northern tip of Cape Breton. Eagles fly, coyotes and foxes roam, mice gnaw on the walls, and whales frolic in the ocean. The mountains hug the shorelines. The black flies are vicious. I had quite an adventure. My Mother fell through the step of the Spinning Jenny cabin. I wandered through the ancient woods. I never saw a moose but we had a resident dog for company. His name is Trooper. Here is his photo:

He’s a cutie! Now the sad part. On Friday night, when the moon waxed and was full, I cast a circle for an Esbat. I traced a circle in the soil in my sister’s garden. I could not light a match because the wind was strong. I was not meant to have fire energy. (I lit my cauldron the next morning.) I welcomed the Elements, which were obviously present, and invoked the Goddess. The point of the ritual was to scatter my grandfather’s ashes. He was born in Pleasant Bay in 1919. It makes sense to scatter his ashes there. He also managed the farm there and used workhorses (we once found the teeth of the workhorses in the field.) It was very emotional and powerful. I cried and literally had to force myself to scatter the ashes. It felt so final. Like I was truly saying goodbye. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I stood on that windy hilltop, and opened the box and the bag. The box had a weird energy. It is done and over with. It was emotional though. I am relieved and accepting of the fact that he is at peace.

The rest of my trip was wonderful. I ventured down to the beach and listened to the ocean waves rumbling over the rocky shore. I watched seagulls dive over the waves. It is all so magickal. I walked through the mystical woods. I am so ready to attack my ghost story now because of the time I spent there. My spirit is renewed. I feel better and happy to have spent time with my family. Everyone needs that.

I am working hard on my garden. It is beautiful and crawling with insects. Every garden does. I will keep you posted about my gardening.

Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch )o(

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Flower Moon

Merry Meet All,

The Full Moon occurs on May 25th! This would be a great time to seek blessings from the lunar Goddess to your seedlings. A lunar eclipse occurs on the same night. That adds a powerful boost to the magickal energy vibrating in the air.

To add some moon magick to your garden, consider planting silver plants that evoke lunar energy. Try mints, silver lamb’s ears, moonflower, Japanese painted fern, lungwort, dusty miller, rose campion, sedum, Silvermound Artemisia, and silver sage. Silver mound Artemisia is a Wormwood plant and has a beautiful musky smoky scent. The leaves truly are silver in colour. If you get your witchy mitts on this annual plant, do not let it go. It makes a great fragrant incense, perfect for lunar Esbats.

One suggestion: plant silver lamb’s ears at the base of an Echinacea/ purple coneflower plant. The silvery foliage compliments the tall leaves of the coneflower. Trust me, it’s beautiful. I did that in my garden.

It is now warm enough for the brave Witches/ Pagans and Wiccans to perform their rituals outdoors. Performing outdoors means that you are more in harmony with nature, can meld with the energy, and after the ritual, you and your tools gain more energy from performing outdoors. Just be careful where you perform the rituals. Trees are leafy enough now that you can also have some privacy.

The upcoming Full Moon is known as Flower Moon. Flowers are in bloom everywhere. Growing silvery plants can boost your magickal workings!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Seedling Magick

Merry Meet All,

Here is a spell to get your seeds germinating. You will require the following: A plastic ziploc bag, Kleenex, seeds, and water.

Light a candle and open the ziploc bag. Use a beeswax candle to correspond with this spell. Bees work hard flitting from flower to flower and are associated with pollination, so it does mix well with the spell. And if you plant the seeds outside, bees may visit your plants to pollinate. Wet some tissue and put the seeds from the packet into the wet tissue. Turn on the tap and put some water in the ziploc bag, if you want, but not too much. Tuck the seeds into the tissue and wrap the kleenex around the seeds. Seal the ziploc bag and place the baggie on your altar. The energy from your altar may empower your seeds to grow and blossom. Also, leave the seeds in the baggie somewhere out of direct sunlight.

After a few days have passed, check to see if the seeds have germinated. This technique is called pre-germinating and it is an excellent method to start seeds. If they haven’t, seal the bag again and replace it on your altar. After a few more days, check the seeds again. If they have, then fill some flats from a seed-tray with soil. Dampen the soil and let the muddy water drain in the kitchen sink. Once the soil settles, put a dish beneath the seed tray. Gently tear the tissue where the sprouted seed is and place the tissue and seed right in the seed flat. The tissue will compost. This avoids severely disturbing the seed. You need to be gentle as you can be. The seeds will sprout upwards and grow toward the sun.

If there are other seeds that have not yet sprouted, tuck them into the damp tissue again, place in the bag, and seal the bag again. Blow the candle out or let it extinguish itself. Tidy up the kitchen area and place the dish holding the seeds on a sunny windowsill. Thank the Goddess and God for the seeds and the bounty that will develop from the seeds.

