Memories of winter visits


Merry meet all,

Winter is upon us. It must be freezing in Pleasant Bay. I recall a time I visited it and my family stayed in a chalet. Well you want to talk cold weather? Let me tell you about it. 

It was so cold when we arrived at night that we had to put sheets on the large windows to contain the heat. We wore mitts as we unpacked. After turning on the lights and the kettle, we settled down  for a well-earned rest. It is 450 km s to the beautiful small fishing village. We started a fire in the wood stove. The room slowly warmed up. When I stayed in the other house, my lips were blue in the morning and that was in April! 

But if you have a hardy spirit and breeding, you should do just fine. Imagine being in the Shire and that sums up Pleasant Bay. There are fun things to do there in the winter such as skiing, snowshoeing ( I tried it once and was in too much snow and panicked), hiking, watching the wildlife, painting, or just meditating and observing the beauteous bounty of nature. You can catch up on sleep and for once be able to hear yourself think. How precious is that? 

The rabbits grow in their white fur to camouflage from predators in the snow. The seals give birth on the pack ice. The moose feast on wood bark in the woods. The spruce trees are home to hibernating squirrels and eagles swoop over the ocean, hunting for fish. The wild brush looks more gorgeous in the winter and animal tracks are everywhere. I often see more moose dung than I do of the moose. They are elusive beasts. 

People become scarce in the winter. The locals hide in their hobbit holes as smoke drifts from the chimneys and lights glow in the windows. That is the only sign that anyone is home. Winter is harsh in Pleasant Bay. It is the heart of the wild wood. If you can’t take the isolation, don’t visit. It is where I grew up. You are at the mercy of nature’s elements. The snowplow doesn’t come often to the town to rescue people from mountains of snow. Isolation is a reality in the winter. 

For all that, it is still a magnificent place. My grandfather ran a farm without electricity in the 1920s. See how much we take for granted these days? It does get cold. It does get lonely. But it is so amazing. Pleasant Bay can take your  heart without you being aware of it. 

I miss the smell of wood smoke from the woodstove. The sound of the kettle rattling on the wood stove, and woodpeckers pecking on the house outside. I hope to be back there soon. Till then, be well. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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