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Magick of Fall

Eerie Picture

Merry meet all,

I feel witchy tonight. I’m wearing my black tight Morticia Adams worthy dress, and black and purple striped leggings. Hey I have to be warm-and stlyish. Who says Witches have no style? We created it. 

A week from now is the October Full Moon. This is a special time for the October Full Moon, because it is a harvest moon and it’s during the month of October. As any Wiccan or Pagan knows, that means an extra oomph can be added to your divinations and magickal workings. 

I have completed a short story for a online Ezine. I am happy to have written it but I don’t hear back for a couple of weeks. I hope they publish it. I will post more about it if they do. The other day, I chopped up a small sugar pumpkin and pureed the pulp. I put it all in two 2 sanitized Mason jars. I roasted the seeds, of course!! I plan to soon stock up on cider, oranges, apples, and more pumpkins.


I already have an idea for my costume- Undead bride. I have an awesome dress- see photo I bought the dress at Value Village. Who cares how much it cost? It’s so cool. It’s spookily perfect for an undead bride. All I need is a veil and flowers- dead flowers. Can you tell I am a huge Tim Burton fan?

So get ready for the most magickal time of year. Pumpkins are here. Dust off your cauldrons and stay a while for a spell. You will be prepared for Samhain. 


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 





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Halloween Toys


Merry meet all,

This week I treated myself to some Halloween-ish toys. I bought myself the much coveted The Halloween Oracle deck by Stacey DeMarco- Lifting the Veil Between the Worlds every Night. Indeed. I do own the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck. 

The box is black and decorated with lots of black witch hats, besoms, bats, ghosts, and evil-looking pumpkins. The deck comes with a guidebook that is small and decorated. The inside of the box is orange and the outside is black. Too cool. The guidebook shows you how to do some spreads and how to dedicate your deck. You can try the Jacko’ Lantern divination and or the Halloween 3 card draw. I am sure this deck will bewitch and entertain those brave enough to try. The guidebook also describes each card.

The deck is awesome. Each card is beautifully illustrated. There are 36 spooky cards to the deck in total, including a card of Skull of Light, A skull of flowers, a skull of darkness, and a skull of stars. Each card is rich with meaning and symbolism. I am sure I shall enjoy many a time with these eerie cards. 

I also picked a cool book. As you can tell, I don’t shy away from the paranormal. The book is called The Weird. It is a massive 1000-age compendium of strange and dark stories. It contains many a spooky tale by well-known writers such as Poe, Stephen King, George RR Martin, Kafka, Lovecraft, Tanith Lee, and many others. Here is the link to the book on Amazon: I bought this amazing tome at the local bookstore. They put it aside for me, knowing how much it meant to me, and even shrink wrapped it for me. How awesome, huh? The stories in the book are in two columns per page, so you see four columns of type. I think that is cool. They included so many that must be why they did it that way. 

So what is on your Halloween reading list? It is near that time of year. I saw pumpkins at the local grocery store. I plan to stock up on some.  I bought a large bat and a skull garland for my Halloween tree and a pumpkin to cook up. Fun spooky times await!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 

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Enter Our New Contest, ‘Horror: Told in 100 Words’ to Earn Some Cold Hard Cash and Publication!

Horror Novel Reviews

A quick editor’s note: Tim Meyer, longtime HNR contributor and kick ass author of multiple critically acclaimed novels will be spearheading this contest, and I cannot possibly thank the man enough! We owe Tim a very serious debt of gratitude, as running a contest of this nature isn’t the comfy walk in the park some may believe. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into an event of this nature, and the fact that Tim was eager to step up to the plate says an awful lot about the man!



Okay, folks! Here’s the skinny. Flash fiction is pretty hip nowadays and we want to see who can come up with the most creative horror story using 100 words or fewer. Sounds fun, right! Right?!?!

So first thing’s first—the theme. This contest/anthology will have a dual theme. The first is Creation. The second…

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Beautiful View

Merry meet all,

‘Tis near that awesome magical time of year. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon. Next to Samhain, Mabon is also one of my fave times of year. Autumn leaves flutter down to the garden. The air is crisper. Yes my dears, autumn is here. 

Mabon lends itself well to magical workings. Divination is more powerful because of the energy of fall.

My novel, Between the Worlds, has lots of magic in it. My main character Rosemary is a clairvoyant Witch/ medium. She can channel spirits and works some awesome candle magic. One of her special tools is a candleholder. This candleholder ignites without aid of matches or a lighter. She chants something and then it lights. It allows her to see what lurks in the dark in her haunted home. 

As magickal as Rosemary is, she also possesses a strong heart whether she realizes it or not. It is her strong heart that helps her help the ghost. She sympathizes with the ghost because she knows how it feels to lose someone you love. 

The ghost uses many methods to be able to communicate with her. She gets messages in her dreams from the ghost. Objects move, doors slam and the mysterious scent of seaweed wafts through the house. The ghost bears a curse of carrying seaweed everywhere he goes. He died at sea. 

The story is magickal indeed. Crows hound her and she sees the ghost everywhere she goes. Add the natural beautiful setting of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and you have a magical novel set in a rustic countryside. Perfect for a ghost story!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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The other characters

Dead trees pic


Merry meet all,

The other characters that populate my novel are as important as the most main characters. The other characters are Janet Macdonald- the nosy and bossy but well-meaing neighbour who doesn’t believe in ghosts. She was close friends with Jonathan’s wife, Agnes Fraser. Her husband Richard and their son Scott, who is smitten with Rosemary. 

Another important character who plays a major role in the novel is Duncan McAskill. He knew Jonathan and Agnes. He was secretly in love with Agnes. Duncan is secretly responsible for tearing Jonathan and Agnes apart. Jonathan and Agnes truly loved each other. 

Duncan is suspicious of Rosemary when she moves to the sleepy fishing village. He hides a  dark secret. She moves into Jonathan’s home and the tension and conflicts deepen. Duncan wants her out of the house. He knows what lurks in the house and he doesn’t want her to find it. But as Rosemary probes deeper into the mystery of Jonathan’s death, she comes closer to learning the dark shocking truth. 

Duncan is patient … at first. She learns more of the truth only to find herself on a quest despite her grief over her late husband. But Jonathan is determined to be avenged and to find peace after lingering in dark solitude for so many years. When Rosemary tries to leave, the ghost follows and blocks her escape. She soon discovers that turning back to do the right thing is about to be the hardest test of her life. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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The Ghost


Merry meet all,

I am going to tell you about an important character in my book. The ghost Jonathan Fraser. He haunts his home and when Rosemary moves in, she gets his attention. When he was alive, he was married to Agnes Fraser. They married and had two kids. Their kids have moved to Toronto. 

Jonathan has haunted his home in heartbroken loneliness. He was murdered by someone in the town. Jonathan’s death took place at the time of an actual historic event known as The Great Fire in August 1947 that occurred in Pleasant Bay. Duncan drove Agnes and the kids to a safe place away from the fire. 

For years, Jonathan dwelled in agony. Agnes didn’t come back. He doesn’t see a single person enter the house until years later when Rosemary arrives. His pain has cursed him and somewhat darkened him. He died at sea, so he carries the sea with him. Seaweed drips off of him and he bears the scent of the sea. But he bears a broken heart. He has never stopped loving Agnes. He waits for her. 

Rosemary tries to help Jonathan, otherwise known as the eldritch ghost, to find Agnes. She has also passed away. But endeavouring to help Jonathan soon becomes dangerous. Her own grief and pain leads her to understanding Jonathan. She is the only one in the town who does and who sees past the darkened curse around him. 

More to come about the other characters!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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