A ghost story

Eerie Picture

Merry meet all,

A good story is populated with characters. When one of them is dead and the only one who can see him is alive, it creates a problem. The ghost in my novel is Jonathan Fraser, otherwise titled The Eldritch Ghost. He is feared by the townspeople who shun the ghost and try to forget he haunts Rosemary Bell’s home. She moves there out of grief and a need to be alone. Only she discovers she’s not quite alone. Something is odd about her idyllic home. 

Some of the townspeople know about the horrible truth which Rosemary has yet to learn. It is up to her to save the ghost and free his spirit and she risks everything in her mission. 

The historic event is true but all the characters are fictional. I love my characters and mostly, the 2 main characters who are at the heart of the story, Rosemary and Jonathan. Jonathan lives up to his title. He died at sea and everywhere he goes, he carries seaweed with him, including the scent of the sea and in the basement, he guards a terrible secret. Rosemary succeeds but she changes the town forever. These colourful characters have made writing my book very very interesting. 

The story takes place during Samhain. The veil is thinnest during that time. But Rosemary nearly runs out of time. Her own inner demons also torment her, such as her grief for Henry, her late husband, and that she is the reluctant hero. 

Hang on to learn more about the novel. Till then,

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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