My costume


Merry meet all,

I am working on my costume. Who isn’t inspired by Tim Burton? I am, I am!! The costume is the one from the much loved movie The Corpse Bride. I love that movie and I watched it the other night. 

The irony of it all is that the dress I chose from my wardrobe is the one I wore to my sis’s wedding years ago. I am not married but no reason I can’t be a corpse bride!! So the dress is the one in the pic- delicate blue lace all over the dress. I plan to sew a hole in the dress and attach fabric to show fake ribs, tear a high slit in the dress, and tear and stain the hem. It doesn’t quite reach to my feet. I may add more material to the hem. I need a long train. The material for this gown was free. The dress is also old. Perfect!!


I have a lot of delicate blue lace. I plan to buy almost a meter of blue tulle and sew the tattered blue lace to it then shred the tulle for that undead just out of the coffin look. The lace is beautiful and torn in fragments. I shall post a picture here later. 

All I need to do is to make the veil, add the necessary details to the dress, get a wig, and do the makeup. I now have an even better reason for anticipating October 31st. I want to add some blue wristlets and of course, a bony arm. Well I have a whole month to work on it! Let me know how your costumes are turning out!

Here is a lin to a video about the Fall of the House of Usher: Enjoy


I found a costume @ Value Village and I really like it. It is a white dress with black fabric going down the centre of the dress. Silver lacing on centre of black strip of fabric. I also found a veil. I am all set. I don’t care if I tear this dress up or smear fake blood on it. It cost $8. Perfect. I have included a photo.


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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2 responses to “My costume

  1. Great Halloween post! I’m so excited for the holiday to finally be here!

    I’ve also got a similar post today: Feel free to check it out!


    P.S. Happy (early) Halloween!

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