The Cabot Trail


Merry meet all,

There is a Pleasant Bay group on Facebook. In one of the aged black and white photos is a picture of someone wearing a flour sack for clothing. I just bought a small bag of flour from the grocery store yesterday. The bag was made of a type of cardboard. Look how things have changed. We have come so far and we take it fro granted. 

The photo above shows the Cabot Trail back in the early days. The Cabot Trail was an important link to the outside world. The Cabot Trail was developed in the 30s and 40s. People needed to drive slow then to get through the trail. Today the Cabot Trail is done. It is easier to drive through Kelly’s Mountain and French mountain. The road is paved but still risky. You have to dare huge boulders that could crush your car, end up in an accident and fall over the cliff, plunging to your death below or brave a moose on the road. When you see a moose, you stop the car. That is how we do it in Pleasant Bay. I have traveled over that road a million times. The ice on the boulders of the mountain are actually a beautiful sight to behold. I have spotted rabbits and moose. I identify moose at night by their regal stature and red eyes. They step over the guard rail like it is not even there. They truly are a beautiful sight to behold. 

People used to drive Model T Ford cars through the Cabot Trail. The highway has a huge bog and tons of trees on either side. Lots of trees. But for all that the trail is highway and a ton of trees, the beauty there takes some beating. 


This is the road now. There are no Model T Fords now but the trail does offer some spectacular sightings such as this one:

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 



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