Ghost House


Merry meet all,

I know a novel about a woman in an old house with a ghost is the most cliche thing ever. That is why it is important to put a new spin on the story and make it truly original. That is exactly what I have tried to achieve with The Eldritch Ghost

The old made new, that should be every writer’s goal. I believe I have accomplished it. I am the first writer to set a novel in Pleasant Bay, so the setting is unique. The characters and the story line are unique. The system of her magic is Wiccan but the ghost details are new. Gore and guts have been used so much in horror. The wheel needs new grease to turn. 

As I posted earlier in the blog, the ghost and the seaweed haven’t been done to death. This is what sets this story apart from other stories. Also, the ghost wants to be reunited with his love. He wants vengeance, yes, and also love. It humanizes him. It makes him relatable to readers, no matter how scary he is. I would not want to be in a house with this ghost. He lives in my imagination and on the page and that is good enough for me. 

I wanted to add to this post: Don’t hesitate to pour your emotion into your story. Go ahead and write when you are upset. Poor out your feelings. It makes your story more powerful.
I encourage all writers to strive for true originality. Push yourself. Stare into your heart’s darkest caverns and haul that out onto the page- whether you fancy an Aliens type story or something like The Woman in Black or The Walking Dead. You may be shocked at what you find there. That is actually a good thing and a sign that you may have a story to tell. I could never have guessed that I would write this one. Maybe there is a Wollstonecraft or Byron in you. Just make it yours. 

Let’s hope!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch


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