October’s time


bad apple

This photo is taken at the graveyard. 

Merry meet all,

Today is October 1st, 2014. It is now 30 days till Samhain. I was on a walk yesterday down to the Armdale Lake. I wandered over to the oak tree by the beautiful body of water where ducks swam. The acorns were plentiful and large, but too green. The acorns that fell to the earth were broken but the colour brown. I wanted to collect acorns but it is too early yet. 

I then walked up to the trees by the graveyard. There was another oak tree there too, only the acorns were too green there too. This is where it got creepy. The October energy was early, as yesterday was the last day of September. The sky overhead was dark and overcast. The earth smelled damp and cool near the decayed tombstones. To my absolute revulsion, I quickly changed my mind about keeping my nature findings. An apple tree grew not far from where I stood. Some of the apples had fallen to the ground inside the graveyard. I looked at an apple. It was fine. It was the apple next to it that got my attention. 

I was disgusted. I saw, upon a reluctant closer inspection, that carpenter ants were on the rotted apple. I thought they were dead…. until one of them moved. Oh that was enough. An image of death in a place of death. It seems oddly appropriate for Mabon/ Samhain, huh? Oh yuck. I had to step over the graves to get away from the low branches and apples. I apologized to the dead for my intrusion. Maybe that was a mistake. I found the path and started searching for the exit. I passed some trees and felt my psychic spidey tingling. I thought, oh no you don’t, no sprit is following me home. It is a Japanese tradition to hide your thumbs as you pass a graveyard to keep them from following you home. I think I disturbed someone’s eternal rest. I quickly left and as soon as I got home, I left my findings in my garden- calendula seeds, green acorns, and leaves. I didn’t care. I was grossed out. 

But that does make me think. We choose to look away from death. Now we are squarely in the dark half of the year. Death has made itself known to me in the graveyard. I embrace the coming of Samhain and what lessons it brings me or messages. I would love to hear about what you hope to gain from Samhain. Feel free to comment below. 

I entered my story to try for the Mentorship Program. Here is hoping I am accepted. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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