The Wild Life


Merry meet all,

Today I’m going to talk about the different types of wild life out there. The range in the wildlife is one of the chief reasons why I visit.




This photo is courtesy of Moose happily inhabit the woods. They graze peacefully, on the trees’ bark and grass. I have seen lots of moose, young and old, in herds or alone, and during the day and at night. They are beautiful, majestic, and peaceful. I have never been harmed by a moose. I have seen them a lot in the woods. Their young are cute and the adult moose are a wonder to behold.



I have seen a few foxes in the woods. They are small, with red fur and bright eyes. They hunt rabbits and one of them even befriended my grandfather. I am not kidding. Foxes are small, cute but please do respect wildlife.



I have seen rabbits during different times of the year. They change their fur colour according to the season. They are so cute and likely quite happy to be living in their element. They come close to the main house like the other animals that live in the forest.



I have seen a bobcat once. The bobcat posed for then disappeared into the trees’ shelter The bobcat was beautiful and blended in well with the natural hues and shades of the wild brush. You almost wouldn’t have known it was there. The bobcats hunt rabbits, mice, voles and birds.



I have not seen a coyote mercifully. These critters are not as friendly. A coyote ate a woman who was currently at that time well, you know, at that time of month. They do small blood and that alerts them to prey. It is best to keep a healthy distance from coyotes. Whatever you do, stand your ground.



Nova Scotia itself is overrun with squirrels and cute birds too that happily and greedily compete for seed in the feeder. They do it here in Halifax in my garden and at the feeders in Pleasant Bay. Out there, there is no shortage of food for them. The squirrels even plant seeds in the ground, a storage system that my sister often benefits from, amused by their antics.

Eagles and Hawks- and Owls


The eagles soar over the ocean for fish. The hawks circle above my sister’s chicken coop, plotting to catch an unwary hen. Hawks are smaller than eagles. Like moose, eagles are majestic and strong. I have never seen their nests but the nests are probably up somewhere high. Eagles are easy to identify by their remarkable wings. They too are a sight to behold. Pleasant Bay has also been visited by rare birds. I will try to get the photo to show you.

Whales and Seals

Whales frolic in the waves and show off for the tourists during the whale tours. I have had the chance to witness these beautiful creatures when I have been out on the tours. They play, splash, dive, leap and soak up the sun. This was my experience when I was on the whale tour:

I was out on a whale-watching cruise years ago. I stood on the boat and looked out around me. The sky was clear, the day was warm, and the calm ocean waves lapped the boat. I surveyed the looming mountains above the shore. The mountains stretched three thousand meters into the sea. Cows grazed in the field. Gannets dove over the ocean surface. The deep cool ocean water surrounded us. I was suddenly gripped with a feeling. I felt small, tiny even, in the midst of the ocean and the mountains. I did not want to know how deep the ocean water was. If whales swam its waters, then I assumed the ocean was extremely deep.

The seals give birth on the ice. The ocean is always covered with ice in the winter. If it is quiet at the beach, you can hear the ice packs bang into each other.

Bears frequent the woods out there. My sister also keeps chickens and raises some of them for meat and some for their eggs. They are free range and will let you pet them.


There are horses, dogs and cats too. Here are some photos:


Cows, too:


I saw a salamander in the basement. We rescued him.


I fully acknowledge the copyright of these photos. Not all of them are mine. 

I hope this encourages you to visit the strange and beautiful fishing village of Pleasant Bay. Blessed Be

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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