Imbolc Blessings


Merry meet all,

Imbolc is almost here. It is the first of the three spring Sabbats and I am excited. I can’t wait for spring. I’ve had enough of winter and I am sure I speak for many other people. I will perform a solitary ritual for myself on Imbolc. 

I will be busy this weekend. I wish you all a wonderful and memorable Imbolc. Blessed Be.


Lady Spiderwitch )O(

New Moon for Imbolc

Imbolc celebration

Merry meet all,

Tonight is the New Moon. The moon will be in Aquarius. It’s great that the New Moon occurs so close to Imbolc. Imbolc is the first of the three spring festivals. Imbolc is about new beginnings, which is what a new moon represents. 

The moon grows fuller after Imbolc. I plan to make a candle in honor of Imbolc. I want to make the candle white, and I’m gathering the supplies I’ll need. I have lots of herbs and cooking oil. I also have lots of wick and other things. I hope the candle turns out beautiful. I promise to keep you all posted. I also plan to heavily clean my apartment and erect an Imbolc-ish altar. I’m attending a public  Imbolc ritual hopefully, if all goes well. 

I’d love to hear your plans for Imbolc. Have you started your seeds and plants yet? Felt a burst of creativity? Getting excited over the increased daylight hours? You’re feeling the first stirrings of spring. I get like that too at this time of year. Winter won’t last forever. 

This year, something special is happening! The Earth Spirit Society is participating with the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. Here is a link to more information about the Interfaith Harmony Week: The Earth Spirit Society is a group that seek to learn from each other and celebrate the eight Sabbats of the year. “… a group of individuals from a mix of religious traditions and spiritual paths largely composed of neo-Pagans and eclectic individuals that work together to serve and educate our communities.” (credit). It is awesome that Earth Spirit Society has the opportunity to be connected with the Interfaith Harmony Week. It shows that positive change has been created. 

I look forward to the celebration! I will keep you posted about that as well. 


Enjoy Imbolc and the New Moon! 


Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Cleaning House for Imbolc


Merry meet all,

Did the post title grab your attention? I thought so. House work is not fun but since Imbolc is a Sabbat about cleansing and purification, I think housework should be involved too. 

The trick is to make it fun. Turn the chore into a ritual in itself. Begin by gathering all your cleaning supplies and dish gloves. Wipe your counter clean so you have a place to store them. Light a black candle for ridding your home and your sacred space of negative energy. I see my whole living space  as a sacred space. Play music to get you into the mood. Burn incense or a simmering incense mixture on your stove that corresponds with purification. Your home is your sacred space and should be treated as such. So don’t view this as a chore. You could set a timer if you are pressed for time. It makes the work go faster!

Now, you can get to work. Dust, mop, and scrub every inch of your home. Recycle and throw out the trash. Donate items to a thrift store or the Salvation Army. Wash the dishes and scrub the floors. Clean your whole apartment/ home. Burn frankincense essential oil to really give it that good clean smell. Mint and lavender are associated with cleaning. Who can resist the pure fresh scent of lemon. Your place should be feeling good and smelling great by now. Add essential oils and herbs to your dish water and mop water. 

When you are done, extinguish and toss the black candle. Let it burn down. Light a white candle to return positive energy to your home. Water your plants and feed your familiars! They will thank you! Say a prayer to your chosen kitchen witch deity or or other chosen deity for their blessings for your home and family, including pets!  Let the white candle burn down. 

Smudge your house with sage and asperge with salt and water. Draw a pentagram with your power hand over the bowl of saltwater. Say a blessing as you sprinkle the corners of your home with the saltwater. Sweep out bad energy with your besom. 

It couldn’t hurt to clean and scrub your altar too. Your home and altar area are now sparkling clean and revived with clearer energy. I hope your home feels great now. 

Now sit down on the floor to meditate in the most central spot of your home. Imagine your home filling with pure white light or energy. Imagine that to look anyway you want. Send the white light/ energy into every crack, every crevice. When you are done, open your eyes. Feel a difference? Good!

Store your cleaning tools and magickal supplies where they belong. Discard the white candle. You are now ready for an Imbolc celebration. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



Merry meet all,

I am sure you’re all excited about Imbolc! It is not far away! I wanted to talk about a book I read. It’s titled The World’s Most Haunted Places. I am a total paranormal fan and I just started a paranormal page on Facebook. Please ‘like’ my page!! I am so obsessed I just had to start a page. I plan to add way more info about the paranormal on my page, too. 

