Meeting animal totems on the Path


Merry meet all,

Recently a garter snake, chickadees, spiders, and a black cat visited me when I was outdoors. The chickadees enjoy the seeds from the feeder. But the garter snake is a sacred creature of the Goddess and a black cat is a traditional animal familiar of Witches. I am always on the watch for auspicious signs and you can’t get a more auspicious sign than a visit from the creatures that are the most associated with Witches. Perhaps a toad will visit me soon, too. 

Every August, spiders rule the garden here. I was outside to check on my garden before heading out on the trail. I became tangled in a spider web and the spider went down the front of my dress. I shook and freaked out and the spider crawled away on the ground. I like to fancy myself a calm and collected person when it comes to spiders. I love spiders and I never harm them. But I don’t want them crawling on my body. Spiders are symbols of patience, cunning, and are excellent predators. 

I was out on the nature trail and looked down at the ground. There, on the paved road, was a snake. I lightly tapped it with my foot and to my wonder, the snake slithered into the protective foliage. Snakes are symbols of rebirth and the oroborus. 

The black cat is a well-known anima familiar. A black cat lazed in the sun and mewed at me, enjoying the sunny weather and the cool shade under the trees. I greeted her and petted her soft head, then continued on my way. Black cats are associated with witchcraft, magic, mystery and the moon. 

These creatures are also connected to the Goddess. The Full Moon is tomorrow night. Samhain is three months from now. I take the visits from these critters to mean that I should prepare now for the Full Moon and the harvest season. I would love to hear from you if you’ve had any visits from critters in your life. It’s all right if you have pets. I would like to hear about that, too. 

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(







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