Merry meet all,

I recently bought the book Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications. It is a large red book and is all about mediumship. There are exercises and lots of fascinating information. I haven’t read the book yet and when I do, I will review it on this blog.

Mediumship – “a person sensitive to the vibrations of level two: the spirit world. By adjusting his or her vibrations – consciously or unconsciously- a bridge is established between the two worlds, enabling spirit to communicate with those of this world. Mediumship is an ancient practice, found throughout history in all parts of the world.”
(Definition from Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communication, page 245.)

The definition above explains mediumship perfectly. I have mediumistic abilities and I studied with the Spiritual Science Fellowship – Spiritual and Psychic Development Levels to 3. It was an intense eighteen-week course.

One night, we performed a seance. If we felt like we did not want to try to channel spirit anymore, we had to raise our hand. I will not lie that I was nervous. I was. So I raised my hand. After, another student told me that spirit indeed came through me. Apparently, I turned my head and the student saw only black where my head was. The spirit that came through me was a man with a big scar on his face. They asked if I knew the spirit. No, of course, I didn’t. That is why in the earlier entry, I advised you to be careful of what spirits you attract during a seance. You may attract an unwelcome and nasty spirit. Another student asked to be smudged with sage after the seance was over. I agreed with that, because I certainly did not want to be bringing home that energy. The leader was not going to smudge us and wanted us to smudge ourselves once we arrived home. However, that is still carrying the energy with you. If possible, bring your own sage and smudge yourself with it if you are attending a seance at a friend’s place.

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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