It is a wonder of nature how a tree, a shrub, or a flower can blossom from a tiny seed. This miracle has been occurring since the dawn of time. When the seeds are allowed to grow organically, like they were meant to, the bees can pollinate the plants. The bees are endangered and we have to help them. Growing plants that attract bees helps them and helps us. We are nothing without these industrious bees and slave laborers. We may well die if they perish. They are the unsung heroes of the world.

The most magickal act I have witnessed this spring is watching my garden grow and watching seeds bloom into seedlings. It never ceases to amaze me, just how perfect nature is. The shapes, designs, and colour of the plants in my garden are beautiful. Nature is perfect and when we try to mimic that perfection, that is when the hardest fall comes. So remember this summer to walk lightly upon the earth. You will be blessed with a beautiful garden.

Here are some photos of different plants and the amazing intricate design of Nature:

My Leopard’s Bane

Dutchman’s Breeches

Euonymus Shrub

May the Goddess and God bless your seedlings and seeds.
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Spring Frost

Merry Meet All,

The May long weekend is coming up. The final frost of the cold season is coming too. If you have planted any tender herbs or flowers in your garden recently, there is still a risk of frost. Gather your cloches and/ or long sheets or tarps and secure them over your plants to protect them.

Here in the Maritimes, it is freezing cold and I could see my breath this morning. The plants that are already growing in gardens now are hardy and can bear the cold. Tend to your tender plants that are outside to ensure they survive the cold.

Good luck gardening!!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Witches in Style

Merry Meet All,

Yesterday I transferred my veggie seedlings into two large planters. It was a lot of effort and well worth it. Now the plants can grow better because the roots can reach deeper into the soil. My garden is filling up with lovely perennials. Remember to plant seeds that grow above ground during the waxing moon and to plant seeds that grow below ground during waning moon!

One trick that you can try to see if your seeds are good is to tuck the seeds into wet Kleenex and put that in a plastic ziplock bag. You have to wait till the seeds germinate. I am doing that right now with my Tulsi and lovage.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Summer Solstice in June. But that is a few weeks from now. The moon is in its waxing phase right now. The moon enters void of course and shifts into Taurus then Leo. The corresponding colour today is brown, which I find appropriate. Brown is an earthy colour and I associate brown with grounding energy and the colour of soil. The Full Moon shines on May 25th. I love celebrating Full moon. It is my favourite Esbat.

I am endeavouring to embark on a few creative projects soon. I have a gypsy clothing pattern that I plan to make soon. I also hope to make my own guinea pig tarot or occult deck. I believe guinea pigs are magickal animal familiars, just as much as the traditional animal familiars of yore. I will use card-stock and make prints of the pictures of my guinea pigs. I am also into Feng Shui and I am trying to introduce more water energy into my apartment. My apartment has a lot of earth energy but it needs to be balanced. I am also going to finish my green Arwen gown. I study pictures on Facebook and I am always amazed by the beautiful dresses and costumes witches wear. I will be busy this summer! I also, if all that isn’t enough, plan to make a witchy floor mat for my altar! I think a silver triple moon will be cool.

Here are pics of my inspiration for my costumes: (My gypsy costume)

I also found a pattern for the bewitching blouse in the photo!! I am excited!! Who says we have to be limited to jeans and sneakers?

I wish you all a wonderful Beltaine!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Fast Food Bank

Merry Meet All,

I know I’m posting twice today but I have something on my mind. As most of you know, I, like many many others, live on a limited income and I am growing my own organic veggies. I know that organic food is more expensive than fast food. This is the problem. I will tell you about my recent trip to a Food Bank and why I cannot return.

It is not a matter of pride. It is, rather, a matter of choosing one food quality over another. I will explain a bit about my background. My Mom is a master of knowledge of organic food and sustainability. She wrote a Masters thesis and taught sustainability at two Universities at a Masters level. She talked on and on about the importance of organic food. I never understood till now. She had to do a food study as part of her studies in University. I have grown accustomed to eating organic food and now it is difficult for me to eat processed food, as I can taste all the chemicals in nonorganic food.

I went to the Food Bank recently and came home with a ton of food. That was great. On the other hand, none of it was even close to organic. Now many people love organic food. Many people skirt around it and turn to what they are already familiar with- processed food. I have not eaten white bread in years. I had to donate the white bread and I forced myself to eat the rest of the processed food. I get queasy when I remember it.

