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a sea side scene

Merry meet all,

I bought a vintage typewriter today. I had to lug it home in a torrential downpour which was no fun. I did make it home. I love the typewriter. I smudged it with sage to cleanse it of previous energies. I feel like a real writer. Typewriters are an antique today in a world of more advanced technologies. 

I want to talk about intuition. Intuition is an internal part of you that is precious. It is unique in every individual. It can be your most powerful psychic tool you have in your arsenal. It is ok to have smudge sticks, crystals, gemstones, dream catchers and wands. Intuition is your subconscious. 

It is always there, even when you are unaware. It is there in your joy and your fear. Trust me, I have always listened to my subconscious and glad that I have. That warning voice you hear when you debate with yourself to drive down a corner and don’t, then hear about an accident in that area? That was your intuition telling you. Heed it. 

You may have a premonition in a dream. Or you may sense you should avoid confronting two negative looking people and then are glad you did later. It is your warning voice, your own little Jimminy Cricket. You have to learn how to trust yourself, your subconscious. When you are creatively absorbed in a project, you allow your subconscious to emerge and you enjoy your sewing, guitar playing or gardening more. 

Trust in yourself. That is hard to do for some who are not used to it. For your psychic development, it is crucial. When I studied in my class, I had to learn to trust my instincts. If you squelch it out of fear, it will diminish. So be sure to practice. If that seems overwhelming, then try practicing it in small steps till you become accustomed. Do not take huge leaps or expect too much from yourself initially. It is ok to err. You are not flawless. Neither am I. That is ok. 

Today I accepted a ride from a stranger- the husband of the woman who was selling me the typewriter. It scared me to climb into a stranger’s car. It was pouring rain hard. He offered the ride out of kindness. Still, how did I know I would be safe. He drove to the nearest bus terminal. He never harmed me. Still… (I recommend using common sense, too.)  I sensed I would be fine once I saw the terminal. I was scared though. After all, I didn’t know the dude. 

So it can seem terrifying to try to trust in something you can’t see. Believe me, I understand. But who else will believe in you if not yourself? Right? You don’t need to dive into a stranger’s car though to prove anything. That typewriter wasn’t light. 

I smudged the typewriter with sage. I put my hands on it and tried to gain some impressions. I remember the woman was quite pregnant. I saw her in my mind’s eye. I had closed my eyes. I sensed her more than her husband. She did tell me she used it for decoration. You also have to discern from what you think are impressions and what actually are impressions. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Remember, small steps. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry meet all,

The main character, Rosemary Bell, in my novel is born with the Sight. She has the ability to see into the Otherworld. She feels awkward about her gift and doubts it until the most necessary part of the story. I won’t give it away. 

A ghost inhabits her home with her. Well it is really his home but he happily shares it with Rosemary, because of her good nature and good heart. Her mediumistic abilities aid her as she strives to sort the mystery of the ghost Jonathan’s death. 

Mediumship is defined as receiving information not normally  obtained through the five senses, or being able to channel spirit.They receive information from spirits and relay it to the people who requested it. 

Mediumship enjoyed popularity in the nineteenth century. Much like my character in my novel, I too, have a gift of clairvoyance. I can see them more than I can hear them. I am not sure if ghosts even make sounds but an appearance? Oh yeah. Well it is not a Hollywood movie worthy entrance, but you get the picture. I was trained in the Spiritual Science Fellowship Spiritual and Psychic Development levels 1,2 + 3. I graduated after eighteen weeks of intense study. And again, muck like the people in the nineteenth century. I studied at someone’s home and we all sat in a circle and learned various techniques of mediumship. I enjoyed the course. 

I once used my gift to determine what I received for Yule. I sat down and took calming breaths. Sitting comfortably in my chair, I closed my eyes and meditated on the object. My character at one point in the story uses remote viewing. Remote viewing means the practice of sensing or gaining psychic impressions of a person, object or space that is inaccessible to the normal five senses. 

