Pleasant Bay Winters


Pleasant Bay may be 450 kilometres from Halifax but it’s the most beautiful spot in the world.  The tiny fishing village has many attractions for tourists, one of them being the new whale museum.

The Whale Interpretive Centre promotes an awareness of whale and marine life by creating a stimulating experience for the visitors. There are exhibits and interactive media presentations, including illustrations of 16 whale species that can be seen in the Cape Breton waters. There’s a life size model of a pilot whale suspended above saltwater livestock tank which contain live creatures that live in the whale’s environment. Tours and bus tours are provided during the day. 

The Gampo Abbey is another great attraction. It is the Western Buddhist Monastery in the Shambala tradition. The Lone Sheiling is another attraction. The majestic beauty of Pleasant Bay always sweeps me off of my feet. Where else can you tour an island that is listed as the best travel destination in North America by National Geographic traveller?You can tour Nova Scotia’s world famous Cabot Trail, and meditate as you try the famous Pollett’s Cove, and Squash Camp.

Pleasant Bay is home to a range of wildlife such as moose, foxes, bears, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks, lynx, martins, and hummingbirds, eagles, hawks, owls, and puffins. Pleasant Bay is the whale watching spot of Atlantic Canada. Humpback, fin, pilot, orca, right, blue and beluga whales, dolphins, tuna and sun fish, crabs and lobsters are found in the area. 

So it should be understandable that I would choose such a setting for my novel Between the Worlds. I grew up there and we have family crown land. I love the spot for its rustic quiet beauty. I set the story in the winter season because it is still beautiful and also isolated, and hard to leave. The roads get covered with sheets of ice, making leaving safely very difficult. It added tension to the story. In the winter, pack ice covers the ocean where seals give birth. The ice packs hit each other. I like to listen and watch. You can go snowshoeing, long meditative walks, watch the white rabbits hop in the woods, and then curl up with tea in front of a raging fire at the wood stove. I love the scent of the smoke from the wood stove and the old world feel. I love gathering wood, storing it, and listening to the sharp chirrups of squirrels. There is nowhere else for me to be. 

In today’s crazed rat race materialistic society, its hard for some people to get to escape and hear themselves think and clear their heads. I am grateful for what I have and I consider myself fortunate. I have many good memories of my time there. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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