How to make your own garden cloches and plant labels

View of my garden

Merry Meet All,

I am hard at work in my garden. I hope you are, too. Today I searched around the house for cloches. Cloches protect tender plants and seedlings from frost, damage, and pests. I found a large plastic soda bottle and cut it up to turn it into a cloche. I placed a cloche on my tender romaine lettuce seedling, my pumpkin seedling, and the poppy seedling.

Making a cloche for your seedlings is easy. You can repurpose and recycle anything in your home. You can also reuse milk cartons, empty jam jars, vases, and pop bottles. You can reuse milk cartons to make plant labels too. Turn on one end a soda pop bottle. Cut the top off of the pop bottle and avoid harming yourself by keeping the blade away from you. Rinse and wash the bottle. Remove the plastic label and then cut in half again the pop bottle. A 2-liter bottle is ideal for this project. Use the two pieces for cloches and place gently over your seedlings in your garden.

Plant labels can be made from wooden popsicle sticks and a milk carton. Find a template for a label then cut a milk carton in half based on the template. Or buy a dozen popsicle sticks from your nearest thrift/ dollar store. These are very low cost and environmentally friendly. Label each plant label and set them at appropriate spots in your garden.

With a little creativity, you can have a fruitful garden by using these creative tips. May the Goddess bless you and your garden.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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