Winter woes

You need a wood stove here for survival

You need a wood stove here for survival

Merry meet all,

Next month is Spring Equinox. I can’t wait. I have slaved over icy sidewalks, praying with each nervous step that I never break a bone. I have fallen, it is inevitable, but not seriously hurt myself. I was one of the lucky ones. The sun is shining hard today. The sunshine is welcome. The turn in the Wheel of the year shifts to the maiden, as the Crone slowly loosens her dark clutch on our world. 

I love the dark half of the year from the time of Samhain to just after December. Anything after that is just instruction in misery. January to March is the coldest harshest time of year. 

I set my story in the winter time. It added clever tension to the story. She is forced to remain in an unsettling haunted house that is more tomb than home. Only I tried to make it authentic at the same time. I love authenticity. The weather conditions force her to remain there and solve the mystery of the ghost’s death. I know what it is like there in the winter and I last visited in the cold season in April. 

The house was so cold my lips were blue when I woke up. No exaggeration. The wood stove only heated 2 rooms in the house on the first floor. I gathered wood before my first morning coffee. There is a way to gather wood. You need to gather seasoned wood, or dry wood, and if you bring wet wood in, you need to let it dry. You can store wood to dry in your home, if you have a small shed or a back porch. We stored the wild brush in milk crates and other crates. We had to ration the wood too. You need a wood stove to survive there and a car. There is no gas station in Pleasant Bay so you have to have gas in your car to be able to drive over the mountains to Cheticamp. I hope these details I gave to the story lend authenticity to the novel. 

I am also working on a short horror fiction story. Wish me luck!!


Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

The Dark Side


Merry meet all,

My novel The Eldritch Ghost, is a speculative fiction novel. Most of these types of novels have an element of magic in them and this is what draws readers and audiences to read and watch the books and movies. They come to the stories or movies with expectations. 

My main character is a clairvoyantly gifted Witch and professional artist. She uses her magick to help her with dealing with the ghost and the quiet townspeople who are resistant to change. They view her as an outsider, different from their norm, and brimming with magickal though unusual ideas. 

She uses herbs, makes candles, owns a magickal candlestick, but she performs her magick to help others. Most Witches use certain tools to aid them in their magick and psychic divination workings. I own two books which helped me with research and of course, working my own magick. The books are: 1) The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day, a damn good excellent reference book for darker magic for those who are brave, and 2) Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. 3) The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide was helpful, too. 

Here are some correspondences to guide you in your own nocturnal magick!!

This is a way I would suggest setting up an altar for communing with the dead, You can find this information in some of the books being listed above. 

Use a black altar cloth. Black absorbs all colours. Be sure the cloth is clean and yes, ironed. It creates a neater appearance. Use a flat surface such as an altar table or other sturdy flat surface. Set up black taper candles on the altar. Include the figurine of a deity you worship such as Hekate or the Morrigan. Include a silver pentacle, black or silver candleholders, a black and silver athame for tracing a pentacle design in the air, a black cauldron, a cat figurine if you honor Bast. Dragon candleholders add a nice extra bit of power to your magick, and perhaps an owl, cat or spider figurine to the candleholder.  Owls, cats and spiders correspond to the dark Underworld and so would be appropriate. 

Think Fall. Think Dark. In the fall to winter, we honor the Crone. The Holly King battles the Oak King and reigns over this half of the year. 

The herbs to use would be frankincense and myrrh, rue, mandrake, mugwort, rose, patchouli, benzoin, sage, violets, wolf’s bane, black cohosh, dragon’s blood, pomegranates, yew, and sandalwood.

Wear a black robe while raising spirits or performing a seance. Black does absorb all colours.

You could create a potion to aid you in communication with the dead. To make your own salve to aid you in the meditation, follow these steps:

Heat beeswax in a saucepan until slightly warm. Add the essential oils that are suitable for this recipe. Infused essential oils add their energies of oil and herbs infused into the oil.

 Stir with a wooden spoon. Continue stirring until the beeswax and oils are combined. Enhance the mix by adding by adding 1 to 2 drops of essential oils to the mixture. Continue stirring. While the recipe is blending in the saucepan, it is optional to add Vitamin E, which acts as a preservative for the salve, offering it a longer shelf life.

 Add loose dry herbs and as you blend the ingredients together, stir deosil. Say a chant or sing a song and visualize energies emanating from you into the mix. Concentrate on your intent for this salve if it is for you or someone else, and imbue it with energies.

