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Merry meet all,

I bought a vintage typewriter today. I had to lug it home in a torrential downpour which was no fun. I did make it home. I love the typewriter. I smudged it with sage to cleanse it of previous energies. I feel like a real writer. Typewriters are an antique today in a world of more advanced technologies. 

I want to talk about intuition. Intuition is an internal part of you that is precious. It is unique in every individual. It can be your most powerful psychic tool you have in your arsenal. It is ok to have smudge sticks, crystals, gemstones, dream catchers and wands. Intuition is your subconscious. 

It is always there, even when you are unaware. It is there in your joy and your fear. Trust me, I have always listened to my subconscious and glad that I have. That warning voice you hear when you debate with yourself to drive down a corner and don’t, then hear about an accident in that area? That was your intuition telling you. Heed it. 

You may have a premonition in a dream. Or you may sense you should avoid confronting two negative looking people and then are glad you did later. It is your warning voice, your own little Jimminy Cricket. You have to learn how to trust yourself, your subconscious. When you are creatively absorbed in a project, you allow your subconscious to emerge and you enjoy your sewing, guitar playing or gardening more. 

Trust in yourself. That is hard to do for some who are not used to it. For your psychic development, it is crucial. When I studied in my class, I had to learn to trust my instincts. If you squelch it out of fear, it will diminish. So be sure to practice. If that seems overwhelming, then try practicing it in small steps till you become accustomed. Do not take huge leaps or expect too much from yourself initially. It is ok to err. You are not flawless. Neither am I. That is ok. 

Today I accepted a ride from a stranger- the husband of the woman who was selling me the typewriter. It scared me to climb into a stranger’s car. It was pouring rain hard. He offered the ride out of kindness. Still, how did I know I would be safe. He drove to the nearest bus terminal. He never harmed me. Still… (I recommend using common sense, too.)  I sensed I would be fine once I saw the terminal. I was scared though. After all, I didn’t know the dude. 

So it can seem terrifying to try to trust in something you can’t see. Believe me, I understand. But who else will believe in you if not yourself? Right? You don’t need to dive into a stranger’s car though to prove anything. That typewriter wasn’t light. 

I smudged the typewriter with sage. I put my hands on it and tried to gain some impressions. I remember the woman was quite pregnant. I saw her in my mind’s eye. I had closed my eyes. I sensed her more than her husband. She did tell me she used it for decoration. You also have to discern from what you think are impressions and what actually are impressions. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Remember, small steps. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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