As I held the heavy, unopened box in my hands. I felt the weight of the box, the texture, and the smell. I knew the gift was heavy because the box was heavy. As I gained impressions, I sensed there was more than 1 object within the box, and that they were blue, heavy candleholders from Little Mysteries. I opened the box upon receiving all of my impressions and I discovered to my own considerable awe that I was correct!! I surprised myself!

Remote viewing is but one aspect of mediumship. There are many more of them. I will post more about that here. Enjoy the Solstice

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Dark Faery Magick )O(


Merry meet all,

Today is rainy and overcast. A dark cloak falls over the city. Rain splatters the windowpanes. The trees rock from the strong wind. I love these types of days. I know I may be on my own on that one, but it screams spooky to me. 

Tonight I am off to the fairy ball, or rather, off to see the # 1 movie – Maleficent!!! I can’t wait and may even dress up. I am sure Angelina Jolie will steal the show. It’s cool that she does her own stunts. I have included the trailer for your entertainment!! Don’t piss off the Faeries!! )O(

My main character, Rosemary Bell, in my ghost novel Between the Worlds, has mediumistic abilities. She can see the veil, and part the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. She does feel between the worlds in the story. Her home is haunted by a vengeful ghost. She also grieves deeply for her own late husband, Henry. Henry doesn’t haunt her, except in her heart, but her grief is so deep it prevents her from living fully. 

I shall post more about clairvoyance on this blog. 

Watch the trailer and here are more links to read for fun!!!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry meet all,

I just got my copy of the latest issue of Witches  & Pagans magazine via snail mail. I don’t know if an owl delivered the magazine to my mailbox, but I like to tell myself that. It is more fun to think it did. Btw, the magazine was great, as it always is. 

Last night, I watched The Crow. That was an excellent movie. I saw the movie years ago and it was fun to watch again. Crows are fascinating birds. Candace Savage wrote an excellent book about crows, rooks and magpies titled Bird Brains. I own and love the book. 

Crows are viewed as messengers, and believed to carry some souls to the land of the dead. They are intelligent and cunning. They use tools, build nests, recognize people, dive bomb people, and are great hunters. They are not be messed with. 

I don’t mind crows. I have always been in the company of crows. I would find it odd to not be in a crow’s company. They even once warned me of a death. They hounded me, squawked, and followed me everywhere for a few weeks. I was unnerved and offered them gifts. No. They would not be swayed, although I am sure they liked the silvery pretties I left for them. Finally, my guinea pig Minerva passed away and they stopped their activity. I was amazed. How could the crows have known my pet would die?

Now, if the crows fly near me, I worry. Is it another auspicious sign? I have a harder time determining it all. Time will tell. We can learn much if we choose to be kind and open-minded. “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.” Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, MID-1800S. 

Now every time a crow flies nearby or caws at you from a tree’s shelter, don’t fret. Just greet the crow and keep walking. You may make a friend. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Dead trees pic

Merry Meet All,


Orbs are, according to some people, evidence of ghosts. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the existence of orbs. While orbs can be photographed, the controversy is that the orbs are dust, raindrops, or dust particles caught by the camera flash. However, I have photographed more of what I thought was orbs with my non digital camera than with my digital camera.

I have posted the photo above that I took in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Canada, while staying with family. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions about orbs. They may be dust on a photograph or they may be indeed be proof of the existence of ghosts. It is hard to say. Orbs appear in the photo.

The chances of meeting a ghost are better than other times of the year. If you are walking around during twilight, or dusk, or out on a full moon night, or walking in the woods on a misty foggy afternoon, especially old woods, you may run into a specter. The important thing to do, and let’s see if you have been paying attention to these posts, is to not panic and remain grounded and centered. Remain calm. If I have ever run into a spook, and I thought I did a few times, I knew the ghost was less interested in me than I would like to think. 99% of the ghosts are earthbound spirits and trying to find a way to the Light. I also do not think that you have to be a hugely gifted psychic to have this opportunity, but it may help.