 Set aside a clean sterile jar. Allow the mixture to cool slightly. Pour the preparation into the jar and again add your energies. Allow it to cool and solidify.

 When the preparation has completely cooled, put on the lid tightly. Put the jar/s into the fridge to complete the solidifying process. After a few moments have passed, remove the jars from the fridge. Label and date them. You can be creative with your labels. Make your own or download them from the Internet. Draw bats and black cats on to your labels. 

 Be sure to use clean sterile jars and use organic ingredients as much as possible. No toxic chemicals will leach into your salve and no pesticides will remove the nutrients from your salve. The salve will have retained its qualities from the organic ingredients, which is the point of making and using salves.

 Hold the jar in your palms and meditate for a moment. Send more energies to the salve and feel the weight and coolness of the jar. Continue to do this until your hands tingle. As you are doing all this, face east. East is the direction of Air, of beginnings and of fiery energy and enthusiasm. It is recommended to use Vitamin E with the salve, which acts as a natural preservative. Return the jar to the fridge. The salve will contain the energies and last longer being stored in the fridge.

The herbs mentioned above are ideally suitable for these potions. Be creative and perhaps offer this salve to friends as a gift idea. You could try this 1 idea, though it is risky and I advise you to use caution. You could use hemlock which induces astral projection as do Dittany of Crete and poplar. Only rub a dime size amount on your skin on either your third eye chakra or on your throat. Be sure to wash your hands after contact with the salve if you use a poisonous ingredient aiding in astral projection. 

Good luck with your magickal workings!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

Ghosts communication


Merry meet all,

Ghosts use energy to communicate with people. They may have unresolved issues and feel anger with someone. But I believe that ghosts communicate or appear for a purpose. It also all depends on who they try to communicate with. Some people are more tuned in (like a radio) and the ghosts may choose them to communicate with. For instance, a medium or someone who is extremely clairvoyant. They are the ones most likely to sense an energy or presence. 

I have paranormal expeirence. I discovered I was clairvoyant when I moved to Halifax. I was in a local library when it was in operation, I stood in front of a computer terminal when something touched me on the shoulder. It didn’t help any matters that the library was built over dead bodies underground. I quickly walked away. 

One full moon in October, I admired the moon. To my left, there was a bench where someone was seated. He rose from the bench and vanished.. not walked away, vanished. I left. 

My cast-iron cauldron fell from the top of the fridge. It is a small potbellied cauldron. I welcome opinions on how it managed that. I found my earring under a rug under my altar. I welcome explanations on that too. I saw a dark shadow in the kitchen of my apartment when someone helped perform a reiki cleansing of my apartment and I saw a shadow float over my beautiful eagle woman painting one night. I plan to steep sage tea and pour it in a circle all around the property here, creating a shield. 

I sometimes hear the sound of my mop or broom crashing to the floor. When I get up to look, nothing is moved. It is hard on me. Fortunately, I don’t hear it often. So you can see now how a ghost may choose a particular type of person to connect with. 

There are certain types of ghosts. Intelligent spirits are those who are able to communicate intelligently with the living and may purposely seek contact. The ghosts may be aware they are dead or not aware they are dead. They may be bound to a location or have unfinished business. They appear as dark shadows, a mist, orbs of light or full-bodied apparitions. 

The second type of spirit encounter is residual energy. It is the imprint of a person or sound in a moment of time. I used to open the basement door when I was alone at night in the old Victorian house when I lived with my Mother. Suddenly, upon the door being opened, these voices would hush. I wish I could tell you I was kidding. Residual ghost hauntings play over and over again. 

The third type of ghost haunting is one who is not a person at all, but an inhuman spirit. People refer to these as demons or evil spirits. They were never human and try to break the will of a living person to hide inside them. 

The fourth type of haunting is called a poltergeist. Poltergeists are purposely mischievous and loud. They stop at nothing to get your attention. They move objects, slam doors, cause loud footsteps, knockings and rapping. 

The final type is a shadow person. A person sees a shadow person out of the corner of their eye. They look human and may be taller or shorter than a normal person. They watch people from walls or corners. Shadow people may be manifestations of intelligent ghosts. I won’t say spirits as I believe there to be a distinction between ghosts and spirits. Also, I want to say I have had a theory of mine squashed recently. I believed I would have no ghosts in here if I owned a pet, since I do own a pet and I saw one in here, now I know they will enter whether I own a pet or not. Shadow people bring feelings of dread or sadness. 

