Ghosts communication


Merry meet all,

Ghosts use energy to communicate with people. They may have unresolved issues and feel anger with someone. But I believe that ghosts communicate or appear for a purpose. It also all depends on who they try to communicate with. Some people are more tuned in (like a radio) and the ghosts may choose them to communicate with. For instance, a medium or someone who is extremely clairvoyant. They are the ones most likely to sense an energy or presence. 

I have paranormal expeirence. I discovered I was clairvoyant when I moved to Halifax. I was in a local library when it was in operation, I stood in front of a computer terminal when something touched me on the shoulder. It didn’t help any matters that the library was built over dead bodies underground. I quickly walked away. 

One full moon in October, I admired the moon. To my left, there was a bench where someone was seated. He rose from the bench and vanished.. not walked away, vanished. I left. 

My cast-iron cauldron fell from the top of the fridge. It is a small potbellied cauldron. I welcome opinions on how it managed that. I found my earring under a rug under my altar. I welcome explanations on that too. I saw a dark shadow in the kitchen of my apartment when someone helped perform a reiki cleansing of my apartment and I saw a shadow float over my beautiful eagle woman painting one night. I plan to steep sage tea and pour it in a circle all around the property here, creating a shield. 

I sometimes hear the sound of my mop or broom crashing to the floor. When I get up to look, nothing is moved. It is hard on me. Fortunately, I don’t hear it often. So you can see now how a ghost may choose a particular type of person to connect with. 

There are certain types of ghosts. Intelligent spirits are those who are able to communicate intelligently with the living and may purposely seek contact. The ghosts may be aware they are dead or not aware they are dead. They may be bound to a location or have unfinished business. They appear as dark shadows, a mist, orbs of light or full-bodied apparitions. 

The second type of spirit encounter is residual energy. It is the imprint of a person or sound in a moment of time. I used to open the basement door when I was alone at night in the old Victorian house when I lived with my Mother. Suddenly, upon the door being opened, these voices would hush. I wish I could tell you I was kidding. Residual ghost hauntings play over and over again. 

The third type of ghost haunting is one who is not a person at all, but an inhuman spirit. People refer to these as demons or evil spirits. They were never human and try to break the will of a living person to hide inside them. 

The fourth type of haunting is called a poltergeist. Poltergeists are purposely mischievous and loud. They stop at nothing to get your attention. They move objects, slam doors, cause loud footsteps, knockings and rapping. 

The final type is a shadow person. A person sees a shadow person out of the corner of their eye. They look human and may be taller or shorter than a normal person. They watch people from walls or corners. Shadow people may be manifestations of intelligent ghosts. I won’t say spirits as I believe there to be a distinction between ghosts and spirits. Also, I want to say I have had a theory of mine squashed recently. I believed I would have no ghosts in here if I owned a pet, since I do own a pet and I saw one in here, now I know they will enter whether I own a pet or not. Shadow people bring feelings of dread or sadness. 

I hope this helps you learn more about ghosts and spirits. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O( Check out the cool links below:



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