Jeff Belanger impressed me with the book. The book is in its’ second edition. He does not just scare you so bad you’ll be peeking under your bed or grow suspicious of what lurks in your closet, but, he includes the history of each place in depth. I borrowed this book from the library but I plan to add it to my library. Oh yes definitely. The ghost stories made me squirm, revolted me, horrified me. It has caused me to think that wow, vampires and werewolves aren’t the scariest creatures out there. It is the human race. You read this book and you too, will be convinced, too. Some of the stuff about how murders were done,. beheadings, huge vaults containing tons of human bones. Oy. 

I one day hope to explore the catacombs in Paris. Wow. That would be an experience. Of course, I would psychically protect myself and all that, but I want to spend some time in there. I bet it is riddled with ghosts. That’s why I want to go. 

If anyone is as fascinated with the paranormal as I am, you may want to peruse this book too. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch


The Wolf Moon of January

wolf moon 2014

Merry meet all,

Wednesday, Jan.15, tonight is the Full Moon. The cold moon of winter shines over the earth tonight. The Full Moon is in Cancer tonight, which is appropriate considering that Cancer is mutable, a water sign, and nurturing. 

The wolves will howl in the cold forests tonight. Correspondences for this month include the deep colours of the night such as silver and white, and deep blue. Use hematite for gemstone workings, and honor deities like Diana, Janus, Frey and Inanna.

Perhaps you could try a working like protecting your home and spirit. The Full Moon calls out the wolves but this could be a time for reconnecting with spirit and introspection. 

Enjoy the Full Moon

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch 


A Brighid Corn doll


Merry meet all,

You may want to make a Brighid corn doll. You can make a corn doll out of corn, wheat or corn husks. Dress up the corn doll in spring colours.

To make this simple doll, use fresh corn husks. Husks need to be dried and softened. You will need yarn or ribbon, and some cotton balls.

Take a strip of the husk, and fold it in half. Place 2 or 3 cotton balls in the middle, and twist the husk, and tie with string to form a head. Leave some husk in the front, and below the head, to create a torso. Make a pair of arms for the doll by folding a couple of husks in half, and tie at the ends to form hands. Slip the arms between the husks that form the torso, and secure at the waist.

Arrange some more husks, upside down, around the doll’s waist. Overlap them slightly, and secure with yarn or twine. She should look like she has her skirt up over her face. Tie the waist and fold the husks down, so now her skirt comes downward. Trim the hem of the skirt to even it out. Allow the doll to completely dry.

Once the doll has dried, you can leave her plain or decorate her. Draw on a face with a marker and glue on some yarn for her hair. You can add clothing, an apron, a Brighid’s cross drawn on with a marker-whatever you choose.

Place your Brighid doll in a spot of honor for Imbolc. Place her on the hearth or in the kitchen. Ask for Brighid’s blessings in health, fertility and abundance.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Decorating your Imbolc Altar

Imbolc Blessings

Merry meet all,

Today we will look at assembling your altar for Imbolc. During Imbolc, many Wiccans and Pagans choose to honor the Celtic goddess Brighid. 

The traditional colours of Imbolc are red and white, because they are associated with Brighid. White is the pure colour of snow and red represents the fire of life and the blood of life. She also corresponds with the colour green, for the green mantle she wears and the stirrings of spring beneath the soil. Place red,white and green candles in candleholders on your altar. 

Your altar decor can reflect the theme of Imbolc. You could place a statue of Brighid on your altar. Add flowers such as crocuses and hyacinths to your altar. Or make a Brighid’s crown as a centrepiece with crystals and candles. 

Brighid is a Celtic Goddess so incorporate a Celtic theme on your altar too. Add a Brighid’s cross made from raffia or yarn. You could use cauldrons, chalices, anvils and cows or sheep. Place a book of poetry, flowers, and faeries on your altar. 

Share your Imbolc altar with the blog. Feel free to include photos!!

Here is how I decorated my altar. I posted this on 

What’s On My Altar 

A cauldron, a solar sun symbol, a green, red + white candle, a hammer, two Brighid’s crosses, a feather, a chalice, a Brighid’s candle. These items all represent an aspect of the Goddess Brighid. Fire is her element and she is a solar deity so the solar symbol corresponds with that. The hammer is a symbol of Brighid and the Brighid’s crosses also represent her. My altar cloths are white with a red sash lying across the altar table. These colors represent the Imbolc season.

How I Celebrated Imbolc 

I attended an Imbolc Ritual to rededicate myself to the Goddess Brighid. Women of different ages and backgrounds that shared a common interest met at a friend’s house for the ceremony. We stood in a circle around the table for the ceremony.

