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Merry meet all,



 Duncan McAskill and Jonathan despise each other. They each know each other’s dark pasts. Duncan murdered Jonathan to get to Agnes Fraser. Jonathan hates Duncan for what he did to him. Agnes always loved Jonathan. Jonathan was forced into an existence of sorrow and gloom until Rosemary Bell enters his life.



 Scott MacDonald is free of the sorrow and darkness that strongly affects the other characters in my story. He lives in the light. He becomes Rosemary’s ally as she embarks to help the ghost find peace.

Rosemary feels love for Henry. She deeply grieves his absence. She keeps the portrait of him near her. Jonathan misses his love, Agnes. A bond develops between Rosemary and Jonathan. Scott is in love with Rosemary but she is grieving. She does care for Scott.



 Jonathan is a melancholy ghost who mourns the absence of his love, Agnes. Rosemary Bell mourns the death of her husband, Henry. Jonathan and Rosemary share in their grief with each other through the story.



 Rosemary feels guilt over the death of Henry. She knEw his death would end his suffering. She feels extremely upset over it and is forced to come to terms with it. Duncan never dealt with his feelings over murdering Jonathan. He was never made to come to terms with his guilt. He is selfish and takes joy in taunting Scott and never deals with his inner demons.



 Rosemary escapes to the tiny fishing community of Pleasant Bay in shock over Henry’s death. She wants to be alone to be able to deal with it. Duncan lives in denial and selfishness all his life. Janet also denies any existence of the ghost Jonathan. She gets angry every time Richard and Scott attempt to help Rosemary with information of the towns’ past or of the ghost. Most of the town denies the existence of the ghost.



 Rosemary is at first obsessed with Henry. Scott is instantly attracted to Rosemary but she never returns his affections because of her guilt and grief. Duncan is obsessed with the ghost. The past was buried and Duncan liked it that way until Rosemary arrives. He will do anything to stop Rosemary from helping the ghost, even if it means killing her. Jonathan is obsessed with finding Agnes and how much he hates Duncan. Jonathan knows the truth of what Duncan did to him. Duncan’s obsession and selfishness shows itself near the end of the story with severe consequences for him.



 Rosemary is selfless and tries to help Scott gain more confidence in himself and tries to help the ghost find peace. She pursues the truth no matter what it costs her. She is the opposite of Duncan. She helps the ghost find peace even though her heart yearns to be reunited with Henry. She never returns Scott’s affections because she still grieves over Henry. She saves the town from a dark past by saving the ghost. By helping the ghost finally cross over, she finds her own peace. Duncan tries to kill her but Jonathan prevents him from killing her by saving her life.



 Jonathan craves vengeance against Duncan. Scott hates Duncan and the two maintain an uneasy friendship. Duncan tries to convince Rosemary that Jonathan is evil but Duncan never convinces her. Neither does Janet. Jonathan knows the truth and she is the one to see beyond the monster that Jonathan became.



 Rosemary finds peace by saving Jonathan. Jonathan finds peace when he crosses over to the light. Duncan never redeems himself in the story. Jonathan forgives Duncan and then crosses over to the light.


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch  






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