Merry meet all,

I bet you’re all wondering what all that history had to do with my modern paranormal novel? It is the background for my story. It is the backbone of my book. The photo above shows a sunset on the Cabot Trail. 

The Great Fire occurred in 1947. It is part of my inspiration for the story. The  other inspiration is my fascination and borderline obsession with the paranormal. That is another topic. Pleasant Bay is a tiny fishing community that is a perfect setting, in my opinion, for a ghost story. I like the more traditional ghost stories. I’ve read The Shining by Stephen King twice. I own the book and loved it. But the village is extraordinarily beautiful, replete with stunning lookoffs, panoramic views. The wind swept cliffs and the ancient creepy energy in the woods is perfect setting material. 

It’s  a wonder to me no one thought of it before. That may be because Pleasant Bay is 450 kms from Halifax. The pristine wilderness still attracts thousands of curious tourists annually. My sister Niki rents cottages out for people to retreat and visit and appreciate the gorgeous scenery. She must meet interesting people. 

Tomorrow I will talk more about the setting and characters. 

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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