Once at Samhain, I walked down to the lovely Armdale Rotary, to the huge lake. The full moon was shining brightly and I wanted to admire the moon. I saw a man in dark clothes and a dark aura seated on a nearby bench. When I approached him, he vanished before my eyes. I hurried home afterwards. If you see a spirit, try to communicate with it. Be respectful and calm. The ghost might be as intrigued of you as you are of the ghost. It may try to communicate with you. If you know how to send spirits to the Light, then try to do that.

Try to take photographs of the ghost. You will have to be discreet about it. Take photos while you see the spirit, which would appear as a misty form. I rarely see a ghost’s lower legs and feet. Take photos after the ghost has disappeared for comparison purposes. You are fortunate to have that experience if you do have it. Not many do.

If you can, try to document the experience. Use a voice recorder if you have one or a cell phone voice recorder. This is proof of your encounter. You might get a EVP (electric voice phenomena) recording. Also, try to invite others to share this experience with you to validate the encounter. Be patient. The ghost, if there is a ghost there, will leave and probably not return. But try your best to record and document the experience.

Your documentation should include the following:

Where it happened
When it happened (note the date and time)
The weather (if you were outdoors)
The duration of the event
Appearance of the ghost
Male or female (yes, sometimes, you can still tell)
Age and height
The posture of the ghost? Standing or sitting?
Type of clothing?
Facial expressions
Full-bodied or partial apparition
Movement of the Apparition
Did it float? Go through walls?

Consider returning later to the spot where you saw the apparition. You may see the apparition again, but do not count on it. Time is different in the supernatural realm. The apparition did not make an appointment to be there, so the spook may drift endlessly through time. Now you will know what to do if you see a ghost.


Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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How to hold a seance


Merry Meet All,

Today we are going to look at how to contact spirits, cleanse a sacred space for the ritual, and how to protect yourself.

You can start to create a safe, protected space by first physically cleaning your living space and second, setting up the ritual space. Shower or bathe to purify yourself and remove any negativity. This step opens you up to the ritual. Use Epsom salts and no soap to purify yourself for the ritual. 

Put on a protective amulet or talisman that you hold sacred. Wear a ritual robe or loose clothing. Smudge your living space with sage, frankincense, rosemary, and/ or sandalwood. Asperge the corners of your living space with saltwater. Use your besom to sweep any lingering negative energy away and open the door of your home to cast the energy away from your space. This initial step may seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it and is important. This will help you create a boundary. If you don’t go to all the work, you may end up with more trouble than you were prepared for.

If you plan to sit during the ritual or stand at an altar, you should still erect a circle or triple circle. Not all spirits are good. It is vital that you set up sacred space and a defensive boundary to shield yourself. Light a white candle and consecrate, cleanse and dedicate the candle to the purpose of the ritual. Anoint the candle with oil. Use a sturdy candleholder to support the candle. Let the candle continue to burn. The spirit may be attracted to the heat source.

It is vital that you are in a proper frame of mind. Do not perform this is if you had an argument with a spouse or neighbor. Turn off the phones. Meditate first to open your chakras, and get you in the frame of mind.

Meditate with the intent of being calm and grounded. Ground and center yourself. Put a shield around yourself. Again, all this work is to protect you. If you have a spirit guide or animal totem, ask for their guidance during this ritual. They may rescue you from trouble at the last moment.

Setup your ritual/ seance space. Use light colors. Goth black is too dark and may attract darker energies into your living space-and refuse to leave. Use the washroom before you begin. Invite a friend over to keep you company and maybe help if things get out of hand. Say a prayer, cast your circle, and meditate again. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Do not use oiuja boards. They never bring good energy. I do not believe in them and refuse to ever have one in my home. They are more trouble than they are worth.

