The Ghost


Merry meet all,

I am going to tell you about an important character in my book. The ghost Jonathan Fraser. He haunts his home and when Rosemary moves in, she gets his attention. When he was alive, he was married to Agnes Fraser. They married and had two kids. Their kids have moved to Toronto. 

Jonathan has haunted his home in heartbroken loneliness. He was murdered by someone in the town. Jonathan’s death took place at the time of an actual historic event known as The Great Fire in August 1947 that occurred in Pleasant Bay. Duncan drove Agnes and the kids to a safe place away from the fire. 

For years, Jonathan dwelled in agony. Agnes didn’t come back. He doesn’t see a single person enter the house until years later when Rosemary arrives. His pain has cursed him and somewhat darkened him. He died at sea, so he carries the sea with him. Seaweed drips off of him and he bears the scent of the sea. But he bears a broken heart. He has never stopped loving Agnes. He waits for her. 

Rosemary tries to help Jonathan, otherwise known as the eldritch ghost, to find Agnes. She has also passed away. But endeavouring to help Jonathan soon becomes dangerous. Her own grief and pain leads her to understanding Jonathan. She is the only one in the town who does and who sees past the darkened curse around him. 

More to come about the other characters!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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