I hope this helps you learn more about ghosts and spirits. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O( Check out the cool links below:



la cat

Merry meet all,

In my novel, The Eldritch Ghost, the eldritch ghost Jonathan Fraser attempts to communicate with Rosemary Bell, the heroic main character of the novel. Jonathan is heroic too but Rosemary is the one who saves him. Throughout the novel, he attempts many ways to communicate with her. In my efforts of course, to be as original as I earlier posted, I came up with an unique way for him communicate with her. 

He feeds off her energy. He is not parasitic. He talks to her and moves objects in the house such as causing curtains to fall. But one main way of his reaching out to her is it happens the most strongest when she touches seaweed. If she touches seaweed with him bearing the seaweed curse, he can communicate with her the strongest and deliver a warning or a message clearly. 

He drowned in the ocean when Duncan murdered him. His body was buried in the house to cover up the murder. His pain of being torn from his love and his family was so agonizing  he became melancholy. The house became a tomb of gloom and misery. Here he waits, for a spark of life to return and save him. That spark of light to his shock is Rosemary, grieving for the death of her husband. 

We have all experienced pain, loss and sadness. We have experienced joy and ecstasy.   You think the ghost is the evil one in the novel but not so. The one suspect is revealed in the end. Jonathan is a powerful ghost. He is both good and some bad. He helps Rosemary when Duncan spies on her but he craves vengeance and traps spirits of those who have died in his misty realm. 

He also invades her dreams to communicate with her how he was murdered since he needs her help. She is the tool for him to be saved. The dreams are eerie and unsettling but he desperately needs her help. I am familiar with having odd dreams and experiencing sleep paralysis and I tried to include a lot of my feelings in the book. Rosemary eventually believes Jonathan tells the truth and not the townspeople who aren’t too eager to reveal all the gristly details of the town’s dark past.

I have some experience with the paranormal. I know how that sounds. I live in a city where we take spooks and hauntings for granted. The Five Fishermen restaurant is one such haunted restuarant. I dined there in the past and on the second floor on my tour, the ghosts were like, “You can sense us?” Remember that Ghost movie starring Patrick Swayze? It was like that. They actually have a high turnover rate of employment because the employees see cutlery flying off the shelves. 

I will let you determine for yourselves whether ghosts exist. But remember, they were once us. 

)O( Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Happy UnValentine’s Day ( I despise the holiday)




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Not all may agree with what I want to talk about today, that is, if I can forget about my cat obsession for a while and post on my blog. Cat obsession may be a topic for another day. There are many genres in fiction. My favourite obviously happens to be paranormal or speculative fiction. I believe there is more freedom within speculative fiction for authors to explore. 

I can create the world and characters I want. In The Eldritch Ghost, the characters are not all human, i.e.., the Ghost. a mist shields the house at night, seaweed litters the house and crawls, the cat is an animal familiar, the main characters is a Witch, and the ghost bears a seaweed curse of sorts. Literary fiction affords none of this freedom. 

People argue over which is better: genre or literary fiction? I like to argue that speculative fiction is far more interesting. In literary fiction, nothing happens, nothing of interest, so how can it be interesting? But there are most likely a great many novels that are literary fiction and are just as fascinating. I don’t think Wuthering Heights was meant to so gothic, but it is and it endured. I think it is more literary fiction, since Emily Bronte wrote it. I could be wrong and it may have been intended to be so gothic. 



There are great books in both genres. To me, though, speculative fiction will always win over literary fiction. 

Today is Friday the 13th!! Good Luck!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ghost House


Merry meet all,

I know a novel about a woman in an old house with a ghost is the most cliche thing ever. That is why it is important to put a new spin on the story and make it truly original. That is exactly what I have tried to achieve with The Eldritch Ghost

The old made new, that should be every writer’s goal. I believe I have accomplished it. I am the first writer to set a novel in Pleasant Bay, so the setting is unique. The characters and the story line are unique. The system of her magic is Wiccan but the ghost details are new. Gore and guts have been used so much in horror. The wheel needs new grease to turn. 

As I posted earlier in the blog, the ghost and the seaweed haven’t been done to death. This is what sets this story apart from other stories. Also, the ghost wants to be reunited with his love. He wants vengeance, yes, and also love. It humanizes him. It makes him relatable to readers, no matter how scary he is. I would not want to be in a house with this ghost. He lives in my imagination and on the page and that is good enough for me. 

