Honouring the Sacred


Merry meet all,

I am upset with the Harper Gov’t. My grandfather was born in Pleasant Bay in October 1919. Hegrew up in the same tiny fishing village that I visit and cherish. There is no grocery store, no gas station there and if the government that is so obsessedwith greed and oil get their way, they will drive the people out of this sacredvisually stunning community that is a sacred rare gem. The earth is so purethere. But the government is cutting down the post office hours here inefforts to drive people away and force then out west to the bloody oilcraze that Harper initiated. He is the Devil. I hate him. He is againsteverything I believe in. If he has his way, nothing will be green anymore.

I found a salamander in the basement, heard woodpeckers inthe woods and walked near the ocean. The place is beautiful and is the mainreason why so many people here so far have resisted the government trying toforce them to leave. These small communities are the back bone of society. Theyare hard to replace once lost. Nothing is treasured or valued anymore. Land inthe family and family is not valued anymore. We have lost much and forgotten much. We need to rememberour values. They can’t succeed in what they want to achieve. The hand ofmachinery and greed has got to stop.

If you own land especially in such a beautiful area as this then you have everything you need. A strip mall in a grungy neighbourhood is not better. It has no value. There is nothing on earth like the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. I am smitten and my heart belongs to the Highlands. My heart will always be here.

We have to resist and stand for what we believe in. I will fight forvalues and a clean earth and remembering what should be for the benefit of thepeople. Not the few.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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