Lone Sheiling


Merry meet all,

A huge spot of interest to curious tourists is the Lone Sheiling Trail, located in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Cape Breton. The Lone Sheiling is a primary national park in the Maritime Provinces. The Scottish crofter’s hut is also associated with a Scottish theme. It is one of the earliest structures in the park and demonstrates the traditional heritage of the Scottish settlers. 

The Lone Sheiling is an example of a shelter known as a ‘bothran’, a seasonal dwelling traditionally used by shepherds in Scotland. They herded sheep and rested in the ‘bothran’.  The building has a simple form and looks rustic. There is quality stonework detailing and timber and thatch roofing. The Thatch Cottage was built in the design of the buildings on the Isle of Skye Scotland. 

The plaque reads: “The Lone Sheiling of the Misty Island, mountains divide us, and the waste of seas- yet still the blood is strong,  the heart is Highland, and we lay in dreams behold the Hebrides.”

The Lone Sheiling was built in accordance with the will terms of Professor McIntosh in 1934. He expressed a wish that “the Government of the Province will maintain a small park at the Intervale and will build there a small cabin which will be constructed in the same design or plan as the lone sheiling on the Island of Skye, Scotland.”

Site: http://www.waymarking.com/ 


The link: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-req/place. 

Can you imagine standing in the Scottish hut, hearing the ghostly voices of the past, and sensing how the Scottish people lived back then? This lends to a simpler time, when there were no fancy Ipads but fire and heat and food were your daily worry. They were struggling to survive. I have myself visited the Lone Sheiling years ago. 

Explore the cool landmarks of your own area and see if you can sense some residual energies there or sense spirits. Happy ghost hunting!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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