I have now promised myself to adhere to choosing and consuming organic food no matter what and as well as I can. My diet is not 100 % organic but it averages 95% organic. Organic food contains considerably more nutrients than processed food. Yet most people do not want organic food, for reasons I can’t understand. They may be choosing to stick with what they are familiar with. But more and more people want organic food. I know, I visit the local farmers market which is packed with so many people there is almost standing room only.

At the Food Bank, I watched people leave with food bags heavy with processed food. I know that like me, they live on a limited income. I am sure that organic food is offered to the food banks yet it is refused. I hope that one day only organic food is sold in the grocery markets, only grown in peoples’ gardens, and is offered in food banks. I felt so sorry for those people who chose the processed food. It is a shame that there is such a limit in what people can and can’t eat. There is no nutritional value in white bread.

I submitted a proposal to a magazine to write an article on the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. While I read the health and wellness magazine, I read an article about food banks. Yes Food Banks are great and most of the time, are the only choice people have. But the underlying problem is that that food is processed. And this was in a health and wellness magazine. I won’t mention the name of the magazine here. But it seems its focus is a little off.

I am not dissing Food Banks. They are trying to do the best they can. I am simply wishing that more options were available for the people to obtain healthier food. One day that may happen. I will keep hoping and I hope things change for people to be able to afford healthier food.

As long as people keep pushing the governments, local farmers markets and grocery stores to keep supplying organic food, it will continue to be available.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Our Sacred Plants

Merry Meet All,

The moon is waxing. This is a good time to plants herbs and flowers that grow above ground. Waning moon is time to plants herbs, flowers, and vegetables that grow below ground. On Mother’s Day, I gifted my Mother with three veggie seedlings I had grown from seed. I have so many that I can afford to share my bounty. I will have an amazing harvest in the fall.

I have decided that it would be best that I grow my veggies indoors. What, you ask? Well, I have competition for my greens. That competition is raccoons, birds, and squirrels. Raccoons are determined, clever and sly. I could be sound asleep in my bed at night and they would eat all my greens. So I let out a big sigh and resolved myself to growing my veggies indoors. I did not go to this expense to give them a free salad.

My Mother gave me a big deep planter. The sprouts are outgrowing their seed flats. Soon they will be moved to the big planters and set at the same southern facing window. I have no room and not enough sunlight in my garden anyway. The garden is in the northern quarter and gets a lot of shade. My onions will grow in my garden. Nothing touches my chives and garlic chives, because of the strong flavour and scent. At least I won’t have to worry about defending my veggie greens from slugs.

I bought a comfrey seedling at the farmers market this weekend. I am excited about growing comfrey. It is a traditional witch’s herb and has many amazing healing properties. I also hope to grow lovage and holy basil in the garden. Lovage gets big and attracts beneficial insects. It has healing properties too and is good in soups. These herbs are organic, too. Holy Basil is regarded as sacred in India. It is grown near temples and is a sacred symbol in the Hindu religion. I was floored to find organic seeds at the farmers market. Tulsi has many healing benefits and is often enjoyed as a tea.

It is a good nerve tonic and can sharpen memory. This famous sacred herb can heal fevers, coughs, a sore throat, treat kidney stones and heart disorders. For a small herb, it packs some punch. Tulsi is an important herb in Ayurvedic treatments. It is known for its strong aroma and has a stringent taste. It is also known as the “elixir of life.”

I know autumn harvest is a long way off, but with all this potential bounty, I think my enthusiasm is understandable!! Good luck with your gardening and I hope you’re blessed by the God and Goddess.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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New Moon energy

Merry Meet All,

I hope you are busy tending to your seedlings. According to the zone I live in, the first full moon after June signifies the best time for planting and the danger of frost is past. My dill is growing indoors but as soon as I can, I will plant it straight in the garden. I am hedging on whether to keep my veggies indoors, because I can’t think of a way to keep raccoons away. They are clever determined critters. Of course, we remove their homes and then get angry at them. Makes no sense.

Today the New Moon reigns and I am so relieved. I thought Waning Moon would be forever. That’s ridiculous, of course. The moon begins in Taurus and moves to Gemini by this afternoon. Gemini makes room for lighthearted fun and new ideas. This would be a good time to begin new projects- like working on your indoor or outdoor garden. I am reading Kate West’s The Real Witches Garden book and it suggests fantastic ways to make your garden magickal. Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

I have found a new use for milk or cream cartons. I cut the carton, poke a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage, rinse it out and let it dry. Once dry, I add soil to the carton. I use a fork to remove the seedling from the seed flat carefully. I do not want to harm the tender roots. I settle the seedling into the carton, allowing the plant to have room to grow stronger roots. Don’t throw your cartons out. They make good seedling holders. Place a crystal in the bottom of the carton to keep the soil from falling out. The crystal’s vibrations might help the plants grow. The crystals that correspond would be clear quartz, amethyst, and flourite. I put moss green agate in my garden once but I found it did not help the plants grow. Remember to water and fertilize the plants. I use organic Neptune’s Harvest fish emulsion. I also added cold coffee to my tomato seedling. The nitrogen in the coffee helps it to grow but I will stop adding cold coffee once it flowers. The nitrogen stops aiding the plant after that.

