Paranormal and Pagan Fiction

Dead trees pic

Merry meet all,

This blog shall focus on my writing. I am working on a novel and the novel has a pagan paranormal theme. This blog shall also focus on my other writings and books. I hope you enjoy it.

Now, curl up with a cup of herbal tea and wrap a warm blanket around you. All settled? Good. I hope you are brave. I love the paranormal. I hope yo do and that you are the brave type. Let’s get started.!

My novel is about  a grieving widow who isolates herself in a quiet fishing community but discovers her home is haunted. This may seem cliche to you. However, the melancholy ghost craves vengeance. He reeks of seaweed and mystery.  He haunts his own home and hides a powerful secret. As she probes deeper into the mystery, she runs into resistance from the townspeople, esp., one who will stop at nothing to prevent her from solving the mystery of the ghost’s death. Rosemary struggles to learn the mystery and deal with her grieving and pain.

The novel is still in the draft stage and nearing completion. I lived for years in an old Victorian house that was haunted. How cool is that? I have experienced the paranormal firsthand. I live in a cool area. Halifax’s reputation as a ‘ghost town’ is well-earned and deserved. The city prides itself on its’ spectral reputation. There is a saying here: For every wave that washes ashore, there is a ghost story. This holds true where I live. We have a haunted restaurant called The Five Fishermen and many other ghost stories about this splendid city. 


I will talk more about my ghost story and related subjects. 


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O( 


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  1. Does anyone see the orb in the bottom left side of the photo? Let me know

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