Merry meet all,

Not all may agree with what I want to talk about today, that is, if I can forget about my cat obsession for a while and post on my blog. Cat obsession may be a topic for another day. There are many genres in fiction. My favourite obviously happens to be paranormal or speculative fiction. I believe there is more freedom within speculative fiction for authors to explore. 

I can create the world and characters I want. In The Eldritch Ghost, the characters are not all human, i.e.., the Ghost. a mist shields the house at night, seaweed litters the house and crawls, the cat is an animal familiar, the main characters is a Witch, and the ghost bears a seaweed curse of sorts. Literary fiction affords none of this freedom. 

People argue over which is better: genre or literary fiction? I like to argue that speculative fiction is far more interesting. In literary fiction, nothing happens, nothing of interest, so how can it be interesting? But there are most likely a great many novels that are literary fiction and are just as fascinating. I don’t think Wuthering Heights was meant to so gothic, but it is and it endured. I think it is more literary fiction, since Emily Bronte wrote it. I could be wrong and it may have been intended to be so gothic. 



There are great books in both genres. To me, though, speculative fiction will always win over literary fiction. 

Today is Friday the 13th!! Good Luck!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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