The Underworld


Merry meet all,

I have posted a lot about the natural beautiful and rustic setting of Pleasant Bay. Now I want to talk about another important setting in The Eldritch Ghost. 

The basement is the eldritch ghost’s lair. He guards his own dead body. He has guarded it for sixty years and dwelled there alone. The longer he haunted the basement of his own home, the more he darkened. Slowly, the basement began to resemble a tomb. The stairs and floor are littered with seaweed. The air is dank. An air of gloom permeates the basement. It is dark and dank down there. The seaweed moves and creeps over the dingy floor. Want to spend a weekend down there?

The basement hides a corpse. But Rosemary discovers this much later. An old blue carpet hides the body and as soon as she throws out the old carpet thinking it is musty and old, leaking water falls on the spot where the body is hidden. Slowly, the leaking water reveals the body. 

When she touches the seaweed, and it gets on everything, the ghost gets the energy to contact her. The Eldritch Ghost is cursed and since he is so morose, his curse has darkened. He was drowned in the ocean by Duncan and tangled by seaweed. He bears the scent of seaweed and actual seaweed on him. But Rosemary sees past the monster to the human inside. 

A haunted basement is not the only paranormal aspect of my novel. Rosemary owns a magick candlestick which alights without need of lighters or matches. She is a Witch and uses her clairvoyant powers to help her with the eldritch ghost. She sees what others miss and what is in the human heart. This draws Jonathan to her and leads him to appeal to her for help. 

The basement is the Underworld. An Underworld of lost hope, and gloom. Rosemary is the hero of the novel It is not easy for her, well there has to be conflict, but she is the hero who saves everyone and brings light and love. She heals the home, saves the ghost, and heals her own wounded heart. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

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