I wanted to add to this post: Don’t hesitate to pour your emotion into your story. Go ahead and write when you are upset. Poor out your feelings. It makes your story more powerful.
I encourage all writers to strive for true originality. Push yourself. Stare into your heart’s darkest caverns and haul that out onto the page- whether you fancy an Aliens type story or something like The Woman in Black or The Walking Dead. You may be shocked at what you find there. That is actually a good thing and a sign that you may have a story to tell. I could never have guessed that I would write this one. Maybe there is a Wollstonecraft or Byron in you. Just make it yours. 

Let’s hope!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch

The Underworld


Merry meet all,

I have posted a lot about the natural beautiful and rustic setting of Pleasant Bay. Now I want to talk about another important setting in The Eldritch Ghost. 

The basement is the eldritch ghost’s lair. He guards his own dead body. He has guarded it for sixty years and dwelled there alone. The longer he haunted the basement of his own home, the more he darkened. Slowly, the basement began to resemble a tomb. The stairs and floor are littered with seaweed. The air is dank. An air of gloom permeates the basement. It is dark and dank down there. The seaweed moves and creeps over the dingy floor. Want to spend a weekend down there?

The basement hides a corpse. But Rosemary discovers this much later. An old blue carpet hides the body and as soon as she throws out the old carpet thinking it is musty and old, leaking water falls on the spot where the body is hidden. Slowly, the leaking water reveals the body. 

When she touches the seaweed, and it gets on everything, the ghost gets the energy to contact her. The Eldritch Ghost is cursed and since he is so morose, his curse has darkened. He was drowned in the ocean by Duncan and tangled by seaweed. He bears the scent of seaweed and actual seaweed on him. But Rosemary sees past the monster to the human inside. 

A haunted basement is not the only paranormal aspect of my novel. Rosemary owns a magick candlestick which alights without need of lighters or matches. She is a Witch and uses her clairvoyant powers to help her with the eldritch ghost. She sees what others miss and what is in the human heart. This draws Jonathan to her and leads him to appeal to her for help. 

The basement is the Underworld. An Underworld of lost hope, and gloom. Rosemary is the hero of the novel It is not easy for her, well there has to be conflict, but she is the hero who saves everyone and brings light and love. She heals the home, saves the ghost, and heals her own wounded heart. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

I so agree with the post: See Link,manual,manual,manual


door study

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 Duncan McAskill and Jonathan despise each other. They each know each other’s dark pasts. Duncan murdered Jonathan to get to Agnes Fraser. Jonathan hates Duncan for what he did to him. Agnes always loved Jonathan. Jonathan was forced into an existence of sorrow and gloom until Rosemary Bell enters his life.



 Scott MacDonald is free of the sorrow and darkness that strongly affects the other characters in my story. He lives in the light. He becomes Rosemary’s ally as she embarks to help the ghost find peace.

Rosemary feels love for Henry. She deeply grieves his absence. She keeps the portrait of him near her. Jonathan misses his love, Agnes. A bond develops between Rosemary and Jonathan. Scott is in love with Rosemary but she is grieving. She does care for Scott.



 Jonathan is a melancholy ghost who mourns the absence of his love, Agnes. Rosemary Bell mourns the death of her husband, Henry. Jonathan and Rosemary share in their grief with each other through the story.



 Rosemary feels guilt over the death of Henry. She knEw his death would end his suffering. She feels extremely upset over it and is forced to come to terms with it. Duncan never dealt with his feelings over murdering Jonathan. He was never made to come to terms with his guilt. He is selfish and takes joy in taunting Scott and never deals with his inner demons.



 Rosemary escapes to the tiny fishing community of Pleasant Bay in shock over Henry’s death. She wants to be alone to be able to deal with it. Duncan lives in denial and selfishness all his life. Janet also denies any existence of the ghost Jonathan. She gets angry every time Richard and Scott attempt to help Rosemary with information of the towns’ past or of the ghost. Most of the town denies the existence of the ghost.



 Rosemary is at first obsessed with Henry. Scott is instantly attracted to Rosemary but she never returns his affections because of her guilt and grief. Duncan is obsessed with the ghost. The past was buried and Duncan liked it that way until Rosemary arrives. He will do anything to stop Rosemary from helping the ghost, even if it means killing her. Jonathan is obsessed with finding Agnes and how much he hates Duncan. Jonathan knows the truth of what Duncan did to him. Duncan’s obsession and selfishness shows itself near the end of the story with severe consequences for him.



