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On Crossing Stony Ground- Starhawk Retreat

Lammas Harvest

Merry meet all,

I spent a weekend in Tatamagouche at the On Crossing Stony Ground spiritual retreat with none other than the grand dame of magick, Starhawk herself. Yes she came to Nova Scotia Canada to lead a workshop on earth activism. I was in awe of her. It was an amazing weekend and I enjoyed the meditations and exercises. 

The whole weekend was amazing. I knew the weekend would be transformational. It is not often Starhawk ventures to Canada. Thank the Goddess for her Chicago flight delay. I arrived, registered, and prepared myself for a mind blowing adventure.

Starhawk encouraged us to become more passionate and caring for the state of the earth. She led us through many guided meditations and exercises, indoors and out. Once, when we did an outdoor meditation to ground ourselves, my feet tingled! We were told to extend roots from the soles of our feet down to the earth and send the energy back up to the sky. I imagined I was the tree that is frequented by chickadees at my garden. Then, indoors. we had to find a way to express the transformation. We used body language and still communicated what we wanted to show.  I loved every minute of the rituals. The ritual on Saturday night was the best and it has been a long time since I have experienced such a deep guided public ritual. 

She believes everything and everyone in the world is connected and interconnected. We do not have to fear the earth, but be the loving child and environmentally sensible earth child we all can be. She also taught us to create a goal to do to express our care for the earth and express the goal in a more positive framework. For example, instead of saying “war on drugs”, which are strong masculine words, to reframe it and use more feminine words and still make a strong statement. You have to create a different energy field and you have to create it using different symbols. She encouraged us to practice organic gardening methods which I know all about. I have posted several posts all about organic gardening. I had a good talk with her about organic gardening, which I already practice. I understood her completely. I was shocked that some of the participants ate from McDonald’s Restaurant since the entire point of the retreat was to practice and implement more earth care. Talk about hypocrisy. 

She also discussed how we need to remember ourselves. We are entitled to our magickal heritage and gifts. We all have the ability to sense auras and energies. She was so amazing, so powerful, so spiritual, and loving and clearly an experienced leader who oozed power and authority. She signed my copy of Spiral Dance! I will now be buying all her books and audio CDs. I am inspired and renewed. 

The weekend was transformational and enlightening. I hope to have such an honor and experience with her in the future again. 

The New Moon shines on September 4. Mabon lands on September 21st, the second harvest Sabbat. I hope you are all prepared for Mabon. I love Mabon. I am now blessed from that retreat and recharged. Bring the harvest on!





Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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