Mother’s Day is coming up. Have you all thought of some gifts to let your Mother know she’s appreciated? I plan to gift my Mom with some of my veggie seedlings. I planted too many and can now give some as gifts. If you plan to make some natural beauty products and give those as gifts, here is a link for how to make them.

Good luck with growing your herbs and flowers or vegetables this summer!! I wish you the very best. Happy planting.

Blessed Be,
lady Spiderwitch

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An indoor organic vegetable garden

Merry Meet All,

Here are some tips to inspire and energize you for growing seedlings. Think you can’t have an organic indoor veggie garden, at least for growing seeds into seedlings? Think again.

If you have been following my indoor garden veggie salad adventure, then this will be no surprise. But I will recap for those who haven’t. I began with my trays and flats, which I sterilized before starting soil in. I also set on the seed flats in a large glass baking dish. This makes it easier to water, as I can water from below and not need to worry about water dripping everywhere. That helps plants develop strong roots and does not disrupt the tender emerging roots.

I planted the organic vegatable seeds in the mix, watered and fertilized, and set them in the flats. I also wrote down what I planted where so I could remember what I planted. I used an egg carton as well to hold seeds and soil. Now I have tiny shoots emerging and I wish i could impress upon you all just how exciting is to watch them grow. The seeds receive tons of sunlight and a breeze from the open window.

As an extra, I cut a bit off from the bottom end of a scallion and stuck that in some soil. The scallion roots took hold and the scallion is now a few inches high. I also sliced off an inch or two from the top of a carrot and suspended the carrot top in a bowl of water. Tiny carrot tops now reach for the sun.

I started a tomato plant from seed this spring too. I fermented the seeds and saved them in a freezer for a few days. I put the seed in soil in a Jiffy pot, left the seed in the pot in a dark corner for a few days and honestly forgot about it. I checked sometime later and removed the pot from the dark glass, and placed the seedling to grow in the sun on a windowsill.

I just transplanted my tomato seedling into a recycled milk carton. I cut the milk carton in half, cut a hole in the bottom for drainage, added a clear quartz crystal to stop the soil from spilling out, + moistened the potting mix. I dug out the tomato seedling from the Jiffy pot with a fork, and planted it carefully in the milk carton, nestling it securely in the damp soil. I fertilized it with my organic Neptune’s harvest fish emulsion fertilizer, and some stuff that encourages deep root growth, and set the carton on the tray with the other seedlings. Now the tomato plant can grow strong roots. This is important so it can grow healthy ripe tomatoes. This may all seem like a lot of effort at first, but it is all vitally important for the plant. There is lots of room in the milk carton for the roots to form.

The tomato transplant is shown in the milk carton in the photo below:

I have turned a large glass container into a jar for compost tea for my garden. I fill it with eggshells, coffee grains, teabags. I set a plastic bag over the lid and tied an elastic to secure the plastic and keep pests out. You cannot use a glass lid or the jar will explode. The compost tea will be for my garden. I also mixed five bags of soil over my garden and fed it a healthy dose of the last of my bonemeal. The garden looks purdy with dark rich organic black soil. Plants will emerge and grow strong now.

I have an indoor veggie garden! Of course, soon the frost will pass, and I can tuck my seedlings outdoors in the large planter, where they will receive light. Their roots will have more room to grow. Of course, the bugs may want their share. I plan to set a type of protective cover over the seedlings, like chicken wire. I have planted lovage from seed and I am waiting for the lovage to germinate. Lovage looks like celery and smells more like aniseed. So it is exciting, this venture of mine. I promise to update you all regularly on how it goes. Till then, happy planting!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Spring Sprouts

Merry Meet All,

Today I can see sprouts pushing up in the soil in my seed trays. It’s fun to watch them grow. The sun is shining hard and birds chirp outside. The bright blue sky beckons me outdoors. I will answer this call, this morning is too beautiful to be stuck indoors.

I know you all had a fun Beltaine. I will be posting more here about growing our beloved organic flowers, veggies, and herbs so stay posted.

On May 10, a solar eclipse will ignite the sky. On May 13, the Celtic Tree month of Hawthorn begins. May 25 is the Full Flower Moon, a good time to ask the lunar goddesses to bless the seedlings you are growing. That is a lot to look forward to.

I wish you all a Merry Beltaine!
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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