Casting Call

Georgie Pauwels

Merry meet all,

Halloween/ Samhain is 69 days away. Excited yet?

I have told you all about the setting and history for my novel. Now I will share something new with you all. I shall tell you all about the characters that populate my novel. They are so real to me. 

Rosemary, as you may know from recent blog posts, is the star character of my novel. She is a grieving young 30 something professional artist. She isolates herself in the quiet fishing village, expecting to recover from her grief in private. 

Not all is as it seems. Soon after moving in, she notices something odd about the place. The scent of seaweed hangs in the air and seaweed mysteriously appears in her home. Mystified by this, she turns to the local townspeople who are good at keeping secrets and are as mysterious as the secrets in her home. 

Rosemary’ s husband was Henry Bell. He died from cancer. She dearly loved him and spent many hours caring for him in the hospital. She grew up in Halifax and studied art. She often paints while she lives in Pleasant Bay, entranced by the stunning scenery that Pleasant Bay offers. She always loved art. 

She has a mother and father who live in Halifax. She was an only child. She has a pet cat/ animal familiar named Siam, a Siamese cat. She is also born with the Sight, which helps her in solving the mystery of the ghost in her home. She was always able to see the dead, to see into the Otherworld. She has mixed feelings about her gift. Her grandmother trained her to use her gift and in witchcraft. She owns a magic candleholder, among her other altar tools, that when a candle is placed in the holder, ignites without the aid of a lighter or match, but with magick words. 

Rosemary is a chain smoker and a bit of a reluctant hero. She has to move beyond her pain and unwilling to let Henry go to help Jonathan’s spirit. Rosemary struggles to uncover the mystery- and stay alive. 

Rosemary’s sign is Cancer. She is happy being outdoors in the wild and having a strong sense of home. Her grandmother Maria was a strong Italian witch, Strega, who strongly believed in ghosts. She counsels Rosemary during the course of the story.

She is the strong main character yet fragile at the same time. Tomorrow I will share more with you about the other characters in the story. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 


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