We began the ceremony by calling the quarters or directions of air, fire, water, earth and spirit (north for earth, east for air, west for water and south for fire). This is to seek protection from unwanted energies from entering the sacred circle once cast. We lit candles on the table according to the quarter called and acknowledged that we were gathered this night to honor Brighid. We all focused on what was negative in our lives and swept the negative energies under the table with a broom. This is a symbolic action to ensure the energies are banished. Members took a turn to sweep with the broom, asking that the Goddess bless them for the coming year.

A cup of milk was offered to Brighid first, then poured into a bowl on the altar and passed round the circle to each member. The priestess said, “May Brighid lend her blessings to you this season.” Oatcakes were passed round in the same manner.

In the Dedication Ritual, each member was encouraged to ground herself and find inner peace. When we were ready, we individually expressed our dedication to the Goddess Brighid and the God of Mabon. I said: “I dedicate myself to the God and Goddess. Thank you for the blessings you have bestowed up on me this last year.” Then we closed the circle and the ritual ended. We called the quarters in the opposite direction that they were called at the beginning. If we began in the east (air) and ended in north, then we would begin with north (earth) and end with east.

Afterwards, we all joined in a feast to ground ourselves from the ceremony. We chatted and relaxed. Rituals always uplift my spirits and are a chance to release negative tensions. I feel more strongly connected and closer to the Divine Feminine after a ritual. I revere Wicca because it honors the Divine Feminine. I derive inspiration and love from the rituals, strengthening my faith and bond with the Goddess.

The other members receive something from the ritual, each in their own way, whether that is love, courage, inner strength or protection. We had all gathered to honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, worshipped by our ancestors dating back to Neolithic times. The Goddess is a symbol of the unity of all life in nature.


Tips and Tricks

  • Clean your home to release the stale energies and welcome in the early spring energies.
  • Prepare your altar for Imbolc
  • Prepare a special dish in honor of your deities.
  • Burn some wax on your candle and carve a shape of a Brighid’s cross on the candle, then add the corresponding herbs.


Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Recipes to enjoy at Imbolc

Imbolc Altar

Merry meet all,

The approaching Imbolc Sabbat is cause for celebration! I am including some recipes that you can enjoy with your family, friends and coven mates. I hope you enjoy them. 

Candied Carrots

Carrots. are important for our health. They contain beta-carotene, help in cancer prevention, and aid with night vision. They also contain essential vitamins for our health. They are also a coloured vegetable, which we also need for health. Carrots are a root vegetable of sun and fire. My guinea pig/ familiar Magic loves to eat them!!


  1. 1 lb., raw carrots, cut into 1/4′ circles
  2. 1/2 stick butte
  3. 1/4 C. Brown sugar
  4. Salt and Pepper
  5. A dash of ground ginger


Melt the butter over low heat. Once it’s melted, add the carrots, sauteeing until they get light in color. Add the sugar, and mix until dissolved. Allow the carrots to simmer over low heat for a few minutes. 

Add the salt, pepper and ginger to taste. The ginger adds zing to a sweet recipe. Serve as a side dish at a potluck. 

Bacon and Leeks


  1. 1 pound of bacon (available at a local farmers market and spare of harsh hormones and chemicals)
  2. 3 fresh leeks, chopped
  3. 1 medium onion
  4. 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  5. Salt

Fry the bacon and drain off excess fat. Remove from pan, and chop into small pieces. Return to pan, and add garlic, leeks and onions. Season with salt and pepper to taste. When the onions are clear, remove from heat and serve scooped onto warm, fresh bread. 

Here is a magick recipe for Imbolc for you 

Imbolc Incense


  1. 2 parts cedar
  2. 2 parts frankincense
  3. 1 part pine resin
  4. 1 part cinnamon
  5. 1 part orange peel
  6. 1/2 part rose petals

Add the ingredients to the mixing bowl. Measure well, and crush leaves with a mortar and pestle. Empower the ingredients with your intent. Charge the herbs with an incantation. Store the incense in a labeled, dry and sealed jar. Use within three months, so it remains charged and fresh. 


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch




Imbolc Crafts


Merry meet all,

Imbolc is usually when Witches receive an urge to be Very Creative. It is about this time of year I suddenly have to do all sorts of crafts. Brighid is the Goddess for poets and bards. 

Gather together a red and white candle that represent fire and ice. Add some corresponding herbs and blessing oil. Embellish the candles with sigils of your tradition or that correspond with the Goddess Brighid. 

Create Brighid’s crosses out of raffia or yarn. Keep them for your altar or trade with your friends or coven mates. Make a corn doll or a goddess doll out of Sculpey clay, felt or yarn. Be sure to give her a green mantle and red hair to celebrate Brighid. 

Have fun creating crafts for Imbolc. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(