Open your chakras. With the white candle burning, the ambient incense wafting in the air, and maybe soft music playing, and your protective shields up and cast circle, you are ready to begin. Ask for a message from a loved one/ ancestor/ deceased relative. You must concentrate on communicating with a higher energy/ positive energy. You may recieve messages from many spirits. It is better if you do this with a friend or a group of people, unless you are SURE you can handle it by yourself, at which point you must be experienced. If you attract a malevolent entity, and this may happen, in spite of your shielding and circle, send it away. Be firm. Say something like, “You are not wanted here, but we thank you for your presence. Now it is time for you to move on.” If it refuses to leave, end the seance. Recast your circle and strengthen your shields. They seek vulnerable people. Strength is the best defence. This is why it is imperative that you are careful, cast a strong circle, and know how to draw a shield around yourself long before trying something like this. 

At the end of the seance, thank the spirits and help them move on to the Light. Asking spirits to show up and give you messages and not help them to the Light is not showing respect. They need to be helped, too. So show respect and offer a prayer. Smudge your home with sage to remove the unwanted lingering energies. Open the door to symbolize their exit. Close the door and let the candle and sage die down. Ground and center yourself and be sure that your home is clear of energies. You will know, because you will feel a change in the vibrations in the room. Sit down and ground yourself with some food and a drink. Do a visualization to feel your roots reaching into the earth and drawing up energy.

Once grounded and centered, and your home space is free and clear, you should perform something to take your mind off the ritual. Go out to a movie, call a friend, or walk outside. Do not stop till you feel good. Put out the candle before leaving. Sprinkle salt on your windowsills to keep them out and pour steeped sage tea around your property to ward away negative energies.

Remember to focus on positive vibrations and Higher energy.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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House Clearing

Round the Cauldron


Merry Meet All,

A house clearing is performed to rid a home of negative energy. This is best performed when there is a great need such at a lunar esbat, removing an unwanted energy from your home, after moving in and before moving out, or after a quarrel. Quarrels can sometimes cause the residual energies to linger and negative energies to become stuck.

First, cleanse yourself of negative energy by bathing with epsom salts. The epsom salts revive you and cleanse you. Epsom salts are dehydrating so be sure to drink enough water afterwards.

Smudge yourself with sage. Put on loose, light colored, comfortable clothing and wear a protective talisman. Smudge your living space with sage. Sage is powerful and regarded as a herb of wisdom. Offer the smoke to Spirit then go to every room, waving the smoke around doorways, windows, from the attic to the basement of the house. To avoid burning yourself, keep the smudge wand in a seashell or a cauldron lightly filled with salt, sand, or rice.

You may need the following items for the house clearing. Sometimes, the smudge will suffice. It depends on the degree of intensity of the house clearing. Be in a positive grounded frame of mind. A small glass bowl of sea salt, a white candle in a candleholder, a besom, matches or a lighter and a candlesnuffer, incense such as frankincense, rosemary, and sandalwood, a large crystal and anointing oil. The anointing oil is optional.

Assemble all your materials on a large flat basket or flat surface, such as a table. Place a few drops of oil on the candle. Light the candle and the incense. Pour some salt into the bottom of the bowl. Be sure the salt will not damage the crystal. Some crystals cannot be stored in salt. Put the incense in the censer.

Focus on the broom, bowl and candle. Picture them vibrating with a clear, vibrant positive energy. Concentrate as hard as you can on white light and imagine it filtering every inch of your living space.

With the besom, sweep counterclockwise around the entire house, beginning at the front door. Continue this until you have made a circle of the entire house. As you sweep, visualize the negative energy being drawn out of your home. Chant a prayer if you feel like it. Sweep the negative energies out the door and out of the house.

Pick up the candle and incense. Walk clockwise around the inside of the house three times, letting the smoke penetrate each corner. As you do this, offer a blessing or a prayer. “I welcome positive energy into my home. No darkness may enter here,” or something to that effect. “By the power of three times three, OR earth, air, fire, and water, be gone, all unclean things!”

