My favourite spots of the mystical woods of Pleasant Bay



Merry meet all,

I have been visiting Pleasant Bay since I was eleven. ( A long time ago) The land has been in our family for six generations. I thought I would share my favourite spots with you all. 

#1 Red River Beach Everyone loves the beach, right? I do. I love Red River beach for its stunning panoramic views, the ocean that stretches out forever, and the huge beach perfect for holding bonfires, or just suntanning, strolling along the water and searching for sea shells. I love it. I have to hike back up the steep hill to get up to the main road but it is worth it. 

Beautiful View

#2 Pleasant Bay is all about rustic lookoffs, steep dangerous cliffs, and beautiful ocean views, not to mention the wildlife. But my other favourite spot has to be Cliffwaters. We built the main house in 1986. The house is lovely and centred quite literally smack in the gorgeous woods. I love to stroll down the bank and explore the woods. I know every inch of the place. I know where the cabin called The Spinning Jenny is. I know every old spruce tree and the steep bank across the field. I have burned brush, watched foxes, rabbits and moose graze. I love walking in the shaded spruce woods area. There is a little path that feels truly magickal. The earth is littered by animal bones, pine cones, pine needles, and the sweet scent of the earth. It is a touch of heaven. 


#3 Down the road from Cliffwaters, is another awesome spot. My sister and her husband were married there. My grandparents were married there. It is the most beautiful spot on earth. I like walking across the bridge and watching the rough waters below tumble down to the ocean. I can catch trout there and just watch the water. I am sure bears visit that spot. I can see why they would. The cows used to graze at Pollet’s Cove and then come up the road and visit the main house. Moose often graze near the house and sometimes walk right up the front deck. I have had the gift of observing the moose whether alone, with young or in a herd. Rare sight. 

Beautiful View

#4 The next place I love is the other main house. My grandparents used to live in it. I also love this spot for the rustic country charm. The house feels like a real country house. But the other cool thing is the ravine and the old trees. I don’t know what it is about old trees that I love so much. I also enjoy strolling up the road because I love the ocean harbour view. It is hard not to. I don’t know how many times I strolled up that road. It is always so quiet and serene. This about wraps it up for my favourite spots of Pleasant Bay. Here are some more shots:

You need a wood stove here for survival

You need a wood stove here for survival

Moose leave this behind as a calling card

Moose leave this behind as a calling card

Dead trees pic

Truly creepy woods with lots of unsettling energy


A bobcat pauses from his hunting of mice and voles to pose for the camera

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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