Lammas Harvest

Merry meet all,

Are you all excited? Today marks the beginning of Lammas. Lammas is the first of the three harvest Sabbats. The Wheel of the Year turns again. The sky darkens earlier now. Fields are ripe with wheat, and gardens are ripe with vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

I shall soon reap the bounty from my garden. I have braved torrential rains and slugs to grow the peas, radishes, carrots, and shallots. Mmm I wish I could share the delicious taste of my peas from my garden. The seeds were organic. I believe that is why they are so tasty. I plan to preserve some seeds, too. My book tells me how to store seeds from over 300 plants. Good thing I have so many Mason jars.

I plan to celebrate Lammas tonight with a solitary feast. I will add what I have grown in my garden to the feast. I have chives, garlic chives, and shallots and lemon balm, bee balm, and some other culinary herbs. I would harvest the leaves of the bee balm, because the bee populations are in decline and the bees are all over the bee balm. They can’t get enough of the bee balm. Lemon balm and coneflower also grow well in my garden, but I see the bees visiting the bee balm the most. They like native brightly coloured single-petaled flowers. Bee balm attracts hummingbirds.

I am ordering organic white sage seeds, organic witch hazel seeds, and a book on how to grow and worship tulsi. I am growing organic tulsi plants, which is holy basil and is worshipped in India. The herbs are growing beautifully. I will enjoy growing and harvesting my own organic white sage plants. I will definitely be smudging with leaves from the plant. Though I often end up with more seed doing it this way, I like to begin from seed and know the seed is not poisoned with GMOs. I find I have better control and a better plant starting from seed this way. I may never buy white sage smudge sticks again, when I can create my own.

Lammas is a time of celebration and feasting. Reflect on the bounty of nature and be grateful for it. Share your celebration with friends and family. Offer a bit of your harvest to the God and Goddess as thanks for the bounty they offer and help with your gardens. Do everything you can to help bees. No bees, no plants, no harvest. So help the bees.

Enjoy the magic of Lammas
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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