Place the clear quartz crystal, amethyst, or hematite, in a spot of the home to ward against negative energy. Snuff out the candle. As you are clearing your home, remember to be respectful or perform the ritual with reverence.

Clean up your tools and visualize your home filled with radiant energy. Leave the house and go for a walk. Return when refreshed. Do not be surprised if you feel the home being truly blessed by radiant energy. I smudge my living space with sage every full moon. Do what feels right for you. Good luck with the house clearing.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Ghosts, Spirits, Poltergeists Oh my !!


Merry Meet All,

In the other blog entry, I discussed the veil between the worlds. Now I am going to look at the different types of spirits you may encounter if you do hold a seance. (Remember only channel positive spirits from a higher source.)

A variety of spirits or energies are out there. It’s like looking at the different colors of a rainbow. The colors range from light to dark. Rainbows are a beautiful phenonemon.

First, there are the garden variety of ghosts. They are sometimes referred to as earthbound spirits, trapped on a plane of existence and unable to move on to the Light. They may have a message or a warning for the living and those who were closest to them. Or they are just trapped spirits.

Poltergeists are manifestations of a restless energy. They move objects, make noises, cause electronic equipment to malfunction, and other unpredictable things. They are noisy and distracting. The word poltergeist derives from the German word poltern (“to make noise”) and Geist (“ghost”) and the form literally means “noisy ghost”. The destruction and noise that poltergeists create has no known cause. The haunting can last from a few hours to several months. They are disembodied spirits of a low order, a lower energy level. You would not want one in your home.

Crisis Apparitions

A crisis apparition appears when the living person is experiencing the condition that will lead to his death. A famous example is the 1893 sighting of Vice Admiral George Tyron by guests at his wife’s tea party. The vice admiral, dressed in his formals, walked through his home at the same time that his ship sank with him off the coast of Syria.

Nonhuman entities are a lower level of entity. That can include fairies and shadow people. They have never incarnated as human beings. We cannot ever determine how much intelligence an entity or spirit has.  I can confirm their level of high or low energy and what that means for us. Most spirits are easy to encourage to move on, but some like to stick around. Poltergeists would fall into this category, and tommyknockers, shadow people, and other forms of lower energy spirits. Nonhuman entities do not think like us. They do not premeditate and strive to present themselves as human at first, and only consistent interaction with them will reveal their true form. They call for a more aggressive means to force them to leave.

Residual hauntings have to do with a location. The haunting is tied to the location of a home. Ley lines are an example of a location-based anomaly. A ghost who repeats what he did over and over again in an area where he died is a great example of a residual haunting. The haunting is permanent and is impossible to clear from an area. A traumatic moment in time has a powerful impression on an area. The ghost will replay the moment in time for an eternity, which is sad. The ghost cannot move on to the Light. A person might hear a child’s toy playing or doors opening and closing. They are harmless.

Shadow people have a human appearance. They are the shadows you see out of the corner of your eye. People have reported seeing them. They have red eyes. They are of the lower energy realm and the energy they radiate is malevolent. Telling them to go away may not be enough to get them to leave your home. You do not want these beings in your home under any circumstances. They are fleeting and quick. If you tell them to leave, you may find more of them in your home later. Try ignoring the ghost. They want attention and will do anything to get it. It will be hard. Stick to your guns. Get help from someone. It will be hard to deal with alone. Turn on the lights, yes, even at night. You do not have to leave lights on all night long, but they hide in the dark, don’t they? Meditate on white light filling your house. Lloyd Aurebach wrote a book entitled Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal. He covers the subject in depth and will have information on how to deal with shadow people. Pray you never need to.