 Rosemary is selfless and tries to help Scott gain more confidence in himself and tries to help the ghost find peace. She pursues the truth no matter what it costs her. She is the opposite of Duncan. She helps the ghost find peace even though her heart yearns to be reunited with Henry. She never returns Scott’s affections because she still grieves over Henry. She saves the town from a dark past by saving the ghost. By helping the ghost finally cross over, she finds her own peace. Duncan tries to kill her but Jonathan prevents him from killing her by saving her life.



 Jonathan craves vengeance against Duncan. Scott hates Duncan and the two maintain an uneasy friendship. Duncan tries to convince Rosemary that Jonathan is evil but Duncan never convinces her. Neither does Janet. Jonathan knows the truth and she is the one to see beyond the monster that Jonathan became.



 Rosemary finds peace by saving Jonathan. Jonathan finds peace when he crosses over to the light. Duncan never redeems himself in the story. Jonathan forgives Duncan and then crosses over to the light.


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch  





Lessons from a Ghost


Merry meet all,

Recently I completed my novel proposal for submission to a publishing company. I hope they fall in love with it. I won a set of Star Wars books  from a bookstore. Star Wars was the first movie I saw when I was a little girl and the first movie experience I ever had. So it is cool that I won the books. I watched The Empire Strikes Back for free online the other night. Darn good movie. I love the idea of the Hero’s Journey. 

I use the model of the Hero’s Journey in my own supernatural novel. The main character embarks on the Hero’s Journey. She progresses from entering the home and moving in and being paralyzed with grief to becoming intrigued about the ghost to saving him against all odds. Along the way, she makes allies and enemies, and learns some important lessons about life and changes by the end. She comes to terms with her grief. 

She can thank Jonathan the ghost for that. He is the one who aids her and is her mentor. He pushes her to change. 

Jonathan is visible to Rosemary because he chooses to show himself to her, he needs her help, and because she has a clairvoyant ability. Scott, Janet and Richard can’t see him. They have no psychic ability. They take longer to become believers. They were not open to magick and were not believers in magick. Magic was not part of their world. But magick is a part of Rosemary’s world. They could become believers because Rosemary could prove it to them because of her actions or what she says. But that is still a stretch for them. Janet is the one who believes the least in Jonathan’s existence, so she had to become the believer by the book’s end. She was the toughest to convince that a ghost existed. She didn’t want to believe because she craved control over everything and everyone, she knew all along what had happened, but she is not as dark as Duncan. She never goes to his side. Janet is the most typical close minded traditional ‘muggle’. She has her way of seeing things and is never deterred. She never believes in magick and thinks she knows what is best for everyone. She lived traditionally and believed in everything being orderly and under her control.

 But since Jonathan does not become visible to Scott, Janet and Richard, it remains difficult for them to believe he is there. This makes it hard for Rosemary. But Rosemary has that special thing about her that attracts Jonathan to her. Her inner light is a beacon for him in the dark. He feeds on her energy to be able to contact her. If she touches seaweed, he can reach her. It takes him a lot of energy to do it otherwise. But she provides him with the energy to reach her and to probe what she holds most dear- Henry- and to make her be the means to his end. She is the tool whether she means it or not. She thinks she can control him but really, Jonathan desperately needs to be freed and he knows this. So he uses whatever means to reach her, including appearing to be Henry to get her attention. It does, and she believes that it is Henry.

 This is bad for Rosemary. It is later that she realizes that Jonathan did that to get her attention. But she doesn’t resent it against Jonathan. She still helps him to cross over. She sees beyond the curse to the man inside it. He is not a monster to her. He appears scary but for all that, he is a powerful ghost, he doesn’t hurt her. He never attempts to kill her. Duncan, however, does. This reveals Duncan for who he really is underneath. This makes Jonathan the hero he is meant to be and not the monster. The real monster is Duncan for what he did to Jonathan and eventually to Rosemary. This shows there is some humanity in Jonathan that is not completely hidden by his curse. Jonathan saves her life when Duncan tries to kill her.

Jonathan is the hero and is rid of his curse at the novel’s end. I guess I just gave the novel’s ending away but fret not. Rosemary and Jonathan both come to terms with their issues. One of my novel’s main themes is finding freedom through sacrifice. I think this clearly show that. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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