In Memory


Merry meet all,

I announce with some sadness that the president of the HWA, or the Horror Writers Association, has passed. He is missed by many and is remembered well. I never knew him but since this blog is about the paranormal and I am a member of the Horror Writers Association, it deserves mentioning here. Last night, I read the entirety of the Horror Writers Association newsletter which focused mostly on Rocky Wood. It is understandable. He made great stride in helping this genre remain afloat alongside the more common genres of fiction. We owe him a great deal. A new president is appointed now and she has big ‘horror’ shoes to fill. I am sure she will prove herself quite capable.

I have a fresh print out of my novel and I am already bleeding red ink all over it. I have a lot of work to do in a short time since a publishing company is opening for submissions in February. I have hard work ahead of me but if I devote my every minute of my life to this task, I shall hopefully be a success and make it in time. That is my plan. Like Rocky Wood would have wanted, since he championed young hopeful writers, I shall work my hardest. I am inspired besides the tedious editing I have to do. I think a writer has to be in love with his or her story to be able to work this hard on it.

I have a few ideas on what I might write after I finish this project. I usually have many projects I work on at the same time. I’d like to write something apocalyptic set in the future, more poems, more non-fiction for the pagan publications. I don’t know why and not questioning it too deeply, but it comes naturally to write about witchcraft. I go with it. Why resist it??

In Pleasant Bay, the rabbits’ fur has turned white, the moose are past rutting season, some of the critters are hibernating and some are migrating south, like the geese and the whales. The snowy ice packs drift over the ocean surface. Winter, the time of the Crone, has arrived. There is no snow here in Halifax but I know that in January, we will see snow. Dress warm, sip organic sider and hot chocolate, and return to this blog often for more exciting posts.

Happy New Year!!
Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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