Before you leap to clear a house of a ghost, I caution you to first determine if a home is actually haunted. Logic and common sense prevail here. If you have tried everything and are grounded and centered, and still believe you have a haunting, then you may clear the home of the spirit/s. I urge you again to perform with a trusted friend or other person. Most spirits will leave a home on their own. Concentrate on white light and positive energy. They may not want to be there with you, either.

The next entry will discuss how to clear your home of a haunting. Believe me, I’ve been there!!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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Veil of Samhain

Icy Ocean View

Merry meet all!


The veil between the worlds. Some of you may have heard of it before. But what is it, exactly? The veil is ethereal and elusive. It makes me think of fog or mystical mists. Those who are truly psychically gifted may be able to see the veil between the worlds. The veil is powerful during Midsummer and Samhain. The ancient Celts celebrated Samhain.

The veil is thinnest from October 15 to October 31st, the most important night of the year for Witches and Pagans. Divinations are popular at Samhain, the best time of year to contact our ancestors. We are more receptive to the energies around us. The veil between the world lifts and the dead walk among the living at Samhain. The veil is invisible to most. I was sure one Samhain a year or two ago I saw a strange golden haze in the air. I assumed that was the veil between worlds. It was close to Samhain. If you can see it, I urge you to become rooted to your spots and meditate right then and there on it. You are truly fortunate.

To the ancient Celts, Samhain was sacred. The dead were welcomed into homes to seek shelter from the cold. The animals were brought in and food was shared or offered to the dead. Modern witches may perform meditations, rituals with a coven or as a solitary, and visualizations to contact the dead. Many Witches and Pagans set up a plate for their ancestors at the dinner table at Samhain. Mirror magic, divinations, burning candles, are performed during Samhain. It is a time to honor the dead and faeries, and the Sidhe, and to establish boundaries between the living and the hungrier ghosts. As the Celtic sholar Marie-Louise Sjoestedst expressed,”This night belongs neither to one year or the other and is, as it were, free from temporal restraint.” I could not have expressed it better myself. Witches stare in mirrors for visions, omens, and divinations. The veil is down, and it is easier to visit the vast land of the dead-temporarily.

There is a saying about a magic spell a witch or a lovelorn woman can perform: “On Halloween, look in the glass, Your future husband’s face may pass.” Who knows? It may come true that you see a future loved one.

The veil between the worlds is a wonder. However, it is not to be played in jest. The world of the dead is powerful. Remember to cast a circle or a triple circle with sacred consecrated sprinkled salt around your circle, if you choose to practice divinations and magick. You must shield yourself against the nasties, if they are out there. Our ancestors are different from nasties. You will know the difference. Be careful.

I will be posting more on Samhain as the time comes. Stay tuned!

Lady Spiderwitch

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Shadow People and other beings

Eerie Picture

Merry meet all!

Ever turn and see a dark shadow flash past a corner? You tell yourself you were imagining things and turn back to the sports or news show on TV. Or were you? A chill races up your neck and you swallow hard. That dark shadow appeared human and had a dark aura around it. Still, you tell yourself you were seeing things. The human mind normally accepts a rational explanation for all things. 

It is easy at first to confuse these beings with ghosts. Ghosts have more distinct appearances and are easier to see. The Shadow People are darker beings and some have been seen with red eyes. More and more people are reporting sightings of these strange beings. Some of these claims may not be legit but some may be real. 

I cannot debunk anyone’s experiences, eerie or humurous. I have encountered the paranormal myself. A lady I know was home alone recently and felt a cold breath on her arm. That would freak me out. 

Here is an odd tale from folklore about a 7-foot tall dog.

I wonder if that is where Sir Conan Doyle became inspired to write the story. He was inspired by a tale of folklore about an unusual hound. Perhaps that is it. 

Here is a link to a video of Vincent Price reading “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. Ravens and crows have long been regarded as links to the Otherworld. They are seen as messengers of death. I hope you enjoy the video. I am a real fan of Edgar Allan Poe. I hope you all are too. 


Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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