Wild Trees


Merry meet all,

I see a gorgeous birch tree trunk outside my window. The tree trunk arches gracefully toward the blue sky. The bark is torn in patches and peeling. The tree shelters birds and various insects. This tree weathered many storms. Chickadees and woodpeckers visit the tree and cats climb it. The white and grey bark is beautiful and aged. I love this tree. It is a symbol of endurance, strength and beauty. The bare branches arch above the trunk, shivering in the harsh cold wind. They resemble twigs more than branches. Spring is not far away and soon new growth will crown the tree. The photos are from Pleasant Bay. 

I find something creepy about trees when night casts its cloak over the city. If I walk alone at night, as I walk past the Bengal Lancers horse stables, the new high school and the museum, I pass a row of intimidating trees at night and they look much different than under the harsh sun’s eye.  I feel almost watched by the trees. Their bare appearance gives them an sinister look. I purposely walk fast down that long street past those bare trees. No leaf or bud on the branches. But in the summer. the trees at night look normal. 

In Pleasant Bay, there is an area of trees and in that area, is some seriously creepy energy. Pleasant Bay is an ancient place. For those who are sensitive to energies, you can feel it in your bones. It almost makes me think of the Mirkwood from The Hobbit. 

I have walked there many times and know the trees. The spruce trees grow plentifully there. The branches are like barbs. The scent is heaven. The trees grow thick and are very old. Some tree trunks have fallen and make walking difficult. I actually photographed an orb. Moose visit the trees and eat the bark and leave their dung on the ground. Pinecones and pine needles litter the forest floor. Squirrels chatter, breaking the silence.The air is clear and this is the magic of a pristine forest.



I feel the energy when I sit there. Birds make the tangled dead brush their home and nest. The ecosystem there is undisturbed and is in holistic balance. Everything helps everything grow in this sacred area. The creepy energy doesn’t scare me but it is present. I feel the age of that place. And for all that it seems odd to some people, I feel right at home too. All right, I wasn’t too happy about the dead headless squirrel but it must have been eaten by a fox, bobcat, hawk or crow. 

I sat on  a dead fallen log and just sat there for a long time. I heard the boughs creak and sounds of very much alive squirrels. They are very competitive with birds for seeds. I love nature when it is unsettling and peaceful, cruel and loving. A person is at the mercy of nature’s elements there. You have to work with the land, not against it. I’ve seen the Northern Lights, whales up close when I was on a whale cruise, when the ice on the road forces us indoors and off the roads, been ten feet from a full grown moose, and gone on a four-hour mountain hike with friends at Fishing Cove. Bears roam freely, as do moose, and bobcats and coyotes. I have lived  among them and never been hurt. I keep a distance but stilll. When you are very very very far from a hospital, it makes sense to Respect the Wildlife. 

Since Imbolc is near, I hope you take the time to appreciate the wildness of nature while we still have it. 

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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