Pleasant Bay

The house I used as inspiration for the story

The house I used as inspiration for the story

Merry meet all,

Pleasant Bay is a rural community located past Cheticamp, Cape Breton. The people there have lived here for generations. My family has had that land for six generations. Little has changed about the place. The two-room schoolhouse that my Mother attended is still there. My  niece attends the school. The boats bob in the harbour and people still use wood stoves to heat their homes. The place has a rural, rustic majestic charm to it. I love it there. 

You need a car and wood to survive there. You need a car to be able to get to places and you need a good wood pile to heat your home. You have to worry more about heating your home in the fall, winter and spring. A cord of wood costs $200. Then you rally your friends and family to help you stack the wood. Shown here:


The wildlife offers entertainment. Moose, foxes, coyotes, bears and rabbits frolic in the woods. There is hiking to do and relaxing at the beach. In the summer, the mosquitoes and black flies feast on your blood like seriously rabid tiny vampires. Whales splash in the ocean. 

a sea side scene

In our crazy, hectic society in the urban areas, it can be a relief to get away to the countryside for quiet and serenity. You may not have the best internet connection but you don’t need it there. Pleasant Bay will snare your heart and your imagination. 

The best time for visiting this place really is in the summer. Collect seashells, herbs and pebble stones at the beach.Learn more about gathering berries such as elderberry and blueberry. They grow plentiful and wild. Explore the nature trails. Reconnect with yourself. See? – lots to do. 

The key is to be open to a new experience and to be willing to be 450 kms away from an urban environment. Pleasant Bay is at the end of the road of the island. You get out and explore. That’s the fun of it. So where will you be spending your vacation time?

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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