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Merry meet all,

Now that we are familiar with the setting for my ghost story, I am going to take a different direction now to talk about ghosts and spirits. 

Ghosts and spirits are not the same thing. A ghost hasn’t completed a task , or died too suddenly, and hasn’t traveled to the Light or crossed over. A spirit has crossed over and reached a higher level of being. 

Ghosts stay behind for a reason. They may love someone, or have some unfinished business. The picture above was taken from the Victorian home I lived in with my Mother on Williams Street in Halifax. She has since sold the house. Only there was something about the house. What you are about to read is true. The cupboard doors opened and closed. I heard footsteps walk up and down the stairs at night. I heard fiddle music but there was no fiddler in sight. We felt chased as we ran up the basement stairs. Yes, some of these spooky events I worked into my ghost story. The weirdest thing for me though was that door. 

It was a servants’ room originally. It was stifling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. I never went up there. I can to this day count on one hand how many times I was up there. I sensed it. The green door was hard to open and close so when it opened and closed on its own, it was freaky. It did open and close on its own. Whoever the servants were years ago, they were not very tall because I stooped when I was in there. My psychic friends got headaches from being in the house. 

One night, after partying, my friends and I crashed and slept in the living room. We saw small lights falling to the floor. That was freaky. My old friend once said he sensed an elderly lady who had a grey bun in her hair waiting for someone who would never come home. Romantic, n’est pas?

Once I moved out, I felt a lot better. I am sensitive to these energies. However, in the apartment I dwell in now and have for the last 4 years, I hear things crash to the floor yet nothing has moved. Objects turn up in weird places. I get a tingling feeling on the back of my neck in the bathroom at night sometimes. 

Often ghosts leave a residual energy in a place. They are attached to it and don’t want to leave. I believe this may have been the explanation for the strange occurrences in the Victorian home. I still quickly look for a logical explanation for things first. 

After all, ghosts are a mysterious lot. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch 

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