Magick of Fall

Eerie Picture

Merry meet all,

I feel witchy tonight. I’m wearing my black tight Morticia Adams worthy dress, and black and purple striped leggings. Hey I have to be warm-and stlyish. Who says Witches have no style? We created it. 

A week from now is the October Full Moon. This is a special time for the October Full Moon, because it is a harvest moon and it’s during the month of October. As any Wiccan or Pagan knows, that means an extra oomph can be added to your divinations and magickal workings. 

I have completed a short story for a online Ezine. I am happy to have written it but I don’t hear back for a couple of weeks. I hope they publish it. I will post more about it if they do. The other day, I chopped up a small sugar pumpkin and pureed the pulp. I put it all in two 2 sanitized Mason jars. I roasted the seeds, of course!! I plan to soon stock up on cider, oranges, apples, and more pumpkins.


I already have an idea for my costume- Undead bride. I have an awesome dress- see photo I bought the dress at Value Village. Who cares how much it cost? It’s so cool. It’s spookily perfect for an undead bride. All I need is a veil and flowers- dead flowers. Can you tell I am a huge Tim Burton fan?

So get ready for the most magickal time of year. Pumpkins are here. Dust off your cauldrons and stay a while for a spell. You will be prepared for Samhain. 


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 





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